Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Isn't He CUTE!!!

A post that is about HIM...

Not the big one, it's the small one! He is the nephew of my friend. This cute little monster over here brings joy to everyone around as everyone laugh out loud whenever he is around. His name is "HONG-HONG"!!!

He always introduce himself as "WANG LEE-HOM"! And he can sing "Wei Yi, 唯一" One of Lee-Hom's famous song.

One very active and energetic kid that likes to run and play around. He likes to ask questions which he asks a lot and asks until we also don't know how to answer him. He likes to be adults which he imitates what the adults do and say. He can sometime be naughty too! But looking at his innocent looks, don't know that we should be angry or should be happy! He is just one cute little boy that everyone loves. [How I wish to be YOUNG & CUTE again!!!] haha.

Imagine these...

"Hong-Hong, spell tongue..."




T-A-N-G, TANG!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Why Labuan?

I'd been to Labuan twice in half year time. Two time may sounds little but it is a lot to me because in this half year time I'd been to Labuan more than Miri.

BUT why more Labuan than Miri? Miri has more shopping center than Labuan, Miri is nearer than Labuan, Miri has Starbucks and Labuan doesn't. WHY?

Is it because of the nightlife in Labuan is more fun than Miri?

Is it because of the beers taste different than others? Nehh, but Labuan has the cheapest beer among all other Malaysia states which is because everywhere you'll see DUTY-FREE!!! Click on the "LINK" to view on the entry of Duty-Free in Labuan.

Or is it because of the girls?

Or is it because of the ship? Sitting on a ship is not something that happen on my everyday life!

Or is it the sea-foods that I can enjoy by the sea-side?

If anyone ask me what do I enjoy the most other than the foods @ Labuan. I would answer...

It would be the LIVE-BAND! Almost all the clubs @ Labuan come with Live-Band performances. Imagining that drinking the cool beers and enjoying the songs that we love. Life is about chilling! The live-band performances in Labuan are all ass-kicking.

Other than the DJs spinning the mixer to spice up everyone,

The bands also done great jobs that they also make everyone in da house put their hands on da air!!! Click at the "LINK" to view the entry of Live-Band Performances I first experienced @ Labuan.

Crossroad is the club that I visited during the second trip. The place is big that the ground floor is the disco area and where the Live-Band performs.

The lead-singer.

The lead-guitarist.

Owwhh!! That's me with the guitarist!!!

And the first floor is the place for Karaoke.

Other than the Live-Band that caught my attention in that place, here's what caught my attention too.

The toilet sign that I never seen before. It is just so COOL!

From the experiences I had, Labuan is one place that you'll want to go again and again. The people there are friendly, the foods and drinks are cheap, the McDonald's open 24hours everyday. Other than that,

It is one peaceful place that is not "Armed & Dangerous"!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

R.I.P Doraemonku

Spotted this on my key-chain...




And decided to do this




Have a nice day ahead everyone! =D

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Lovin' It Labuan

I had the chance to go Labuan again during last Chinese New Year. My first time visit Labuan was during the Hari Raya Adilfiltri celebration @ 2009.

I at first thought Labuan is just a small island with nothing much to see and do. I was wrong that Labuan maybe small compare to Brunei but it has what Brunei doesn't has.

First of all is its "NightLife" where people can go clubbing, drinking, dancing, relaxing themselves enjoying the live band performances and etc.

Other than that, it is actually quite a same like Brunei...

Brunei has Mohan's carpet, Labuan also has it.

Brunei has KFC, Labuan also has it BUT they have even more efficient KFC...

Which their KFC opens 24hours everyday!!!

And during my second visit to Labuan, I found out that Labuan also has this...

McDonald's which located @ the Airport of Labuan. I am so exciting of visiting it once I heard there is McD @ Labuan...

These just make me LOVE Labuan even more!!!

The nicest thing of all is that the McDonald's also opens 24hours daily!

It was 3.30 AM when I visited McD that time for takeaway alone together with the taxi driver and I thought I would be the only one visiting the place @ time like these.


And I was wrong AGAIN. Nights are always young in Labuan!

Prosperity Burger is the promotion menu for the Chinese New Year Festive.


