Saturday, June 27, 2009

Communications & TeamBuilding - Day 2 & 3

A day after the long hours of training from morning till night time. What a long & rough day every one had! Can everyone make it on time for the 2nd day training?

Surprisingly no one was late for it! Instead of being late like the usual working days. These time, we arrived earlier than the trainer. Oh well, for the breakfast lahh! Hahaha.

Despite from the physical & mentally tiring, everyone showed up with great energy that is ready for all the challenges up ahead.

It's because everyone had lots and lots of FUN on the first day. No writing notes down, no reading lot of words, not many lectures from the trainer. All we did is just playing around!

We have peoples that concentrate more so that they can make a better jobs than what they did on the first day! [The determination to climb up higher and higher]

Then they are few that was charging the battery during the briefing. Hehehe! Hey "Dang", Gotcha!!! just kidding yeah. "Pukul 2 pagi" huhh.. hehehe! you know, I know! ssshhh~

Let's go out & play before everyone falls asleep. We had few activities play outside under the hot sun. Under a hot sun, people suffering thirst. Some people faints, some people complaints, some stays away from it. How much of us that willing to give out and do our part even under the hot sun?

As long as each of us is willing to give out & doing our part, even walking 8people tied up feet together under the hot sun wouldn't be a problem! The problem is that either we want or don't!

We have games of finding toothpicks on the ground with 8people tied up together.

Moving buckets & things with hands are easy, all we do just pick it up and move it.

When conditions don't allow us to use hand but only rope. We can't tie it, we can't go near it! All we can is just lift it from a distant area.

What can we do? And what does it takes?

It takes the whole team to carry one! :)
It's a game that involves patience and planning that we need to figure out how to carry those buckets from one area to one area without moving towards the bucket or carry it with hands. Points are not given based on the team that can carry the it all in the shortest time but also to the number of times we carry it up front and back in the time given.

[What can we work differently?] in order to make it better?

Bridge crossing was one of the game that we're given 6tyres, two planks of woods! Think of a way that 8people can cross it without the plank of woods touching the ground. The tyres must place more distant than the length of the woods.

With strong foundation built...

Nothing seems to come in the way to obstruct us! How big the wind is, we can't be blown away easily.

Teamwork is one of the key tools but without good communications, things can't be done smoothly too. Just like a car, those engine parts, body, tyres are assembled together as a car just like a team. But without the "car key", how can we open the locks or start the engines? :)

How can we lead a Blind peoples when we don't talk and show them the way?

Tins are scatters all around and half of the team are blindfolded...

How are we going to lead them to the tins and ask them arrange accordingly to its type/ colors if we don't have good communication...

How can we sms/ call when there is communication breakdown?
How can we travel/ move when there is communication breakdown?
How can we surf/ chat when there is no internet connection?
That's a lot to be miss and lost when there is communication, one of the important value we must not underestimate it. It can either bring "bitter" or "sweet" =D

So much for hard works at the time, as for the night time. It's entertainment night for every one! Each of the team have to think of one performance to deliver a message regarding the core value of the company.

[responsibility, teamwork, achievement & commitment] - The core values of Fabrica.

There are group that brought an imaginary van into the hall. Well, a Flintstones' van! haha

And curtains & carpets also used for the drama! Yeah, Fabrica... The mood of living inside the house. Carpets, Curtains, Wallpapers, Blinds, Paneling, Flooring, you name it and they have it.

The man of the night! He's the salesperson, the wife & the husband, the sewer, the fixers & the office's staff. The man that played 9roles at a time. The rest of the team just act with emotions & body languages and he's the one that does all the talking. And he can sing... Not English song, not Tagalog song but CHINESE song. [Penny戴佩妮-我要的爱] Salute to you, Marvin! :)

And for my team, we got no people that can plays 9roles at a time. Hahaha.

We got no one that can play a role of a fussy customer.
But we have SIZE!!! Size of BIG & small that we can build strong foundation. A strong foundation that ...

Able to hold people climbing on top it it! [Big people comes with Big power, Big power comes with Big responsibilities!] =.=!! Just kidding. Size is not the matter, the strong will is what that matters.

That's all for day 2 and everyone ended it with ...


