Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pehin Lau's 60th Wedding Anniversary

Love is always sweet at first! The time that we get to know each other at first. We talk a lot in the phone to understand each other more, we go out frequently to see each other more, we do something to each other to show that we do really like each other, we message each other when we miss each other. Everyday seems to be lively being together and everyday is like valentine day.

But once we get to understand more about each other and found the weakness of each other, it was not like it used to be. We start to get to know their weakness more than their good points. We don't talk, don't see, don't message and etc frequently as it used to be. Slowly and slowly love starts to fade.

It is like choosing a stone, we always want to have a more shining stone that we seeks all the time. By the time we found it, we may not know it is the right stone or not. Instead of spending the whole time searching for a better one, why not spend the whole time rubbing the stone we have now and lastly it can be the most shining stone around. Let's work things out together and we'll find that knowing each other is one of the sweetest thing that ever happened! And everyday also a valentine day!

It's never too OLD to be romantic. Here's a entry about Pehin Lau's 60th wedding anniversary that I attended with my friends in a month ago.

It was one grand wedding celebration dinner that the ballroom is fully packed people, a lot had been invited to share these happiness together. While enjoying the dinner, the guests were given freebies as souvenir, enjoying Chinese orchestra music & dance performances, hearing the speech given by Pehin Lau and also enjoying a slide-show presentation about the memory lane of Pehin Lau.

Pehin Lau and his wife together with their sons, daughters, sons & daughters in law and grandsons giving a toast with the guests. That's a picture that everyone always dream of having in their life.

What does it takes to hold a marriage long like these? A simple action everyday towards each other, in the end we'll build one extraordinary marriage.

A simple phone call asking how each other doing, a sms telling each other I love you, a simple hug, a simple kiss, a simple meal prepared, a simple encouragement and support and etc. All these "simple" everyday and in the end it is one extraordinary "simple"!

Thanks to Soon Tiong and his siblings & relatives, we're invited to join this celebration and also had one grand dinner with great foods!!!

Deluxe Five Hot & Cold Dishes Combination Platter

Shark Fins Soup with Shredded Chicken & Mushrooms

Double Happiness Combine Chicken

Braised Abalone with Mushrooms & Broccoli

Braised Noodle with Assorted Seafoods

Fried Prawns with Ooloong Tea Leaves

It is one magnificent dinner that not only the foods tasted good but the drinks too. Like other function dinner, coca-cola, 7up, mirinda orange & chinese tea will be the choices of free flow drink served to the guests. During that night, instead of using Coca-Cola, 7up or Mirinda Orange.

They used PEEL FRESH ORANGE JUICE!!! I LIKE~ and everyone likes it! Slurrrppp....

Met and sat the same table with my Primary school Chinese & Moral teacher, Teacher Kuan! She still can recognized me after not seeing for 13years. Guess that I didn't change much at all. Still as BULAT as before!

Photo credited to Jestina Tan, Joshua & ME,!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Love Story with Diana Continues...

It had been weeks that me and Diana spent our time together days and nights. Love is always sweet at first that the time spent with Diana is fun and enjoyable. Things started to go better as we go out more frequently that I'm still trying to understand her to make things work out better.

She came from the family known as "LOMOGRAPHY". A family that is famous for its soft & dreamy images, super saturated colors, random contrast, unpredictable blurring and etc.

It was love at the first sight that I met her online through one of my friends. Diana is something new to me which I don't have any ideas about it at the first. I then googled it to know more about her. As I step more further in knowing about her, it just make me want to have her more but it is just a dream for me at first. That's because I'd never seen camera like this before in Brunei.

[皇天不负苦心人] God bless people and fate brings us together.

Diana had traveled all the way from China to Brunei. Aawww~

It is available at Icklebooks Company at Kiarong Complex. It is the same block at CfBT - Education Trust. Click "here" for its websites.

We all know that Icklebooks is one famous bookshop that sell educational things for kids and adults too. They sells books, novels, story books, stationery, guidebooks and etc.

And also toys for kids too! A lot of the toys they sell are good for babies & kids because it is a toy that also teach them while playing. Teaching them words, pictures, numbers, ABC and etc.

From selling stationery to books, toys and now camera. Not the camera where we can find just anywhere or everywhere in Brunei.

It's the only LOMOGRAPHY camera we can get so far in Brunei.

Variety choices of Diana we can get here!

