Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where Had I Been AGAIN? Haha =P

Where have the author go? It's nearly 2weeks that he's not updating his own blog! We're a little worried about him. Could he be~

Oh!!! I've been traveling on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is DEAD and GONE
DEAD and GONE~~~

Hahahaha! Then where is the NEW you, Yong ? =P

Lost in the jungle???

Lost in the jungle and dancing with Alex The Lion!!!
[I Like To Move It, Move It~ I Like To Move It, Move It!!!]

Nehh!!! Lions EAT, they don't dance! hahaha. Not on the land? Could it be on the SEA?

Start his own expedition and hunting down Captain Jack Sparrow?
Teettt!!! Ah-Yong CAN'T swim! Teehehehehe~

Is he really DEAD & GONE? There was rumor saying that he's spotted at a small birthday party on the 2nd May 2009!

And he was caught drinking and got drunk at that time!!!

Ah-Yong: "Wa Boh Zhui, Wa Boh Zhui, Bohh Zhuiii!!!" [Hockien]

So he's still drunk to update his own blog? Pfft!!! -.-!! Hahaha.

Are you Geoffrey? The birthday boy?
Nope!!! He's too young to drink~ Haha! A new friend of Ah-Yong and both of them got new nickname for the each of them. [Left: Bulat Kecil Right: Bulat Besar] Hahaha! The BULATS!

Here you go...

Geoffrey Vun!!! Happy Birthday to you! Wish you best of all in everything! Keep climbing till you reach the summit~ =D


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