Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hello! Chin Tze~

Greetings to CHINA!!! 中国万岁! 哈哈哈! Nehhh... it's greeting to someone in CHINA!!! hey hey~ going to have exams soon! before wishing you all the best for exam. Here's a "Birthday" greeting to you!

祝你生日快乐! 年年有今日, 岁岁有今朝! Hahaha. Wish you have a great one there...

We all going to wait you come back... But before that, "careful of SWINE?" okay? HAHAHA! joking.. Take Care there... =D

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank You~

Sometime, letting it go isn't a bad thing at all. It may be the beginning of the GOOD things!

Everyday we gain and lose! When it comes to gain, we're always happy about it. There is one gain that NOT everyone is happy about it, which is ...

When one is growing FATTER!!! Hehehe.

The same thing when it come to Lose. When we lose, we get sad, disappoint, depress and etc. A lot just can't get it over that we are struggling it each day! Life is like meaningless or end of the world. Seems like the god is playing with us or punishing us. Think in a way around, the time that we lost is the time that we start to learn. By the time we learn, we're gaining! =D

Start to learn and get over it! Tomorrow still a mystery. There are still a lot of nice things waiting for us to accomplish. =D

The sun still rises up high at the sky everyday no matter the heavy cloud is covering it or there is heavy rain too!

Here's one philosophy that I just learned few days back. [人也老就也长气]

[When the god takes something away from us, it's not punishing us or what! He is just emptying our hands that we can receive things which are even more better!!!] WOOO~ hahaha!

But to me, when god takes you all away from me. It's not emptying my hands that I can receive things which are more better because there aren't any that are BETTER than you all!!! Owww~ hahaha!

It's because...

On my very own day. You cooked me "Mee Suah", you gave me a red packet, you all greeted me through SMS, Facebook, MSN & phone call, you all accompanied me during the eve of my own day & you all planned everything for giving me a surprise on the day. It's really very nice of you all remembering the date and also the efforts done... What can I ask for more when I had you all around me~ Eiseh.. hahaha!

5hours till 13th May 2009!

Had my dinner at Tamu Selera with Josh, Andy, Jes & Sieng Yen. And for these time, I'd betrayed you Gerai Number 3!!! I went to other stall instead of you! Hahahaha~

Tamu Selera isn't an ordinary Tamu we got here. Apart from serving Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, Burger, ABC, Coconut Drinks.

They had their own THEATRE that entertains the customers! Hehehe!

and they serves GREAT seafoods too!!!


Ketam!!! The ketam here don't talk! Hahaha~ oppss... Chill yoo, you know who you are! Hahaha! Yoo~ Have a nice holiday there. =D

Is my double-chin visible here? Hehehe.. Still in practise though! =.=!!

Butter-Egg Prawns

Black Pepper Lamb

Chilli Garlic Crabs

Sambal Ikan

Goreng Sayur Baby Kailan

Black Pepper Clams! Come on, let's do the singing!!!

"Lang Chiak Ham ah, Lang Chiak Ham ah! Lang Pang Sai, Lang Pang Sai! Ham Chiak Sai ah, Ham Chiak Sai ah! Lang Chiak Ham!!! Tennggg teenngg tenng!! [Hockien] =D

Are you ready to chiak "Sai"? Hahaha.

So many foods ordered... So SIOK!!! 好辛福哦!!! Let's PEACE!!!

The new way of posing a Peace! v[^.^]v

2hours & 30minutes till 13th May 2009!!!

Done with the dinner, time to have some drinks to cool down!!! On my very own day, where could I choose to relax myself? How could I miss you out on my very own day!!!

The COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF!!! hehehe

Mum!!! I'm on T.V!!! Hahaha! A very nice T-Shirt of Josh!!! =D

In reality. [Mum!!! I'm on the net in Happy-Stop.Blogspot!!!]

There we go!!!

Me & Sieng Yen!!!

Ice-Blended Red Bean & Coffee-Bean is giving a little present for me that I can claim a FREE drink for my next visit... oh well!!! I PAID for it though!!! hehehe.

The Sony Ericsson!!! Andy who works in Ericsson!!! Me who used an Ericsson phone before!!! and Jes, girlfriend to whom that works in Ericsson! Hahaha~ =.=!!

She uses APPLE's product! =D

30minutes to 13th May 2009!!!

It's about time to go home and have a rest... There is still works to do and classes to be attend tomorrow!!! And as for me, I got myself an OFFDAY!!! hehe....

A group photo before calling it a night.

And also a wish/ prayer for my birhday! [Will I get an I-Phone?] Hahaha!

