Friday, February 27, 2009

BBQ That Everyone Had Missed

[In my thought]

One day, a student that came late for school. When he's about to enter his classroom, the teacher asked him.

Teacher: "Give me a good reason that why should I let you enter when you're late for lesson!"

Boy: "It's better late than absent because I may still stand a chance to learn from teacher even though I'm late. Teacher also stands the chance to see me that can advice and teach me that some day I may learn good from you. But if I'm absent, you and me both don't stand a chance to give each a chance."

The teacher thinks deeply inside and finds it meaningful that he let the student to enter.

[In reality]

What happen when a student is late for class?

Teacher: "Go stand outside the class till I ask you to enter & One more time if you're late again, I want to see your parents!"

A lot of people do miss the chances or opportunities. Some may don't have the courage to grab it. Some may misses it or don't appreciates it. Some may escapes from it! When we finally want it, it may be late some time that in the end we just let it be. Why not give each one and us a chance to try even though it's late because we may still stand a chance. For the least we get an answer. There is 0% when we just let it be. If we try it, we still have 50%/50%! =D

Here below is a small barbecue gathering I had on the new year eve. (31/12/09) It maybe a late entry to post but it does stand chances for letting people know how me & my friends spent our new year eve and peeps out there also stand chances to see these wonderful gathering.

Foods that prepared on that night!
Wooo! Everyone's favorites! LAMEEEE!!! -__-" it's Lamb!

New Zealand Mussels! Ahem, these is a safe mussels to eat! HAHA! =P

[In my thought again!]

Wife that waits her husband to pick her up! Waits for 15minutes outside and finally her husband comes!

And so she asks: "Dear, why are you late?"

Husband reply: "Dear, So sorry that I'm late. I'm late a bit so that you'll wait for me! And also you'll know how much you miss me & how much important I meant to you!"

Aww!!! That's something Sweet! The wife had touched by her husband~

[In reality]

What happen when we were late to pick wife up!

Wife says out angrily: "Why are you late huhhh? Don't you know the weather is HOT oustside? Can't you come earlier a bit? And a lot more... Lastly... "Sleep at the living room tonight!" If thing may go worse... It'll be "NO SEX for one month!!!" HAHAHA!!! That'll be cruel! =D

Let's meet the people that joined the gathering on that night...

Joshua little brother, Chee Seng [Left] & Jestina little brother, Desmond [Right] the author of Dencorp []

Jestina Tan, the author of Food-Hungry & Jia Hui [Right] author of!

And also the lovely couple from! George & Shirley!

And also Mr.Andy & Mr.Geoffrey because we had it at their house & Mr.Alan Chan that came up late.

Here's the outcome after everyone's hard works contributed!!!



And won't forget to mention about mr.Joshua too!!!

So He [KFC] Killed Your Dad? Hahaha. Cool huhh? That's what he get from Jes & Andy from their Kuala Lumpur's trip! =D

It's been a while that Ultraman's pose is not up in Happy-Stop! Has the incredible hulk takes the place of ultraman??? Is it because the author starts to like Green color and Hulk is in color? Where has Ultraman gone?

We miss you, Ultraman Yong!

Hey!!! I'm in GREEN too! =D

And I'd been out to recruit new members too! Saving the world would need a handful of people... =D


Monday, February 23, 2009

A Small Celebration For You

A small celebration that took place on the 19th February 2008!!!

For delivery services, please dial the number above! =D

And what's the occasion celebrated on that day? Err... The attack of the Captain Toyota AhYong-Kun again? Another "eat all you can" revolution? Hahaha! Since it's Capers, "Eat all you can in PIZZAs and PASTAs"! And since it's Ah-Yong some more, there aren't anything without foods! -__-"

Tettt!!! There are things beside foods. =D

Celebrating someone birthday in Capers! Whose birthday could it be?

Awwww!!! How sweet & nice of you all for having early celebration for me! Hahaha! That's Kojack beside me.

Tettt!!! Definitely not Ah-Yong's Birthday with expression like these! Hehe. Happy-Stop wants you to meet Chang Yan. That's my cousin...

Ini Ini Mai Ni Mo, Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do! Whose Birthday could it be?

Say Hi To Mei Ying [Left] & Pey Yun [Right] Are you the birthday girl?

That's Shi Shi. All the pictures posted in these entry are all taken by her! Took it from her. Thank You! She's an ID, interior design and a blogger too. Someone that enjoys taking pictures on her daily basis that she blogs it out on!!! Do you all find out something different about the entry here?

Well, no food pictures huhh! Hahaha! Size tells what characteristics the person are, the interest of the person and etc. And there are lots of food's pictures post in Happy-Stop because the author's size is...

