Sunday, October 19, 2008

Home-made Steamboat In Andy's Crib

For the first time here, there aren’t much wording typed here. Just a post with only pictures and captions. No more “long long time ago”, “there are once people said”, “stories of…” and etc. Haha! Because there is someone telling that it’s kind of exhausting reading all those long long articles here and most of it repeat and repeat. Pfft~ [Haha! you know who you are!] “Siapa yang makan lada, ia yang terasa pedas!” Ish ish~

Do I really talk that much here? Really that “Lo So”?

Yeah! I guess so. I myself do feel that sometimes. There are times that I feel satisfy after all those long typing and pictures. There are times I also feel, maybe I wrote too much too. Guess we all here have to learn when’s the time to hold it tight and when’s the time to release it a bit loose. There are times the adults are too strict to us, that maybe right for them because that’s their way in protecting us. But all these do really help? And when they give us too much freedom, we may misuse all those. Rules and laws that created are told to be follow, but there are times we have to go beyond it. Imagine while driving, when everyone is following the signboard that shows speed limit of 60km/h. It going to be a long queue on the road that may causes people late for their works, schools or maybe a date. Haha!

[Life is like flying up kite into the sky, there are times we have to pull and release the string in order to fly it up high in the sky!]

Let’s see where we have made our stop this time. This is Ah-Yong reporting in happy-stop. Let’s buckle up your seat belts and you’re about to explore home-made steamboat in Andy’s Crib! =P


Say “hi” to Jes and Shin who prepares all the ingredients for the night. Hi Jes and Shin, let’s take a photo here!

Peace! V[^.^]v

A nice and warmth reply from Shin. =)

Here comes Andy joined to help. Hi Hi Andy, smiles to the camera!!!

Arrgh~ a smile reply from Andy but with a knife! That’s Andy in “笑里藏刀!” <- It’s what we Chinese always say. Haha. Gotta be careful oh. =p

And then me…

[笑手握菜] Im going green!

While waiting for the guests, take some photos to pass over the times being. Heres the randomly pictures taken while waiting.

Ladies’ time!

And there’s WeeNa joining the ladies…

Ohh Bang!!! Malam ni sepi tak? Haha~

From WeeNa to Jonathan… and lastly?

Ahh!!! Wee “naik kereta” already!!! [Ki Chia] in hockien. Haha!

Wee: “How can I “naik kereta” without you accompanying me!” Opps~ who could the YOU be?

Ahh~ When alive also like to be together, when mati also want to be together also jadi HANTU! =P

Jes in 见鬼[ The Eye] Haha. Starring: Jestina, Wee & Yong! =)

The two-hungry ghosts that targeting those delicious ingredients prepared… and a considerate one too. Help to clean up after the meals! See, the other one is holding the soap. Haha.

What we have that night? Till hungry-ghost from Kg.Mata-Mata and Kg.Rimba were attracted to Andy’s crib.

All these are not to worship those two outside one ah. Haha! Let’s not waste those delicious foods with it. It’s for them below…

The Vun’s!!! haha

Jia Hui and Amy that later showed up… Too bad, you’re slower than those two outside!

Geofrey and Desmond.

Itadaki Mas. When everyone’s here, let’s start the feast. Andy’s showing what the menus are for the night. haha!

Woah! So many hands there taking the foods.

Yong: “Wee, will there be any foods leftover for we two?”

Wee: “Woah! Yong, so many people there! Everyone is enjoying the foods and we’re here waiting for them and yet we still have to eat the left-over!” And we here have rules that we can’t touch it while human still eating it.

Yong: “Law is death one, we have to be flexible sometime. If we don’t eat, we’ll be hungry ah! So which one do you choose? Hungry to death again or eat and get full now!”


Let’s tag with them along… Bwoh haha! They can’t see us one. No worries~ =)

Told ya, Wee! See, they don’t know we exist! PEACE~

Want some piece?

Blurp~ it’s time to go back before they catch out! But before that take a group photo before we left! Haha.

Weii~ Don’t you want to help clean up before we left? Err. It’s time to take some nap, just like ular sawah that find a place to rest after their meals.

[Don’t simply trust any ghost pictures on internet, it maybe fake or just stories that simply create just like here in this post!] =)

Ps to those attended on that night: Do the foods really taste that night? Weren’t it tasteless? Oww… Spooky!!! Eee... CLK ah you, yong! A nice steamboat night that was talk like haunted night by me, Yong! Haha! Just joking with the hungry-ghosts part! Most important is we all did enjoy on the night 30th August 2008.