The Fisheye's lomograph

The Lubitel 166+

What about the film? There still have a few photo-shop in Brunei selling the 35mm film that can be used in the camera and also can develop it. If only it is 35mm film. I had ask some photo-shop which some had sold out the film and doesn't import film like these again because a lot using digital now. It's like finding gold in the big pond now. No film how to shoot?

No worries, Icklebooks does sell the film too. Instead of selling the film that we can find at the photo-shops, they sells the films that is specialized designed and manufactured by lomography for lomography. It is super kick ass film that can give unpredictable outcome and effects. Other than films, they do sell the accessories to upgrade the camera. From a handgun to a rocket launcher!

With Icklebooks, the dream is no more a dream anymore.

Since the post of my newly girlfriend, Diana F+ there are gossips about me having a new girlfriend whom is malay @ school! LMAO!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Saya Budak Cina Tahun 80an

Year 2000 is a start of a new millennium. Things had changed a lot no matter from what aspects. Things are getting more and improved. From an antenna mobile to touch-screen phone, from monochrome TV to LCD TV now and etc. All these had showed what a remarkable era we have now.

This is what we all had back then in da 80's & 90's.

And we find it entertaining and cool.

That was years back, but in the 2000s people start to think iPhone is COOLER!

When all the things had changed and new things had introduced to us, we start to forget what we are and how things are in the past. Especially to the kids these day in the 2000, they missed out a lot of awesome things that had happened in our life back in the 80's & 90's.

Every Sunday or any school holiday, they would want their parents bring them to Mc'D to have the "Happy Meal". Without knowing, they had missed something and somewhere that is nice to do & go on Sunday!

Which is having DimSum @ Phong Mun Restaurant! It is located at Bandar Seri Begawan, above of DQ Ice Cream at Jln Sultan. Dining in at the restaurant can let us have the view of Kampong Ayer. It is one very well known place for its Sunday's morning DimSum feast and also wedding's celebration dinner. But nowadays, it is not lively as before due to the things changed around from the 90's to the new millennium.

Someday in December 2009, I had the chance to visit Phong Mun Restaurant with my friends and tried the DimSum served.

It was nice, tasty and visiting back there sure does bringing back a lot of memories and feels. Let's see one of the best Chinese restaurants in Brunei serving one of the best DimSum! *Drum-rollingggg*

Century egg porridge

Lo Mai Kai

Pai Kut Fan

Lo Pak Gou "Fried Carrot Cake"

Crispy Wantan

Century Egg Siew Mai

Siew Mai


Zhu Jiao Jing

Siew Chuk Kin

Yee Mai

Want to try what we had missed out for a long time? The door of Phong Mun Restaurant is always open for us... It's up to you that decide to enter it or not! Thank you for being a part of me in my life...

Photo credited to Jestina Tan, Thank You

Monday, January 18, 2010

Am I Ready For A New Relationship?

It had been a while since I'm in a relationship.

From what I had experienced, relationship thing is one magical and wonderful thing that ever happened to us human. It brings joy and at the same time also pain to us.

The sweetest thing that happened in a relationship is those times which we spent together. The time that you message me telling that you love me, the time that you hold me with your hands, the time that you lean on me while watching movie and etc. All these had come to an end with nothing but memories.

Love is just like drinking plain water. By adding syrup at it would make it tasted sweet. By adding lime into it would make it tasted sour. Everyone would like the taste of sweet but not all can tolerate the taste of sour.

And the sour part in relationship is the time that we have to say goodbye. It was hard for me at first that I kept asking myself

WHY things had to turn out to be like that! WHY love has to be that cruel!! WHY it has to be me!!!

Life has to move on that we're moving forward instead backward. Even if we want, it can't be help too. How to turn back time? After sometime, life had gone back as it used to be and found that

Love is not a cruel thing at all. It is something that we live in, grow up with and learn from it whenever it is sweet or sour.

Recently I met someone online and it was love at the first sight. Everything has to start from ground-zero that I am still in the process of getting to know her. The good thing is that we are going out together a lot.

Her name is Diana.
And her full name is Diana F+

Woo!!! That's her! My Diana...
I am looking forward into our upcoming outings together and spending the moments together throughout the bright and the dull.

I love you my Diana.

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One of the best things about love is that everyday I wake up from my sleep with smile knowing that I love you and you love me.