Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy 2009 New Year!!!

Celebrating Christmas is just not enough that even the Christmas' song we have these... [We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and the HAPPY NEW YEAR!] Didn't had enough FUN during the X'mas celebration? Didn't get to try the barbecue in the X'mas' eve? Missed the Party? Missed the celebration during the X'mas? Don't worry there because we still have New Year Eve Countdown to 2009!

One year we got 365 days. How much had we started and done in these 365 days? There are going to be a whole LOTS of things can be done. Each day saving $1, in the end of the year we can get $365. Time travels fast, a day 24hours some time aren't enough for us because there is a lot of things that need to be done for us. There is time that we think we have too much times and don't know how to spend it. All these depends on the workloads and moods of us!

How far had we traveled so far these year? A 10km from the departing points of pursuing what we want? We had made 10steps in achieving what we dream of? It's good that we had started. Even though it's a small distance, we at least knew what we want and how to move forward. There are people that still stuck in the middle of nowhere and don't know which way to approach! When the goal is clear, the way to achieves it also clear. Just like finding address, when we have a clear stated address. Isn't it easy for us to find that specific area? If we only have the address stated only the house number and the kampong's name! How we going to find the actual house and we'll just keep making a circle around in searching. So are you still moving around yourself and searching for what you want for yourself?

Some time we may know what we want. And then once we started to strive or in middle of moving towards it, that may not be thing that we really want. We started to meet obstacles and find it hard to achieve it. That's the time that we start to give up. It's not the matter of is that what we really want, it's the matter of how persistent we are. When obstacles ahead are hard to overcome, people may start to escape it instead of overcome it. That's the time that we start to give up in what we're doing. When times like this, what are we do? Think back! Think back at the starting point, think back why we choose this path at first. Think back why we want to do this at first! Think back what motivates us at first! Think back how our heart feel and burn at the very first time in doing all these! It's because we had forget all those that make us difficult to carry on. If we're persistent enough, even knocking one door to one door in finding that specific address. We'll get the actual house too in the end! It's just the matter of times. =)

Then we'll make mistakes too in achieving what we're doing. Some is afraid of doing mistake that they choose escape or got stuck right in the middle. Don't we afraid of making mistakes or what, remember how we grew up into a fine man/ woman today. Remember the times when we got over from something, remember the mistakes that we ever make, Didn't all these made us grow that all those had taught us, all those had showed us ways, all those had made of what we are now. Instead of afraid or dislike it, we shall be proud of it! Hahaha~ When we're learning how to ride a bicycle, we'll fall down quite numbers of times before we really master it. Same thing here! Getting lost in finding way is not a big problem, the big problem is that when we got lost, we don't know how to find the way out. =)

2009 is up ahead us! Then 2010, 2011,2012 and so on. What are we at those time? What are we at those time depend on what we do now. When we haven't found one, keep searching for it. When we have one, don't give up and go for it. When we're going for it, don't afraid of it! Keep it up in moving forward and we'll achieve victory in the end!

Here's a little warm-ups for 2009!
Impossible is Nothing [Adidas]
Just Do It [Nike]
Everything Is Possible When We Try [Happy-Stop]

That's Mr. Andy! He liked reading superheroes' comics when he's small and thinking to be one at that time. One day, he woke up and found that he has the abilities of Superman which he starts to achieve his dream and became our hometown hero today fixing the Network for us! Making sure that we have the fastest speed everyday in Internet! YEAH~ Hahaha! Happy Birthday to you in one day time.

Jestina who likes travelling that instead of spending $$$ in tickets and to those shops selling. Why not invest all of it that she went to test for flying license and passed it! Now, she flew herself throughout the world with her own personal plane. Hahaha!

Josh, a fine looking one with good personalities that joined the WMP = World's Magnificient People. Hahaha! And won the first place! =P Then because of the kindness, beautiful, elegance, generous, caring, lovely and those positive characteristics that every one love. Josh got married with one of the billionaire in the world and Josh is enjoying lifes now. Living in a mansion, having breakfast after having a swim in the house's park, driving all those luxurious' cars, shopping all the times, traveling here and there and so on so on! Life's beautiful just like Josh! Hahaha.

Hwa, don't worry there! you're not alone here! =P

Wee, dreaming of becoming model when grown up that he always have the best pose around us while taking picture. One day, he signed himself up for a modeling training and worked REALLY hard in becoming one! Yes, can see that he's really putting everything into becoming one. All the hardworks sure paid off that he's the BRUNEI NEXT TOP MODEL first season's champion. He's busy shooting for advertisement now and earning a lot from it. Hahaha!

