Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Know It's Kind of Late

It is one greeting that should be greeted two weeks ago. It is kind of late to say this now! But still...

Deepavali is known as the "Festival of Light" that is a 5-days festivals in India . During that day, many wear new clothes and share sweets or snacks together. Some people will open new account book at the first day of Deepavali which it is said that it can bring good luck for the following year.

In Brunei, Deepavali festive is not celebrate that big compare to Malaysia. Everyone may spent their day and night celebrating at home and also inviting their dearest families & friends to enjoy the joy and foods.

The timing which is accurate and coincidence, and also thanks to the 2lovely couples from Food-Hungry & GS-Life that brought me to enjoy Indian foods during the festive at...

LE TAJ, Indian Restaurant that is just beside of Capers! Visited that restaurant twice for that following week.

Due to its interior design and the ambience, Le Taj had always been a high-class restaurant to me which I thought eating there may costs a lot.

Trying is Believing! I was wrong all the time. Being the famous Indian Restaurant, the foods & drinks that they serve are affordable and worth-able.

Roti Canai/ Murtabak is what that comes into my mind when it comes to Indian foods. And I was wrong all the time again. In fact there are more choices other than Roti Canai/ Murtabak like NAAN!

Beef Madras (2)
Garlic Naan

Onion Naan
Onion Naan

Cheese Naan

Cheese Naan

When it comes to the sauce to dip with the Roti, what we all have in mind is Curry. Being the kingdom of SPICES, Curry is not the only the menu that they can be cook from the spices. There are a lot which we can try here like...

Chicken Masala
Chicken Masala

ButterMilk Chicken Masala

Lamb Masala

Lamb Vindaloo
Lamb Vindaloo

Beef Madras
Beef Madras

Then there also have tasty side dishes like...

Tandoori Chicken

Vegetarian Manchurian

With the nice and relax surrounding in the restaurant to sit, the variety choices of foods and drinks to try.
Le Taj is definitely one nice place to chill in.

Thanks to Andy, Jestina, George & Shirley for the wonderful meals and also the pictures! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Preparation for the Celebration @ School

Raya 004
Last Saturday was the Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Teacher's Day celebration at school.

Raya 005
It was one exciting celebration that everyone enjoyed. And the costume theme for the celebration is "Baju Cara Melayu"!

And I don't have any of those. It would be a bit sayang if I go make one. It is because I seldom wear it and maybe wear it for like once a year? Instead of baju cara melayu, I picked this!

Smart attire that I can wear it for candle-light dinner. It was 2years back since I last bought button shirt. I'm not really used to wearing attire like this.

That's because most of the time, I'm being a...

IMG_3817 copy

It is time to buy one since the size two years back and now has changed.

Went out with Andy & Jestina that they helped me with idea and opinion. It was one tough time for us to look for the size. When I'm small, I always heard that boy stop growing up till 21 years old. But I'm already 22 and I grew from XL to XXL! Why? And double the size mean double the prize, so yeah!It took quite sometime for EVERYONE to look for the size that suit me.

This is the second time that I buy tie in my life. The first one was during my college time in Maktab Duli that we have to use the school tie.

Finally found a few shirts to try on.


While trying on shirt, Wee called and consulted him for ideas too.

Looking for a button-shirt and a tie which need 3person for idea, sounded more like going to a candle-light dinner!!!

Jes who is busy taking photo everywhere.

We shopped from 7PM to 9:30PM. And lastly which one did I choose and How do I look like after an effort of a night looking for it? Thanks to Andy, Jes & Wee and here's the moment of truth.
Raya 002

Raya 001
Not Bad for a "BENG" huhhh...

And that day was not any ordinary Hari-Raya Aidilfitri & Teacher's Day celebration to me.

Raya 003
It was the day that I first time gave a speech for the opening ceremony for the event!!!

Out of everybody in the school, why ME?
That is because...
And THANK YOU to whoever it was that voted me for these!!! Thanks for the chance that you all gave me.

