Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy-Stop Turned One!!!

"Happy-Stop", a blog that had made greetings/ wishes to everyone. Greetings/ wishes from encouragement to farewell, from farewell to events, from events to birthday. Now it's time to make a greeting for the blog itself! =D

Happy-Stop is turning ONE year old today on the 8th June 2009! From ground zero entry to 73entries posted online including these one. At first, I'm still there doubting whether I can last these long, what can I bring to others and etc. "As long as there is efforts contributed, there is always outcome" that after a year, I'm here still blogging and it'd turned ONE years old! Time really flies~

Thanks to that played a role in bringing me into blogging. Hahaha! And the virus is spreading. From food-hungry to happy-stop then to josh's cafe. =D

Andy [He drives her around for food hunting]

Jestina [She does the blogging] "Here we are to follow their path and reveal their secret wonderland" :) Andy & Jestina, the owner of

What's like after blogging for a year? What's the feeling?

Ermm... At first, it's HOT that I wrote llloooonnnnngggggg entry that filled with tons of words! Someone complained that ...

it's very TIRING to read my blog because it would take such a long times & efforts to read finish one entry. Hehe!

Before we're moving any further. Let's meet the one that first said that it's very TIRING to read my blog. =D

HO WEE! Hahaha!
Ho Wee: "Geng, chin chuan ahh!!!" [hockien]

I myself do find it tiring in writing such a long post. We're gotta be "Cepat, Tepat & Selamat" Hahaha. In order to be cepat, tepat dan selamat, we need to be creative that a lot of thinking need to be done.

There are times that we need to squeeze out the brain juice to post one nice entry. Aaahhh~ Going crazy! hehe/ :p


Blogging is FUN!!! Yiippppeeee~ Hahahaha! :)

Thanks for these little machine here that you guys got it for me...

It's celebrating its ONE year old too. Hahaha! With that, I can capture all the moments/ experiences, peoples that come along into my life and share it all via internet. That's why I quoted the header as "Living Moments By Happy-Stop". [It's the stop where smiles gather] :)

There is always gain & lose in life. Either we gain these then we lose that! Within these 1year since the day I started blogging. There is lost & gain in me!

I'd flunk my academic grades because I didn't put much efforts in trying. Ended up working but gained experiences that we all need when it comes to society. And finally gave myself a chance again that I applied to go study again. I'd lost you, but I gained supports & encouragements from what we called it "friendship". I'm a big spender when it comes to foods & drinks, but in return what I gained is all these happy moments I spent it with you all. The moments that money & time can't buy because there aren't any turning back time. Hehe. And of course...

I'd gained FATS too! Hehehe. Ohh God!!! Save me Buddha!!! hahaha~

Let's us have a flashback on what we all had in happy-stop. Let's see how much passengers & smiles had happy-stop accumulates here! Little by little does the work... A day a smile, add it all up in a year time. It'll be 365 smileS! =)

First of all, I'm starting it with...

my families & relatives [one big family I got here] because they are the one that watched me grow from one puny baby into one MONSTROUS hunk!!! Hahaha... =P

Arrrgghhh!!! You wouldn't like me when I'm Hungry!!! Hehehe.

You all had done one great job in taking care of all your nieces & nephews "anak buah" escpecially during the Chinese New Year that we all kids love! HAHAHAHA~ [money face!!]

It's a nice thing that we're able to spend time together during any occasions or events. It's always a huge pile-up whenever we have gathering. Imagine all the noises created...

Thanks for the foods that prepared all these time since I'm small. I enjoy eating all the foods cook by you all that each of you have your own signboard dishes!

From left to right! [5th auntie that makes laksa, 3rd auntie that makes dumplings & kuih, 4th auntie that makes kuih too & nasi lemak, 1st auntie that makes Char Kueh & Egg-Biscuit, my mum drives us to my aunties' house and eat their foods! Hahaha! there is 2nd auntie in Singapore & 7th auntie in Lawas.

That's what we all get from the older generations in our families. [Love, Care, Guidance]

Jia Yi [one of my niece] who still study & Ah Qi [My cousin] who is working as accountant! Kacchhiinggg! $_$

My nephews & nieces with their auntie.

Nana, one straight-foward girl that comes with nice personality too. The cousin that collects the whole albums of Jay!

Kojack & his little brother [Kok Hau] The cousin that drove me out when I'm still small. Brings me go watch movies, hanging out with his friends, watching football games & etc. The cousin who is a big fan of Louis Koo & have many collections of ZeroX's spectacles. [Brand created & design by Louis Koo]

Mr.B with his gf, Jessie! The cousin that also drove me out before I had my driving license and taught me how to drive & the meaning of righteous. Also one cousin that comes with BULL's personality too! Hehehe. Bull maybe fierce but it's hardworking too... =D

Han Jen & his fiance, Elizabeth. Both are getting marry soon! I'm here in advance wishing you both endless love. Han Jen, the cousin that taught me things about computers when I'm small and let me drove his car for practise while I still struggle learning how to drive.

Chiew Sheh & her bf, Wen Biau who are going to get engage & marry soon too! Congratulations for the both of you. Chiew Sheh, a graphic designer that has great skills in photo shop.

Foo~ two cousins getting marry these year! It's one good thing that happens in their life and same go to me too. That's mean, I'll be receiving 2more red packets during the Chinese new year. Kekeke =P

Kent Loh, The cousin that makes good marinate in bbq foods and he's the chef around us when it comes to barbecue. Working as draftsman since the day he finished his study.

