Monday, July 26, 2010

A Place That You Ever Visit

A place where everyone will have the chance to go...

A placed where you would name it HELL because it is a place where you suffer all the time. A place where you start to lose freedom bits by bits. A place where you couldn't sleep well and how you wish tomorrow never comes when the penalty is around the corner.

A place that people calls it SCHOOL!

A place where you took an oath that you be a good citizen. Where you promised that you be good and don't do things that break the rules.

A place where you start to mix with big groups of people. A place where you start to know to do things together.

Even during the break times, you have to queue for foods & drinks. A place where you learn disciplines.

There are times that you'd would be sent out to do work under the hot sun.

Life is hard huhh, but it has to go on!

It is still a place that gives education for better future.

Technical skills also provided for you at there.

Too much things but so little times to handle, this is the times that you start to feel stress.

And this is also the time that you start thinking of ESCAPING!

Despite the heavy workloads & due dates,
It is still the place where you enjoy and also where FUN can be found! One of the best moment in life is the study life :)

These marked the days of mine since school re-open that
I'm busy with paddy project at school and the orientation week of the school

Monday, July 19, 2010

Everyone Knows Laila Now

Brunei had a new aim few years back which is to reach self sufficiency in rice production.

She started from nothing...

Starting from the beginning may be hard and things may not go smoothly as it is.

She still works hard everyday to reach the target...

Finally, even though it just a quarter ahead from the starting points. It showed that all the hard works sure paid off!

Introducing Beras Laila!

Brunei's first own variety of rice.

It's selling now for $6 for 5kg. It can be bought in Wasan Paddy Field.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Back Again

To all of the anak cina Brunei again,

Still remember this place??? Looks familiar huhh?

A place that is always full during the Sunday. A place where all the uncle-uncle have their breakfast before going to work. A place where the old and the young one like to visit. A place where everyone go for its KOLOMEE!!! It's Ocean Quarry Kolomee that was before located at Jalan Madewa there. A small canteen that only serves Kolomee & Kolomee-pok!

Too bad, due to the some reasons the place was shut down.

Then it moved to Simpang 1029, Jalan Muara. It was like receiving the news of winning a lottery for everyone to know that it is back for business!

And on every Friday, me and my friends would travel extra kilometers just to enjoy the Kolomee. There are people just like us and its loyal customers that just willing to drive all the way to Jalan Muara for its kolomee & mee-pok!

It is always that exciting whenever having the ocean quarry's kolomee or mee-pok.

Just operating the business in the new area for a few months and while the business is doing great, it has to be closed down again. What a hard time and tough luck for the boss. It is so sad to know the news that the bowls, chopsticks and spoons are going to be collected in dust.

It'd had been closed for months that the tasty taste of the seasoned sauce mixed with the noodles & the fragrance of the fried shallots and spring onions that make one delicious bowl of noodle is no more but a memory!

The god does not disappoint the people who put in efforts! When there is a will, there is way! The boss is really one tough man huhh. It is really out of the blue today that I received news about the Ocean Quarry's Kolomee is opened again that really excites me.

Without waiting any longer, I drove out in the night to try my luck.

Aaahhhhhh!!! It is just so adrenaline pumping and I never thought that...

I'll be having another chance to try it again. WOOO!!! It's been so long that I ordered two bowl of it.

The Kolomee

The Kolomee-pok

After asking the waitress for confirmation & trying out the noodles, I announced that Ocean Quarry's Kolomee is really BACK IN ACTION again.

It moves to Ban Hiong Restaurant at Jalan Tutong, Simpang 600.

Ban Hiong doesn't change the owner, it just like the kolomee's boss use its place for business and profits of the kolomee sold are share among the Ocean Quarry's Kolomee and Ban Hiong Restaurant.

Moving into the new place, it gives more kick to the customers that there are much more choices for the customers to choose which Ban Hiong Restaurant serves home-made chrysanthemum, sugar-cane and soya-bean drink. And we also can eat the kolomee with extra foods like kuih-kuih cina and cooked dishes.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mari Panggang Di Arang, Brunei

It was my first time visiting Charcoal & it was not like what I think at first.

Charcoal BBQ & GRILL had been an expensive and high-class place to dine in for me. Saw from what people had blog about it, it really serves great foods and the surrounding of the place is nicely decorated with modern contemporary design. These makes me always think that place like these would need lots of cash to visit or else end up washing dishes :)

I was wrong again all these time.

From the moment step into the place, it does amazes and surprises you!

WOW is the expression I got in Charcoal. The place is really nice which they use big sofa-chair for customer to sit which is really ass-kicking comfortable that doesn't want you to leave that place so soon! The walls are all hung with posters of old movies that bring out the classic feel.

Services are nice that we were greeted and served with smiles.

Another WOW is the menu! Charcoal so far has the most attractive menu for all the place I'd visited. There are enough details for people to know what to order and it's colorful.

Even ordering a pepsi-cola drink can be that exciting.

With the pictures of the foods added into the menu,

It just makes you saliva dripping and super duper hungry wanting to try all the foods!

As token of compliments, customers that dine-in are serves with a free plate of fried wantan skin that is crispy. Hot or Cold plain waters are also serve to the customers from the moment they sit down. With a place and services given, it just worth the price paid. And surprisingly, price of the foods are consider not that expensive when comparing in eating foods in the below.

Charcoal BBQ & Grill is a place that is specialized in serving meat foods. A place that is an ideal for those Barbeque lovers. Foods are serve in variety of choices that we can choose from...


to lambs,

to steaks,

to chickens! Above is Charcoal Piri-Piri Chicken, one of the favorites in Charcoal. I had it that night. The piri-piri sauce that is spicy which makes the chicken tastes smokin' hot!!!

For reservations or more info, here's the contact number: 222 1171 / 222 1228 or visit their website to catch up the chef's specialty menu or promotions @