Gang, I'm not as CHIO as you! hahahaha! SORRY to you all escpecially JOSH & WEE. Can't stop myself from doing these to both of you. Hahaha. And it's a small story-making of mine. Everyone is just FINE & COOL as they are. =)

And what about me? Ah-Yong, Sky!!! joining the force with Micheal Bay & Jerry Bruckheimer in producing more great stories for movie making since I'm one now in this entry!

And that's me! Because I love watching Armageddon. And the shooting of Armageddon 2, they decided to choose the supporters instead of those big star. And I got chosen and become one of the main-actor in the movie. Catch me in the Summer 2009! Hahaha.

Everything is possible out there when we're trying it. We still at least have 50%/50% when we're doing it. But when we're not doing it, we only have 0%!

I'm here wishing you all enjoy the countdown and a Happy 2009 New Year! Let's end 2008 with gratitude and fun! And have a nice lovely 2009!!! 加油啊!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!!!

It was Christmas Eve last night, which mean celebrations are upon everyone out there. For me, Christmas Eve is quite similar to the Chinese's Reunion Dinner before the 1st day of Chinese New Year. In Chinese's culture, Reunion Dinner is like a big dinner for every families. Because Reunion means Uniting. For those who're working and away from their own hometown [Kampong], during the time near to Chinese New Year, they'll get back home and have the Reunion Dinner with families. It's a dinner that everyone in the family gather and have dinner together. Eating together with family is one of the happy things that everyone can get!

Same to Christmas Eve, it's a night that people will spend it with the closest one. When it comes to the closest one, it's always families that we come first in mind. Then lovers, friends and etc. It's also something grand for the one whom celebrates it. Then in Brunei here, Barbecue will be one of the hottest pick for everyone in celebrating the Eve. Barbecuing everywhere last night on the 24th December 2008. Celebrating everywhere, having fun everywhere, drinking and got drunk everywhere and also Roadblock everywhere! haha~ Christmas Eve will be one nice event that comes to me because time like this, it's the time that I'll spend with my family, relatives and cousins. It's been years straight that I'd spent the eve with them.

Every year, there will be an exchange gifts' activity that each of us will prepare a gift then the hostess will stick number at the gift. Later randomly picking paper in the box will decide which present that we'll get. Eventhough it's a simple one, it's still a nice one that every year it always entertain the kids. =)

This is the gifts that prepared tonight. There were times that people received Mee Goreng! Towel! Toothpaste too! haha~ And there were people that received chocolates, mug, decorative things and etc. And I had a photo frame last night. Haha =)

Every time like that, it's always a blast one that mostly uncles and aunties will come that the adults one will chit-chatting, joking, teasing around themselves. And then their sons and daughters which are us also will gathers together and chit-chatting, joking, teasing around too. And some of them may had grandsons and grand daughters, that they small one have their own world of communicating and playing each others. Everyone just playing their own role in making the gathering merrier and fun!

One people make a small sound, imagine when there is whole lots of these much. How loud and Fun can it be! :)

Time's flies and everyone grown up fast that my nieces and nephews got lots taller compare to before. And kids nowadays are way faster learn more things than what we learnt when we're at their ages. And I got promoted that from known as "Ah-Yong Ko Ko". I'd been greeted as "Ah Yong Jiu Jiu, Ah Yong Ah Ku!" Ahhh... =)

As always, we'll take a lots of pictures. During the previous years, the hostess [ShiShi, author of] that took all the moments on the Christmas Eve and same thing in these year too. She's still the camera-lady of the Christmas Eve's event. As years passed, as technologies are improving each days. That'll be same goes for ShiShi that she got a COOL slr camera to take pictures of us these year! And me myself this year, 2008 also get to take a bits of pictures too because I got digital camera that contributed by everyone of YOU! Thank You.

That's my Little Brother taking picture with hostess, ShiShi!!!

Then with Ah-Ling, she's a Bukit Tasek's runner that she'll run two rounds of Bukit Tasek each day! =)

Then Mother & Son!

Big Brother & Small Brother! Gang, I grew taller already, see! I'm taller than my brother. Hahaha! Actually I stood with my toes. Haha~ He's taller, he got bigger eyes and what he got again? haha! I wouldn't say it out~ =P Looks like Ah-Liang's birthday that he's taking pictures with everyone.