Day3 has come & the training is nearly come to an end. Lots of games had played among everyone, we tied together to complete the tasks, we hold hands to support each other, we encourage everyone, trainers also do sharing among us. Let's see hows the progress and how far have we achieve...

Eiseh~ Not bad huhh!!! hahaha!

We only have 2activities played on day3.

First, we had game of testing how good our memory is.

Then we had the "EGG CATCHER" game. And the catcher has to be built from scratch. The materials given was nothing other than papers, tissues, paperclip, flyer, rubberband. Pointse given are based on the number of eggs that survive the drop & the less resources used to build the catcher.

Not much games played on day3 because we spent rest of the day busying ...

Taking group pictures! Hehehe.

Other than taking pictures, sharing also done on the last day which every team shares the feelings about the 3days training and what should we do to improve the productivity & efficiency while working and how we apply what had we learn into our working & personal life.

Then it's time to announce the winner of the whole training.

Team SuperPanda is the winner come along with Team Doraemon as the 1st runner up & Team TeddyBear is the 2nd runner up. As for the Team Belacan, we came last! ohh my~

We maybe last but we don't give up easily which suit the slogan of the team!

[Bau Tapi Nyaman Kali Ah] Hahahaha.

For myself, there aren't any win or lose for each team. There aren't anyone who is better or who is worse.

We're all the same & everyone is the winner. We came & train as a team for the course. We'd learnt & gained that can push us up into a higher level. While working, we also work together as colleague too. When one falls, we all hold among each other & pull them up!

Let's hope & wish that all these can remain when we walked out from the door of training hall. No "Hot-Hot Chicken Shit" which is "Hangat-Hangat Tahi Ayam" in malay language. Hehehe. :p

Fabrica!!! You can do it~ You show Brunei the art of interior.

And lastly, not to forget the trainers & people that worked things out together to make these training go smoothly.

Sir Kevin who is the NLP peak performances trainer.

Perry Khoo who is the TeamBuilding specialist.

And also to Siew Yun & Yvonne.

Thank you all!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Communications & TeamBuilding - Day 1

In the past, war may start from a man. All from man's hunger toward power, fame & wealth. Some even started it because of woman too! So much from the MAN! Yeah... What to say~

It may took 1man to start all these... BUT

It took lots of them to end it. Hahaha! Men are "Kepo" too, from 1 man that involves whole lots of them in the end. =P

A general can't win the whole battle with a pair of hand of his own. It'll need many pairs of hands to help him which he need archer for long ranged battle, swordsmen and knights for close to close combat, navy for the water battle and a lots that can defend their fortress. Thanks to them for building what we have now. :)

Teamwork is what needed most in a war. A simple philosophy applies here. [ We can break one stick of chopstick easily, imagine if there are 10 of it. Can we still break it easily with only bare hand? ]

Even the mighty King Leonidas from the Greece needs his mighty 299 warriors to stand against the numerous 300,000 warriors of King Xerxes from the Persia. And King Leonidas made history which he showed King Xerxes that number is not a problem.

King Leonidas: "Sparta, Please don't leave me. I can't make it without you all! I promise that I'll up your gaji by 30%!!!" Hahahaha.

When he can't pay that much of amount to hire 299 warriors to fight for him, it's not a big problem too. All he has to do is just hire this man, a man that can win the battle alone!


The culture of teamwork had passed down generation to generation. Teamwork is one of the important tools in achieving goal today in an organization, team, group and etc. Micheal Jordan can't win the NBA season all by himself that he needs people to rebound ball for him, dribbling for him, screen for him, etc and even cheer for him. =D

It's always easy to say and hard to do. How can we have all the people in an organization to be obedient, hands hold hands and work together as a team!

Not everyone can be buy with coffee bean!

All these can be done when everyone know the meaning of teamwork and understand how much can we achieve when there is teamwork. That's of course depends on the individuals too! Can we stop RAMBO? hahaha!