*Some pictures are taken from Amanina HAB through the Album she uploaded in FB.
Thank You

Monday, October 19, 2009

SKY's Latest Twitter Update!

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Is It The End For The Labuan Trip?

I'd been blogging couple of posts about my trip in Labuan which I had during the Hari Raya Celebration Holiday. Let's see what I'd done for the trip...
[click at the captions to look at the entry to read further about it]

Been to the KFC at Labuan. Business is good and markets are very competitive too!

Also had a little sight seeing around Labuan, visited one of the beach, the chimney which is the memorial structure after the World War 2, the only skatepark and discovered the "lamp-post of pisa"!

Stayed at 2hotels for the 3days and 2nights trip, ate at couple of eateries there and for the first time get to try the Fried Tuaran Mee!

At least there is something to see & shop at the shops at Labuan!


Labuan, the island of duty-free. An island that has more Duty-Free Shops selling TONS of alcohol & chocolate than Kedai Runcit selling Coca-Cola!

Seri Anna, the biggest ship among all others to sit to go Labuan. It has top and bottom deck for passengers to sit.
So that's all for the conclusion for the trip?


Where's the Papaya?

Where's the disco-tech?

Above all are the activities that are available at daytime! The shops and duty-free shops closed early at there. At the night time, there are sea-foods restaurants for us to enjoy. But after the meal, where can we off to? Shops still have to close for a rest.

Unless we want to hang out at the KFC that opens 24hours a day!

Other than hanging out at the KFC,

There are BEERs to grab and chill for the night life at Labuan.

For the 3days 2nights trip, for the 3days I went around Labuan for sight seeing and walked around the roads around there. As for the 2nights, CLUBBING all night long that we went to two places at each night!



BEYOND 2000!

Both of these clubs located near to each other that is just a shop-building apart. Both clubs have a lot in similarities.


First of all, businesses are GOOD for the both of it! It's FULL when we got into both places.

For me, it's hard to make a decision on which one is better. Despite from the design of the club that is quite similar. It's very hard to compare because each club has its own attractions and both of them done great job in making the ambience HIGH!

Like any other clubs that always have DJ spinning and playing all those superb musics and makes everyone dance with the flow.

Love in the club~ PUT YOUR HANDS IN DA AIR!!!

At Popin & Beyond 2000, not the DJ that does all the job. And these is also what I like about these two places. It's because each of them have their own...





Live Band from Popin.



Live Band from Beyond 2000.

Both also a place that we can ask the bartender to make nice drink to sip in and chill inside hearing songs & relax. Other than dancing, we also can watch football game inside!

football + nice musics + beers + women!!! Lose in betting also nehhhhh mindddd ahhh! [nevermind]

Nothing to worry about the songs they sing! They don't sing "Jangan Gila Dong" or what "Cari Pacarku". They sing Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Scorpions, Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz, Avril Lavigne, Mayang Sari, Amy Search, Beyond and all the song of old school classical artists or bands that you can think of!!! It's really ass-kicking!

Thanks to the Popin & Beyond, everyone ENJOYED!!!

And I don't want to miss the moments taking pictures with the them too! Tolong hold the camera for me...


With the Beyond 2000 band, the lead female and male singer are powerful that they are good in singing slow rock songs. The male lead singer recognize and it's nice of him that asked me to go Labuan and play again... But then I don't know when is the next time I will be visiting there again.



At Popin. I asked one of the band member that can I take picture with you ALL and then they really bring it ALL, their band and their friends. While taking pictures, there also people rushed in and joined too.

It's really nice and fun hanging around the two places. Other than fun, I can feel secure too. People at there are nice and friendly that we cheers our drink with the people beside us. They just smile and then take their cup and cheers with you while drinking. Will visit them again if there is a chance going there again and it's one nice trip that I had!

Thank You, Labuan!!!
Now, that concludes my trip in Labuan!