That's a wrap for the eve. And for the actual day, got myself an off day and Jes had finished her exams. So ask her out and had a mini foods marathon with her!!!

First, we went to pangkalan gadong there to have some kueh! Then want to try one place that serves nice Seria Kueh Tiaw. The Seria Fried Kueh Tiaw that comes with PORK! haha... too bad it's closed early when we reached there! Maybe the Kueh Tiaw had sold out that's why the boss closed the stall early???

Guess that we had to go to the factory that makes kueh tiaw!!! Guarantee no Sold Out here~ Hahaha!

KTM! The foodstall that locates beside of the factory. There is no doubt that there will be out of stock here... =D

Fried Kueh Tiaw


After the meal, went to Lee Loi Fatt to have some ABC. That's all for the day. Time to go home before traffic jams because a lot still have to WORKS and SCHOOLS!!! hahaha. Show Off!! =P

Had our plan for the night that we're going out to have some drinks and I myself want to take photos from them too... Because all the pictures above was taken by Jestina & Josh!! [the double J]

Had our night outing in Taurean, The Arch & a plate of Taurean Chicken shared among us!!! Owww~ [Jit Lang Jit Pua, Kam Cheng Beh Sua! Jit Lang Jit Suku, Kam Cheng Chia Ei Ku!!] *Hockien* :)

Everything went so normal that we chit-chatting... laughing... sharing pictures... and Suddenly!!!

Happy Birthday To You~ Happy Birthday To You~ A cake served by the waitress! hehehe. They got a cake for me!!! Oreo Cheesecake stated Happy 22nd Birthday to Mata-Mata PuiKia!!! Mean but SWEET of you guys. hahaha! But in MSN, Sieng Yen greeted me in her personal message stated Happy Birthday to Mata-Mata YenTaoKia!!! hahahaha... =D Thank You Thank You!!!

Yeah!!! I'm officially 22 years old! I'm not done yet...

and where's my i-phone huhh??? Arrrggghh!!! Hahahaha~

Smiling is always the way of settling the problem!!!

Instead of having an i-phone, they got me something that is nice & useful too!!! An utensil that we can't miss when we're thirsty!!!

They got me an i-mug! HAHAHA!

An i-mug that greets and wishes me!!! GONG XI FA CAI! hahaha.

Owww~ the word "beautiful" seems to be more suit than the word "yen tao"! More feminine. hahaha!

What had happened to me???


Thank You to everyone of you for making up my day!!! You all are the BOMB!!! You all are every precious one that I ever had! Cheers~ Have a nice day everyone!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


One may be in the east and one may be in the west! One may be using Brunei Dollars and one may be using Ringgit Malaysia! The distance between is around 1200km which one is in Kuching & one is in Brunei!

But with just a click. We can make the distance become more nearer! All it takes is just a "click"!

Happy Birthday to you!!! Enjoy your very own day & I'm sure you're going to have a blast one! teehehehehe. And a short distance to the finish line & few challenges up ahead, you're done with what you started there!

! 保重啊! =D

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where Had I Been AGAIN? Haha =P

Where have the author go? It's nearly 2weeks that he's not updating his own blog! We're a little worried about him. Could he be~

Oh!!! I've been traveling on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is DEAD and GONE
DEAD and GONE~~~

Hahahaha! Then where is the NEW you, Yong ? =P

Lost in the jungle???

Lost in the jungle and dancing with Alex The Lion!!!
[I Like To Move It, Move It~ I Like To Move It, Move It!!!]

Nehh!!! Lions EAT, they don't dance! hahaha. Not on the land? Could it be on the SEA?

Start his own expedition and hunting down Captain Jack Sparrow?
Teettt!!! Ah-Yong CAN'T swim! Teehehehehe~

Is he really DEAD & GONE? There was rumor saying that he's spotted at a small birthday party on the 2nd May 2009!

And he was caught drinking and got drunk at that time!!!

Ah-Yong: "Wa Boh Zhui, Wa Boh Zhui, Bohh Zhuiii!!!" [Hockien]

So he's still drunk to update his own blog? Pfft!!! -.-!! Hahaha.

Are you Geoffrey? The birthday boy?
Nope!!! He's too young to drink~ Haha! A new friend of Ah-Yong and both of them got new nickname for the each of them. [Left: Bulat Kecil Right: Bulat Besar] Hahaha! The BULATS!

Here you go...

Geoffrey Vun!!! Happy Birthday to you! Wish you best of all in everything! Keep climbing till you reach the summit~ =D