Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Always Know What You On Summer

In SUMMER, there are lot of nice, exciting, box-offices movies release.
Other than nice & catchy movies are released...

There'll be a lot of "nice" releases at the beach in summer too... There are a lot of things to be done in summer that people will go to the beach for picnic & for some "sight-seeing" too. People said, flowers are best bloom in the summer season. That's why a lot of people loves SUMMER.

That's how we even have the drinks & desserts named "SUMMER LOVE". It's one hot season out there, you wouldn't want to miss out the cold ice-cream!

Why there are a lot of things to do in Summer? A lot of new movies release at that time, go to the beach have fun & sight-seeing, traveling around & etc.

That's because...


And holidays are always FUN!!! We can do the things that we want/ like...

Even BangCock. [From left to right] Chun Jing who just got back traveling from Thailand, Jestina who make use of the holiday to go gym most of the times & limteh most of the times too and Alister whom I don't know what's he doing. Maybe going out chilling with his friends too... All of them are the student of UBD that is having their holiday.

Just like last year around these time or other words, "the last summer". It's the time that a lot of my friends got back Brunei for holiday from the countries far far away where they are doing their further studies. Times like these, it's always OUTINGS & GATHERINGS...

And these year, it's the same too.

That's why...

People always know what I did last summer!!!

Still keep in touch with the same old friends too. It's easy for 1 to make friends, but it's not that easy to maintain the relationships. Every year time like these, everyone of us are expecting moment like these...

Ming Hui, Jances, Shin Yi & Yung Shin whom got back from U.K.

Soon Tiong who is studying in Australia. Ho Wee & Me.

Hui Lieng [Bottom Right] that also having her holiday.

And for these time, I get to see friends that we'd lost contact since primary 6 year 1999. That's one of the nicest thing happened to us. Who would know that after 10years, we still able to meet each other & sit together busy keeping everyone updates.

First of all is Ting Sii Bing, She went back to Miri after the graduation of primary six. Till then, I didn't hear any news from her & didn't get to keep in touch in her. But few years back, someone told me that she was spotted at one of the shop in Miri. She's currently doing accounting course.

[Top Left to Right] Jestina, Jances, Ming Hui, Poh Hui, Pey Wen, Siew Yan.
[Bottom Left to Right] Sheau Woei, Hui Chiet & Yan Min.

Siew Yan, Hui Chiet & Yan Min are the one that I didn't get to see them after the graduation 1999 until 2009!!!

And Hong Ben too, the one in the blue shirt! As for the rest, it'd been a familiar face in happy-stop! Ho Wee, ME & Boon Jing.

Not all of us are having the holidays.

ME & Andy whom haven't got our holiday yet...

So "Holidays"!?!?! When can I have you?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thing May Not Looks Like It Is

According to my "own personal experiences" and other people's experiences, guys do less houseworks that girls at home. There were times which my mum thinks/says that it'll be better if I am her daughter instead of son.It's because that if I am girl. I may help in tidying the house, washing the plates after the meals or learn how to prepare/cook a meal.

So am I a person that will be good son & hear what my mum said?

That I go modify my "engine" and changed my nickname "sky" into "BETTY"?

But this is one thing that my mum strongly disagrees.

Even if my mum agree, I also not willing to modify the so called "engine" of mine.

Up till now, I seldom do housework at home. Only sometimes out of the blue, there are times I do help "a bit" too. But most of the time, I only in charge in managing my room & my stuffs. Other than that, it's out of the boundaries. Hahaha! The only time I cook is the times when mum's not around and I wasn't at home for most of the times.

I think most of the guys are the same just like me who go out often, got back home late when there is holiday the next day, need parents to worry about us, wondering what we're doing outside and etc. And we hardly hear when they say. When they say/ scold [tegur] us, we sometime purposely let them worry more and get more stubborn.

That's because...

We guys like to act "TOUGH"!!!

I believe a lot are TOUGH and I also believe we're not what we always are. We may be tough at home, not doing housework, being stubborn but we may not like these at outside. Things are like that. Today we may find the thing is wrong but tomorrow we may find the same thing like yesterday is right.

So "things may not always looks like it is". We always are the child to our parents but when you don't let us out to experience and learn. How are we going to grow?

Here we go. GUY'S NIGHT in George's house eating & chilling around that everything are done by us, BATANGs.

The main chef of the night... Chen Chen! The one that prepared all the ingredients for the main courses which are

Sweet & Sour Chicken Chop

Salad Prawns that also prepared by Chen Chen too...

What about the rest?

Just act like Foreman and inspecting how Chen Chen do all the works? And also make sure that he gets the jobs done?

Or sits around and wait dinner to be ready?

We all did contribute also. Some getting the table ready for the dishes, some helping in preparing and all of us did take turn to cook the dishes. Wee helped in cooking the sauce for the chickens.

George helped to fry the chicken breasts

While Chen Chen is mixing the boneless chicken breasts with flour.

That's Ricky...
Yong: "Hey!!! Are you the FOREMAN???"

He did his part too.

In helping to fry the prawns.

What about me??? What did I done?

Yong, hands up & surrender~
Yong: "I'm not the Foreman... I did my part too"

I was cutting "Chai Poh"... Cutting

From these...

Into these...

Order than cutting the thick chai poh into tiny small pieces, I'm preparing a menu from chai poh.

It's one simple dish that can be fry with


If we want to add more ingredients like hot dog, crab sticks, fish balls and etc.