Here comes my Double Prosperity Burger and let's have doubling prosperous Tiger's year.

Crinkle Fries that serve in the Prosperity Burger's Promotion.


Ayam Goreng McD


Chicken McNuggets

Other than opening 24hours daily, there are more extra menus than in Brunei.

They have different menus on different time period. From 4 a.m to 10 a.m in the morning, McDonald's has their own breakfast menus for the customer to order and within that time period, menus like Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, Fish O Fillet and etc are not available but only the Breakfast At McDonald's Menus.


The menus shown on the board and the staffs just have to spin over the board to change the menu served on the different time period.

McDonald's Labuan did a great job in managing its business that it keeps all its promises. Quality, Service and Cleanliness is promise to the customer, the board isn't hanging up on the wall just like that.

They really did it which the place is clean & tidy, not only that but also the interior is nice. They also have WiFi services for people to connect to the internet. This explain why there are still lots of people visiting McD at late night, it is like a cafe to them. Unlike Brunei which has lots of cafe, Labuan has DiscoTech Club, Lounge & Pub instead of cafe.

They also have friendly staffs that serves the customers with smiles.

Meet BEL!!!

McD, I'm Lovin' It!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life As An Agriculture Student

After working part-time for a year and the half, I got the letter of offer from Sekolah Vokasional School to study the course, "Agriculture Science". Of course I am happy because I can pursue higher education since the day I scored 3 [U]nbelievable in my "A"level.

I felt excited and at the same time nervous too which I think a lot. Thinking of how I am going to be to start school once again. A lot of thoughts came into my mind before the school start. I think of...

Can I pass all the subjects with flying colors?

Will I be the student that is hardworking and concentrate in every class attended?

Or I will be the same as before which I always sleep in the class ?

Will I be able to complete all the tasks and assignments given by the teachers?

Am I going to be the good student that follow the school's rules and also the A1 student that carries lots of files and things around me?

Or I just be the ROCK & ROLL student?

All these are the thoughts that came into me before the school starts. All these just make me excited and nervous which I'm going to a new environment and also get to know new people. Will I be able to do it? What will I do when the times come?

Finally the days of awaiting for so long had come. All the things that I thought of is going to be reality. School started on the 6th July 2009.

TAPI horr, things turned out to be slightly different as I thought. I'm still the student that carry a backpack filled with books, laptop bag and also files filled with notes.

Raya 003
And I also got voted to become the school's HEADBOY!!! [Thing that I didn't and never think of!]

Sometime I could be the rock & roll student too. But here is what the difference from other school! As an agriculture student, other than studying the theories there are LOT of practical works to do. Not like the practical that I had in secondary school which I sit in the lab and play with the labo gas.

Here is what we do in Wasan Vocational School!

I have the chance to study about Paddy & Rice! Not study in the air-conditioning room BUT under the hot sun and on the mud!!!

We all have the experience of planting the paddy...


Harvesting the paddy...

Processing the paddy...

Paddy is not the only crop that we experienced here, but also the rest which...

We also learn about planting the vegetable crops...

Learning it as in starting from the scratch,

that we had to clear the land for making raised bed for planting...

using machine to cultivate the soil for planting...

Hoe and Shovel had become our new best-friends that we always need it for crop management and maintaining of the drainage...

With all the efforts and hard works that we have to do out theories in the class, assignments and reports coming in non-stop then need to go to the field and do the farming. I can said it is very tiring that sometimes we had to go back at 6 plus in the evening and have to go back to school during the holidays...

That just made me sometime wanna
Despite the tiredness, school life is always fun no matter what.

There are fun things to do too other than working on the field. Things like seeing the crops that we grow from the seeds, by seeing it grow each day to flowering and finally the vegies are ready to be harvested. It just make you happy and have the sense of satisfactions after all the hard works putted in.

And if people ask me what's the fun of what I'm doing in the school. I would answer this...

Driving the tractor around the school campus. School campus is big which took some time to travel here and there, while driving enjoying the wind breeze and the tractor is 4WD some more. It is built for heavy-duty use!

That's my life in Vocational Wasan School.