13th June 09, a company in Brunei, "FABRICA" brought all the staff one step ahead that she had them trained with communications & team building course. So much investment into her staff, but the company believes that whenever there are contributions. It's always return too! With strong foundation built in a house or building, the house or building can last long. Without it, it'll just collapses anytime. Just like training the staffs, with great foundation built into them. The performances will be more productivity and efficiency too that in the end brings benefits to the company... =D

And I happen to work in the company and got the opportunity to learn & experienced the training course. Spot where I am! =D

It's 3days & 2nights course that all the staffs had attended, not much reading & writing like what we all had when we're small. [When the teacher was pointing the blackboard with the famous fried keow tiaw] Hehehe. The courses were all about playing games and the games are all design to deliver us the messages, importances of teamwork & communications. While playing & having fun, we remember well. Just like watching movie & reading the biology book, which one does we can remember more about it?

And what the trainers need us to do is ...

Just to have all the FUN.

And give our 100% in everything we is asked to do.

First of all, we had to form a team members of 10-11 through some ice breaking game.

Everyone was called in front & the trainers showed each of us pictures of animals. Then we gathered together in the centre and each of us needs to find the team members who saw the same pictures of animal that the trainers showed.

We can't talk out what animal that we saw, can't make noises. All we did is act like those animals to find out the rest of the team members. :)

And that's the members of each team for rest of the day till the course end.

It's all starts from a big & blank white fabric.

What we have to do is to give it a name, create its slogan, core values and also design it to represents each of the team.

Just like life, it's just like a plain a4 paper. It depends on us to enlighten it! When we just write it with black color pen, it'll just appear as one dull looking paper.

All we need to do is to add in colours into it to brighten it up!!!

Just like the sport houses we had when we'd our sport day during our childhood that we may have the "blue", "red", "green" & "yellow" house. We also had four teams for the course but we didn't ended up blue, red, green & yellow.

We came up with ...

Team Doraemon

Team Super Panda

Team Teddy Bear

Everyone came up with an animal to represent them. As for me, did I choose an animal to represent my team too? If I did, what will I choose? a PIGGY? hehe.

There aren't other like FOODS!!!


When every team is ready with their DIY Flag, it's game time! Here below is some highlights of the games we had on the first day.

Balloon Run!

Two People One Team's racing. Guess who will win? The taller one or the shorter one? The tall one got longer legs that can stretch more in distant! The shorter one walks 3steps equal to the taller one walks one step! [Uiii, Kasar tuu!]

Well, let's see it again after these...

Master Q: "I walk one step equal to you walk two step. If we have some race, don't know how far will you left behind in distance?"

Mister Potato: "Don't look down on me, let's compete!!!"

Master Q: "Okay, let's see who run faster! I'll wait you in one kilometre ahead!"



Size is not everything!!! =D

Everyone is having FUN. Laughter can be heard everywhere in the hall! Cheering is what everyone did for their team. Hmmph.. too much to let it out from working huhh!!! HAHAHA... Ssshhh...

The Newspaper Race

Tin-Can Race...

Millipede I forgot what already! =P

That's all for the daytime on the first day! Everyone was asked to check in into hotel to have some rest & be ready for the night's activity...

The day turned out to be MAGICAL for everyone!!!

The activities were all involving group's work but not individual's work! Everyone have to work together in other to complete it. As for the night activity, it's only 2hours sessions. We were asked to built a house just from newspapers and we're only given masking tape as a tool!

At first, everyone thinks it's a hard task. Just newspapers & one roll of masking tape only.

At first, each is thinking to themselves. Each mean one so it's one brain at the first time. When everyone start to work together as a team.

We have 10brains thinking & 20hands working.

Impossible is Nothing - Adidas!

Let's see how creative can 10 brains be... :)

Team Teddy Bear named their house, "long house" of the Iban tribe. They got first in these activity...

Followed by Super Panda in second that built themselves a modern housing!

Then Doraemon got third who built Rumah Melaka.

As for Belacan, we came last! we really came out something that match our team name!!! Looked BELACAN huhh... hehehe!

BUT I named it Rumah Mawi! Hahaha. Had Mawi on it, What! :p

The points were based on the creativity of the house, the participation of each people and also the number of people that can enter the house.

Why Belacan still finished fourth in the activity? It even got MAWI on their house, what others don't have!!! WHY?

It's because it collapsed before the judges can give the point!!! HAHAHAHA.
We're going to be homeless tonight! Tehehehe...