Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Short One Again

Another short update again, other than holiday that makes me think what December is all about. It does make me think of others too.

Such as,

It is the month of celebration. Celebration of a year of hard works at school, the flying color result that everyone scored, Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year. It is celebration that we all want to have it with Barbecuing the foods that we like, having it and spending all the time with the people that are close!

Happy Barbecuing Everyone!!! Best wishes from Happy-Stop.Blogspot.Com!

Went for hiking again yesterday. This is the third time I hiked this month and it is a record breaking which I hike continuously in the same month since I last hiked few years back. Gambateh!

It is nice to hike with companions that we can talk along the way. It is better than alone walking through the jungle. Other than that, if one is tiring and could not continue any farther there is still other there to help in carrying. It is better that we all can take care of each other all through the way. That is because...

Hiking can be Dangerous!!!

Tasek Lama has been the place where I used to hike and it's still the same place I go now. Bukit Shahbandar also a nice place to hike where we can see the sea by the top of the hills. Why not I choose there? That's because It is SUPER KICK-ASS intensive while hiking at there & I'm NOT ready for it.

Other than that, there are foods selling around there and it is not far away from Tasek. And we can reach there just by walking instead of driving. Me, Chee Hwa, Andy & Jestina decided to stop there for breakfast after the walk.

Ordered ShuMai

Chee Cheong Fun

Kolo MeePok


While eating, I came across these!!! A bad name for Chinese Food in Malay translation menu!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just A Short Update On Myself

It has been a while that I didn't post updates or pictures about the plants that I planted at school. It is school holiday now that after 6months of hard works, let's have a good rest and let's not think about school!!!

Instead of going to school frequently to check on the plants, I go to chill out with friends everyday at kedai kopi, restaurants, cafe and etc. We hockien calls these activity as "LimTeh", drinking tea. A day I can at least drink 3 cups of it with different people and enjoying it with chit-chatting with them.

One day I had received the message of mother nature that my teacher messaged us to go back school for a briefing. I did went back and check on my plants. Not only all the plants are growing, the weeds are growing. LOTS of weeds! hehe.

Here is a little update on the plants.

[LadyFinger] Week 1, The first germination from the seeds planted.

Week 5, Isn't it mother nature that miracle! From a seed that grows into these.

After I don't know how many weeks it is...

The plants grow flower on it. Woo!!! LadyFingers have flower too!

[Spinach] Week 1, everything is so tiny and look fragile.

After I don't know how many weeks later...

Poof!!! Spinach does really make you grow STRONG and BIG just like Popeye.

Other than going out hanging out with friends. I also joined a basketball tournament with friends that I used to play with before. It had been very long time since I last played basketball.

The name of the team, TTCO ent.

It also had been a long long time since I had basketball jersey hanging in my cabinet. Let's see how is the result so far for the team.

First game lost to EasyWay Kiulap and I scored 2points only. Second game lost to Pyrogen and I didn't score. Third game still lost again to Seri Bangar Tembuburong and as usual I didn't get to score. And finally for the last game, we won over Ago go and I scored 6points. Overall in the tournament, I get to play a while and that's because...

I'll PANCIT myself after a few minutes in da game... Pfft~

It is the sign and time to keep fit instead of keeping FAT!!!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Of The Weekend That I Had

Weekend is the day that everyone looking forward to. Fast fast reach Saturday & slow slow reach Monday, this is what students and people who is working always hope.

It is the day which we all can finally rest, relax and of course have a lot of FUN at the night.

And also the goodnight sleep that we can have as long as we want!

During one of the weekend, I was invited to George's place to have dinner.

It is so nice of him and his girlfriend invited me over to have Sushi dinner meal!! One pair of loving couple that is busy preparing the lovely meal not for each of them.


Awww~ Life is GREAT with you all around!!! What can I ask for more.

Pikk Piakkk! Wake up lahhh...

Let's see the ingredients prepared for the sushi sashimi.





Egg Omelet

And of course can't made it without the HOT wasabi.


Sushi Sashimi Master Shirley in action...


And the name Master is not just a name that was simply given. It takes skills & experiences to earn it.


Best In Brunei, Tasek. And Some Say Bunot!!!

Making Sushi sure needs lot of efforts and time that we need to make it all one by one. It is not like frying Nasi Goreng which we put all the ingredients inside and CIPLAK fry it. It took George & Shirley quite a while to prepare it and finally...


Took about an hour half to make it, then took about half an hour to finish it all.

Drinking Sake is Japanese Culture that peoples do drink it while enjoying the meal. I never have the chance to try it. Heard that it is also known as rice wine. Does it taste like the Iban Tribe's Rice Wine "Tuak"? Only if Brunei got serves or sells Sake,

For the meantime...


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Fight, We Grow!

Before going any further, let's thank this chap here right below!

Mr. Joshua Goh KIM TIAO!!! Thank him for the pictures taken from his blog,

It's early December now and 2009 is coming to its end. Before it came to an end, Brunei Darussalam managed to held two big and remarkable exhibition events. This showed that we're moving toward each year.

First we had the BRIDEX 2009. It is the premier defence and security event in South East Asia that brings together the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of defence & security equipment and systems. It also exhibits the latest and innovative technology in land, sea and air.

Basically it is an exhibition about the military's things!

Then recently we had the Agriculture & AgriFood Expo '09.

And it is basically about Farming. It is an exhibition about the development of agriculture sector in Brunei and its aim in the year coming towards the self-sufficiency in foods production.

Both expo did exhibit the machinery & equipments used in each fields. Let us here see the difference in between these two.

BRIDEX 2009 got super ass-kicking tank that can blow up things into pieces.

Agriculture got tractor that is multifunctional which can be used to transport people, ploughing the land, clearing the land and etc.

All the machinery and equipments of the military are deadly because it can kills. Like movie always said, bullet does not has eyes. So be careful with it.

Transplanter that is use to plant the padi seeds.

Combine-Harvester that harvest the padi and at the same time it removes the grain from the stalk. It is useful which can save man-power and time for the processing.

Guns, Bombs, Rockets and etc are the equipments carry by the soldier. Military is all about security defence in the country that is why they need ass-kicking machine and equipment. If not, how to defence? We don't have tunnel to hide and area is not big for us to run! Later kena bomb pun tak tahu apa hal.

As for the agriculture, what do they use for their equipment?

Tongkat, hoe, shovel, rake and etc. Things are far more gentle compare to the tank. But hoe can buries people alive too!

Why would we want aggressive or deadly things. We don't fight, we just grow!

We're just farmers!!! You fight for us and we grow for you! :)