Let's get back to the Christmas Eve! I didn't get to take much pictures last night because...
I was busy enjoying these...


Every year we also have Barbecue plus potluck for the celebration. Having a big feast and we got improved each years which we had our 1st barbecue stand on the first year. Last night was the 3rd year and we had 3 barbecue stand. Hahaha =) [Kiasu huuhh!]

That's the stand that used for barbecuing sweet corns, yam tapioca, some fruits. Err? Fruits can be penggang? Guess, we're into a new higher level. Haha.

The stand that used to barbecue fishes & hotdogs.

The CHICKEN WINGS's stand! woah, looks like hotels' restaurants huhh that they have few professional Chefs and each of them in charge in different styles of Menus. 3stands at a time. Sure does provide great services and good timing in serving the foods. We all need that much because...

We're one BIG families! =)

That's what we always do every year when the celebration is around the corner. Having a group photo! 100% of the people here are Pai Sin one though! hahaha. Next year again don't know who will be attending the gathering and what will I receive again . Hahaha. But ShiShi, you're definitely need to upgrade your camera lens. Maybe there are going to be more and more and more people that join. Hahaha. Thank you for everthing ya.

Hi Hi!!! These will be the ending for the entry here. I'm here wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Ho Ho Ho Ho!!! May loves, happiness, wealth, peace and everything NICE lies upon you all. I'm signing out here, will be busying sending out gifts and ahem-ahem! muahaha =P

Merry X'mas! -___-!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Does Genie Exists? Hahahaha!

Finally the Curry Genie hears my prayer!!! =)
That's Ice-Blended Caramel & Ice-Blended Vanilla Coffee.
And Genie is always that generous, my prayer comes with package! Hahaha...

Kolomee!!! Can you guess which restaurant's Kolomee it is? :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Babe That Has Misai!!! -___-!!

Special thanks to my little brother, Ah-Liang for doing this!!! Pfft~ LOL!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

My Journey In Japanese Cuisines =)

In Chinese God-Stories telling, we had "西游讥" [Journey To The West]. Then in AXN, we have "The Amazing Race". And what do we have here in Happy-Stop? Let's have a entry about "My Journeys In Eating Japanese Cuisines" It's a story about my experiences eating in the restaurants that serve Sushis and all those Japanese foods. Let's the journey begins with...

Misato that had shown up in Happy-Stop. Thanks to you, Wee for introducing this to me! I'll always remember this in my mind.

SEASONED BABY OCTOPUS!!! And I checked in the net already and they have brains one! Eee~
Can find these entry in the month of July in archives.

Takara also shown up in here too!

Can find this entry in the month of December in archives.

And what had Happy-Stop missed for its Japanese Cuisines' Journey? Can you guess it right? Guess everyone can get it right. In Brunei, when people thinks of Sushi, they'll think of that place. When people wants to eat Sushi, that place will be the first that comes into the mind. When people wants to go that place to eat sushi, they'd to make their reservation in earlier otherwise they have to queue for available seats. When there aren't any available seats there, people're willing to wait for it. When people wants to spend in Sushis, they'll spend it here.

And what place can it be? Drum-rollinggggg... Do you have the idea of where can it be?

Moshi-Moshi! Let's welcome it in Happy-Stop. These is its first appearance here. Tuan-Tuan dan Puan-Puan, mari kita dengan tepukan yang meriah mengalukan Restoran Jepun ini dalam Happy-Stop...

EXCAPADE SUSHI!!! One of the hometown's choice for Japanese cuisine.

It'd been countless times visiting for those Sushis lover. For me, I can count the number of times visiting there with fingers of A hand. First time was 2years back with Jes, Andy, Wee and Esther Chong. And I had Chicken Chop Udon at that time, thank to you [Andy] for remembering me. Haha. My second time was with my Mum & little brother. And the only menu that I remember is Fried Salmon Head. The rest I forgot. Recently I'm quite a forgetful person. In just a while, I'll forget where I put my things especially my handphone, car key and then wallet! Gossh. It's just so dangerous. [Got influenced by 王胜天 from 意难忘] =P

Just 3days back I made my 3rd visit to Excapade in my life and I'd forgot the name of the menus I had on that night. But no worries. Pictures that is one of the important tools in explaining and interpreting information. No worries when there is no names here in the menus that I'm going to post. Excapade Sushi's menu is all about pictures. See anything that is resembles, itulah apa yang kita mahu order.