ROUND!!! Hehehe. These explain everything!!! =D Jes commented that I look so EVIL here. I commented that I looked so ROUND here. What do you guys think? Fat? Evil? or CUTE??? Hahaha! -__-"

And I got carried a little bit further here. Hehe! Whose birthday could it be? I'm saving the best for the last! hehe!

And the star of the night will be...

Nana! A big fan of Jay Chou. Though you're a lot smaller than me in Size! But there is something big in you that you have one BIG heart! The heart that bring warmth to people around. You're one cheerful & helpful person around. Though sometime you're straight forward that got me unspeakable. Haha! But you're just one Lovely cousin & sister that we got here! Thank You and

Happy Birthday To You!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When The Cheapskate Attacks AGAIN!!!

A historic event that happened on the 8th February 2008. An event that happened in Gadong, Negara Brunei Darussalam. A small coup d'etat that led by the two parties which were "Happy-Stop" & "Food-Hungry". A revolution which aim was to let the public aware of these two brutal parties and history remembered this historic event!!!

And I'm "Sakuragi Sky", a writer that saw the whole process of this deadliest event and here writing it down on that let our future generations know about what their great grandpa & great grandma did in the past! How proud they are at that times!

That's Sushi Tei, the name of the place where the two parties fought hard! A memorial place for the warriors! [Seems more like a Cheapskate attacks on worthy buffet than what Coup D'etat though] Hahaha!

A few photos of the strategic landscapes!

The lanterns is the holy symbol that represents the enemy! "Sushi"

And till now, the place still preserves the same as before due to famous historic event took place at!

And before we move more further, let's see the photos of those daring warriors at that time that did what no people has the [LP] to do!!!

Salute to them... and let's show them some LOVE too! hehe

That's the leader of Happy-Stop, "Captain Toyota AhYong-Kun" because he drove Toyota Tanker at that time. He's the mastermind of everthings behind these Coup D'etat!!!

That's "Private Nokia AhLiang-Kun" that mastered the art of Nokia MobilePhone and also the small brother of AhYong-Kun...

There he is. "Sergeant Suzuki Ah-Hwa-San" that drove his Suzuki Fokker that made his fame through the air.

Not going to miss out the hero & heroin too! That's the "White-Shirt Angel Jestina-Chan" [白衣天使 that can be known as Nurse] And she only healed "Lieutenant Nissan ShaoWei-Kun", the power drifter of Nissan! Hahaha! Both of them are the leader of "Food-Hungry" Party.

Let's take a group photo before everyone is out for their fight because we wouldn't know whether we're coming back or not! Hehehe.. Choii!!!

That's the 5 legendary warrior, 6th February 2009!

During the evening on that day, around 7:30pm when Sushi Tei know there is going to be an attack. They themselves doesn't hold back too that they had tighten up their securities that...

Their Sushi-Maki's privates marching here and there around the strategic landscapes!!! Hahaha!
Left Right Left Right Left Right!!!

And of course there weren't one easy-going enemies too!!! Here there are...

Lieutenant Unagi-maki

Sergeant Crabstick & Cucumber Sushi

Corporal Mixed-Ingredients Maki

Lance Corporal Steamed Egg-Sushi

Commisioner Tuna-Sushi

Soupie Egg! -__-!! What a name~ =P

And here's the deadliest captain that gave the warrior 5 a lot of hard time in accomplishing their mission... Let's meet...

Captain WASABI-CHAN!!! Hahaha...

Ohh No!!! Seems that the warrior 5 had been surrounded!!!

Not only surrounded but also outnumbered too!!! What should they do? Can the warrior 5 make it?

With the great fighting skills and strong spirit possessed, the warrior 5 fought with pride & honor!

Aaaammmmmmmm!!!! Sabotaging plate by plate!!! That's the way uh huh~ uh huh~ I like it! haha... should be that's the "art of war" by Captain Toyota AhYong-Kun!

Awww... Captain Toyota AhYong-Kun surrender? Is these the end of the whole revolution? How can be warrior like that!!!

Nehhh!!! It's just a clever tactic used in the fight!

Hahhhh!!! Only the strongest survives!!! The two parties won and no fatality from the warrior 5! As for Sushi Tei, they had lost around 170 ranked sushi & maki officers and also lost around 55+ battle tankers that's used to carry those officers! Hahaha~

Here they are in taking down the symbol!!!

Peace is once again appears in the little town Gadong!!!

These post is written in memory of...

Captain Toyota AhYong-Kun, 1987 - ???? These shows that he's still ALIVE!!! Hehehe!

And after that incident, he's also...

By every restaurants too!!! Hahahaha!!! There he goes!!!

[Weeiii! Do I worth that much only mehh?] =D