We might as well add it...

We cooked for ourselves, tidied the place, cleaned the table & washed the plates after the meal that night.

It's all what we seldom do at home. So can we manage to do it well outside?

Sweet & Sour Boneless Chicken Breasts

Salad Prawns & where is the salad?

There we go...

Fried Chai Poh with Eggs & Sausages

It's time to let us to spread our wings wide & fly all over to see how big the world outside are...

Errr... Guys cannot be trusted too... That's why our parents always worry about us. When the wings got hardened, we barely fly home... =P

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21st July 2009

How could I forget the date 21st July! It's always your birthday, geng!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Miri Trip Again...

During the month of June, going down to Miri is like a weekly routine. Some people spends their weekend/sunday at church, some goes back kampong & me in Miri. Hmmph! What makes me go down so frequently? Met someone there? Hahaha. And going down Miri needs lots of CASH. If not, it wouldn't be FUN!!! So where does the cash from???

In Miri, eventhough you're broke/ running of cash. It wouldn't be any problem...

As long as we have golds.

The picture above was taken during the first trip to Miri in June 2009, when George's attention was to sent his gf to Miri Airport.

After got back to Brunei & shared it with friends, seemed like it caught their attention. Then the upcoming Sunday, we decide to go Miri again and shop & buy all we can... Money is not the issue there, Gold is the issue.

Get to visit KFC these time, it's been a long time didn't step my feet into KFC. A lot of menus to order & eat.

Especially the FRIED CHICKENS that is "Sedap Sehingga Menjilat Jari".

Sekaligus order banyak-banyak dan makan sampai sepuas-puas hatinya!
Wait till I have lots of GOLD to trade then I can have these big feast.

Until then it's 5dinner plate for

Rakishi... Nehh, just kidding. It's Ricky See, a brother of a friend of mine.

Chen Chen

George & Shirley.

Shopping is what we always do there. In Brunei, we drive more than we walk when we go shopping. Case in Miri, it's opposite.

Chen Chen, you better get yourself a pair of shoe instead of wearing slippers. Hehehehe.

Now they know that, shoes is one of the demand in Miri.

Here comes SOS! [Shop of Shoes] the biggest shoes' shop in Miri, located in Bintang Plaza Mall.

Just like "Popular Bookstore", the biggest bookstore in Miri that sells lots variety choices of books. The bookstore welcomes everyone that they have books for kids, uncles, aunties, man, woman, ah gong, ah ma & etc. Guess that's 1 of the points to be the biggest.

Just like Popular, SOS also provides variety of choices & they sells to any range of customers too.

Woman can shops here...

Man too...

Not only they sell shoes but slippers too.

What caught my attention in the shop is the shoes that they sell.

The low cut's design shoes! That's the type of shoes I like to wear.

Converse is the brand that designs a lot of low cut's shoes. Every year I will get myself a new pair of Converse shoes that one year I got myself an ADIDAS. I wore that shoes less than a week & it got stolen! =.=!!

Due to my sakai-ness, the low cut design shoes I know are Converse, Nike, Adidas, Reebox, Puma, some other brands & also...

Kappa, because all those are what I always see in Brunei & I don't see shoes online. People always said, go out traveling. It'll add up/ widen our knowledge. There are more things to see & learn.

In Miri, there are more than 1 million populations. Thanks to that much of people that market at there are BIG which we can see lots of other brands. And now there is one extra brand that also manufactures nice low cut design's shoes too.


E stands for Excellence!!! But the E stands "EMPTY" for me... SOS may supplying shoes to everyone regardless their ages & gender.


there got limit in SIZE...

Ada size 10???

Size paling besar kita ada adalah berapa???

Sorry bos!!! Apa yang ada di tag ini saja...

Kaki orang sini tak besar ke?
Okay, don't blame other. Blame the "Kaki Lembu" that I had. hehehe!

It's a newly opened shop. There are still lots of room for improvements. Some other times in the future, I'll buy my very own first "EVERLAST" shoes. By that time, my feet should get smaller in size due to dieting. =.=!!

Never go home without trying these in Miri.

The drinks that always cool you down... Ahhh~

Opps... Not these one lahh.. Hehehe. I'll go for ...

Starbucks Coffee. Est 1971!!!

Hash in action. Making

Java Chip Frappucino & Caramel Frappuccino

Iced & Hot Caramel Macchiato

Caffè Mocha & Hot Caramel Macchiato.

It's the first visit to Starbucks in Miri for Chen Chen & Ricky [maybe] not so sure lah. =D

Countless numbers of time visits for these two couple! Hahahaha.

And ME too... and they gave me a bag as a compliment! hehehe. Nehh, it's a gift from collecting all those stamps. Need 12stamps for a bag & 7stamps for a free drink.

Everythings come with a price!!! Just like in life, we want it. We have to contribute to get it... When we don't contribute it, how can we receive it.

Yong: "Chen, how's Starbucks Coffe? How's the drink?"

Chen Chen: "Let me try first!!!"


Chen Chen: "Wuuu... The Coffee is strong... Bitter a bit..."

Yong: "Or maybe Carlsberg suit you more?" Hahahahaha!

It's was one nice experience in Starbucks for him. The ambience is good.. The drinks too, he's the one that ordered two drinks!!! See the first picture, it's one small sized iced caramel macchiato then from small sized upgraded to XL hot caramel macchiato.