Pffttt...Let's get started with the menus! Tired already my friendS out there... Hahaha!

Seaweeds! That's the words I can remember from its full name.

Salmon [?_?]

Unagi [?_?]

A mini-Sushis set

Another Salmon [?_?]

Sesame Fried Chicken [?_?]

Fried Salmon Head!!! I got one out of all the menus. I broke zero and start from one! Everything that always start from 0 and then 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on... I'll put more efforts in remembering the menus and that's if I'm not forgetful as now. Haha.

Don't know these are prawns or fishes! All I know is EAT and it's nice and crispy! haha. And I don't even get to recognise the name in the menu. Because when comes to Japanese Cuisine & Capers. Andy Vun is my menu and when comes to Chempaka, I'm the menu! haha. The names of the menus in Excapade that I'll remember till now is the NABE. [What do you usually pronounce it?] Nabe = Nab? For me, I'll pronounce it as Na Beh! haha. They have Kami Nabe. [Ka Ni Na Beh!] muahahaha... Opps~ or shall Ipronounce as [Kami Nab] ?

I know this, I know this. It's Japanese Chicken-Chop Rice. Chinese's style, we have the sauce that cooks from tomatoes, onions and mixed vegetables. What does the Japan offers?

It comes with Soup! And...

A not so HOT Japanese Curry that serves in Genie's lamp! Err.. Genie's Lamp?!?!?!

Yes, it is! Curry in the Lamp...

Curry... Curry... Curry... Please appears and grants me wishes! And my first wish will be having Ice-Blended in Coffee Bean!!!

Curry... Do you hear my prayer? Hmmph!!! Guess that I'm just too naive. Asking from the Curry Genie! Hahaha. That's all I had in Excapade with Andy, Jes and Joshua. Sure all do explain why it's one of the favorite choice for everyone. Each of us have our tastes and demands. For each Japanese Cuisine's restaurants in Brunei sure do have their own customers. Just like cars, when we want something luxurious, we'll think of Benz, BMW, Lexus. When we think of something secure, people go for Volvo. Then when comes to economic, people go for Toyota. Same theory apply here, when peoples think of your speciality. They'll go for you! Gambateh for each of you in attracting peoples.

When each got improved, sure there is one that wants to be better. Each just getting better and better and in the end, EVERYONE did great jobs and each become the BEST in everyone's heart!

Curryyy ohh Curryyy... Do you hear me? Haha! Me and my wish with the Curry Genie! =P

Instead of waiting, why not we go search for ourself. Let's make it happens with our every little efforts! Remember from the previous post? [We're the farmer to ourselves]

When we plant, it'll grow! COFFEE BEAN... Here I come!

The original Ice Blended... It's $5.90 per cup for the regular size. And $4.90 for the small size. And of course for size like me, I'll order the Bigger size instead of the small one! But it's worth every penny spent because when I have a sip. It's just feel so happy. In malay, we known it as "Bahagia" In Chinese, it's 辛福!

Joshua had Ice-Blended Cinnamon.

I had Ice-Blended Mocha.

Same go for Jes & Andy that also had Ice-Blended Mocha! Everyone is smiling. 真的好辛福哦! 哈哈!

Ini Ice-Blended, untuk minum! Bukan talipon, untok calling! -___-!! =P

Memajal jua! hahaha. When one is not enough, let's have two! And I had two cups on that night, which were Ice-Blended Mocha & Ice-Blended Vanilla! =)

Before going back home, let's have a picture with Coffee-Bean!

Coffee-Bean is just so nice! Having pictures with it just not enough! I wish I can have it at home. Hmmph~ Buying it everyday will be like letting the cash flows out like running-water! What should I do? Thinking hard at that moment...

Harrrr!!! Let's carry and steal it back home!

Arrrrgghhh!!!! Hahaha! So heavy, any helping hands out there that can help?

Hahaha! -___-!! Two cups of Coffee-Bean got me drunk?!?!?!

I'd been craving for it again since that night when I'm failed to carry it back home!!! Pfft~

Curryyyy ohhhh Currryyyy! Can I have Ice-Blended tonight? Hope that you'll receive my sms this time! Hahaha. =) AGAINNN...

Happy-Stop wishing everyone 冬至节快乐! Have a nice reunion with your family there!

[Jes & Andy are more enjoying in SHOPPING!] Haha!