Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Aunties Wonder WHY

Chinese movies & dramas always show these. And this also happens in real life that I always hear this from the aunties!

"Aiyohh, My son hears all the words from his wife!"
"Eeyerrr, My son hears all from his wife instead of his mother!"
"Hmmph, My son used to be so obedient but now he obeys more to his wife!"
"Sigh, My daughter-in-law's eyes speak more than I do!"

Television always show scene like these.

The wife asks her husband if she and mother-in-law fall into the river, which one will the husband safe first! and 100% from what I'd seen from the TV. All the husbands said these...

OF COURSE YOU LAH!!! If the husband answer wrongly, he'll be DOOM!

A lot of aunties can't do anything but whining it.

And I think I know WHY~

That's because when the boys are small, they feed on mum's breast feeding.

When they got married, they start to hear the words from their wife because they feed on their wife's breast feeding!!!

Sorry no picture for the adult's breast feeding due to 18sx
* Guys that are obedient to their wife are not that they are scare, it's respect to their wife :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Do You Know That

Other than DeRoyalle's Cafe and

CoffeeBean in Bandar Seri Begawan that have nice sofa chair which is comfort, nice foods and snacks to tuck in. Both also one nice place to hang out to enjoy the moments chit-chatting especially with the tasty & fragrance coffee that accompanies.

Other than these 2 cafes in BSB, there is still another place where we can also sit down to relax, nice drinks to drink and also tasty foods to enjoy with lower price :)

Kevin CKV Restaurant & Catering

The place is simple, contemporary, clean and bright.

And it comes with Sofa Chair too. Kevn CKV restaurant is relax that during my visit, the place is peace and calm that accompanies with instrumental music songs where we can always hear in the hotel's lobby. They also come with different type of promotions each days except on Sunday.

Breakfast menu are available with set meals that is comfortable and easy for the working class people in BSB that they don't have to spend much time thinking to decide what to orders and save time when they are busy with their works.

For the cooked foods, they serve wide varieties range of foods from Asians Cuisine to Western Cuisine but it concentrates more in the Asian Cuisine that is more suitable to the locals.

Har Mee, Big Prawn Noodle

Beef Broth Noodle

Hakka Mee

Monday, June 21, 2010

School Trips Before Year1 Ended

School trips are always FUN as it are. Students get to gather together, traveling together, experience and enjoy together.

Recently before my holiday started, there are a few school field trips for us to visit.

It makes me feels like I'm back to my primary level.

That teachers lead the way and we follow the teacher's instructions. We have to be obedient and not to make much noise. Attendance are taken after the trip to make sure no one is missing.

First was to BARC, Brunei Agriculture Research Center where it is a place where a lot of researches are conducted to improves the productivity and qualities of the crops and animals. It is also a place where farmers may look for tips and assistance. All these are done to promote the agriculture sector in Brunei.

The purpose of us visiting the BARC is to learn hydroponic. A method of planting the crop with only use of water and manpower. One type of planting that is plant without using the soil. The seeds are first sow in the sponge and later put on the water in the dark room for the seed to germinate and ready to be transplant.

The reason why the seeds are placed in the dark air-conditioned room is to protect the fragile seeds from the hot sunlight that they may suffers from thermal shock. The first germinated stem and leaf are weak that they may not be able to stand the heat outside that may result in low rate of germination and productivity. It is placed inside the room for a week until it is readily to be transplant outside.

With the helps of fertilizers and chemical compounds in the water, it helps the plant to grow healthier that the hydroponic prevent much diseases infected the crop as there are no soil-borne diseases and air-borne diseases. It is also decreases the number of pests attack on the plants as there are no soil for the pests.

Other than visiting the hydroponic system, we also visit the greenhouse in BARC.

Where they use the greenhouse to plant tomato! Greenhouse is also a system of farming that help a lot in the management of the plant. It reduces the heat and protect the crop hit by direct sunlight. Other than that it is easily to manage the farm as there is no much manpower needed when there are no pest attacks on the crops and the rate of outbreak of diseases are also low.

The tomato planted under the greenhouse system.

The second field trip was to Luahan, the place that is specialized in livestock farming. During the visit, it was lead by the school's instructors and the officers from the livestock's department.

Luahan is a place where livestock farming is carried out that students manage to see the appropriate design to build the farm for animals. Methods of managing the animals also shown by the technicians and officers that taught the students the appropriate ways to manage the animals while milking, tagging, calving, application of medicine, feeding and etc.

In Luahan, they are specialized in the farming of cattle and goat.





School trips are fun as always.


And the most FUN part about school trip is leaving the books behind, no school works to be done & also no long hour of lecturing :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can't Catch The Heart, Catch Its Appetites

There is a quote saying "if we can't catch/ win someone heart,"

"It's good/ wise that we win its tummy/ appetite first!"

It is sweet that in the early morning, breakfast was served by the loves one. It just brighten up the days. It is nice that lunchbox is prepare for the person that he/ she doesn't have to worry to eat the lunch where and it is also help in saving up money. After a tiring day, it is happy to know that someone we love is preparing a nice dinner meal and waits us at home.

If we don't know how to cook,

We just make ourselves a bad partner to the other half.

And that's the time we start to regret that why when we're young, we don't follow our mum when she's cooking in the kitchen. Why we hated the smell of fishes and meats that we keep away from the kitchen when mum is preparing the dishes. Why we're such a dramaqueen when we're young.

Modern age like now, not only the women that has to cook. It is not necessary that wife cooks for the husband, the husband also can cooks for the wife.

Sometime guys may look like they are playful.

But when it comes to cooking. Guys can be serious.

And also can cooks well too!

Chicken Wings



Stir-Fried Kailan

Corn Soup

Not bad for a guy huhh :)

And it is always never to late to start.