Ah Liang, my little brother! A stubborn one I want to say. After bumping each other in one restaurant, his friends find that it's hard to believe we both are siblings! =.=!! hehehe. Totally an opposites of ME. Let's make few comparisons.

Me: Tall as in 180cm. Him: Taller than me a few more cm.
Me: Fat Him: Thin but he's the one that got the nickname "Pui" Well, only I called him that. =D
Me: Got my skills rusty in basketball Him: Getting better each day.
Him: people said that he's handsome Me: Errmm, haven't got the compliment yet. Haha. But the word "CUTE" always mention in me instead of "Handsome" =.=!! [kns]

Other than my families, I get to know my friend's families too that...

I was invited to celebrate for the celebration in their gatherings! Above is Andy's families & relatives. Been to his house for barbecue, steamboats, open house & birthday's party too. Two cool sport cars spotted when we enter the garage. Hahaha. Eiseh Andy~ Bila lagi the number 3 cool sport car? the 350z? :p

Jestina's family and ...

Relatives. Hehehe. Above is Jestina's 21st birthday party.

Eng Lun & his family members.

I feel lucky & bless that until now I'm still able to keep in touch with the friends that I made since I'm small. Some had known each other for more than 10years, some are more than 5years and etc. To make friends is easy but to maintain a strong & healthy relation between friends is hard because misunderstanding is always there to make disturb. To know someone for such a long time, it's really something and "appreciate" is what we need to do to hold these bond.

Chee Hwa a.k.a Goh Kim Tiao! The owner of Josh's Cafe. He's enjoying his holiday now after the hard works preparations for exam in ITB. One nice chap, everything nice but "late". Haha! There's a big room for improvements in that. Hehehe~ Jk gang. Jangan marah... :)

Hong Zheng whom is studying in Laksamana College & Ho Wee that's is in U.K. studying. Both used to be the "Samseng" and today both is graduating soon. Hahaha! Good lucks yoo. :)

Esther Chong & her bf, Khar Chun. Both are doing great in Kuala Lumpur. Esther will have a big fiesta in Excapade whenever she comes back Brunei. Hahaha.

Boon Jing and he called himself "Jin-H" in the tagboard of our blog. Hahah. Sound Korean oh! =.=!! The guy that's funny whenever he and wee is around. Hahaha. He's studying in U.K too...

Yung Shin, who is in U.K. She & her wardrobe that got me "SHOCKED"!!! Just like Narnia. hahaha! Can't wait to try the home-made tofu-fah of your family ohh. =D

Jances who will go to Nepal before got back Brunei. Bon Voyage & take care during the trip.

Ming Hui, the one in the middle!!! The one among us that enjoy watching Tennis' games. And the one that took pictures with tennis player... The famous & handal one some more.. tehehehehe! Cool... If got chance, I would want to take with Shaquille O'neal! hahaha. And how could I miss you here... Thanks to Jances.. Ohh my~ Apalahh Sky!!! =D

[From left to right] Yung Shin, Shin Yi, Poh Hui & Maggie Sim that study in U.K. too! Woo, a lot at U.K. ahh!

Here comes the contigent/ representatives from Australia...

Sheau Woei & Hui On!

Top: Chai Li that studies in UBD, Choon Luan that is working in Singapore...
Bottom: Wern Hui & Sheau Woei.

Dennis Chen a.k.a Muscle Man & Kok Sheng Ei that is still studying in Australia.

Hui Lian!!! One funny woman we got here. The one that always come up with funny jokes and she's the one that taught me sang the "sarong jatuh" song. Wish you all the best & got through all the challenges there in Aussie. Make sure you survive when you got back! haha

Yung Ching, who is working in the heatlh's industry... All the hard works did paid off. Congrats there and have all the fun there.

Evon Chan, one of my colleague before! Hahaha. & Xiao Mei.

[From Left to Right] Esther, Me, Sing Ching, Hii Wei, Eng Eng, Evon & Li Jian.

Chin Tze, who is studying in China. Taught me few mandarin words that is different from the mandarin we're using in Brunei.

Esther See a.k.a Ketam! Hehehe. One & only talking ketam I got here. Esther, please don't extinct. Hehehe. Joking yoo.. You know me~ She's one hardworking woman here. How much you get depends on how much you contributed. I'm sure there are a lots now... lanja ni. :p

Leslie Teo...

Woo! ALBUM COVER ohh. Hahaha~ [From Left to Right] Wee, Lun, Alan, Me & George. Hahaha! The next famous boy band after backstreet boys! hahaha.

George & Shirley! The owner of George who is in the consrtuction industry and the one that brings me to visit his site in Seria, KB & Tutong. After visiting his site, we'll make a stop and eat the famous Seria Char Keow Tiaw! hahaha. As for Shirley, who is going to study in ITB. Hehe~ I know you'll get through one. Cross the finger.. =D

Chen Chen, one that sure can plays golf well! He kindly known himself as Arnold in Facebook too. Hehehe~ He's one of the hardcore body builder too... Still a long way compare to George.. Wakakaka! yoo gang, bila gym lagi? I'm overloaded already... :)

[Left to Right] Ping Chai, Jayden (my cousin), Dixon Liew, Me & Marvin. All were my schoolmates in CHMS while i'm studying my primary level.

Calvin & Shao Mei.

Elaine & Evelyn that study in UBD, Wei Wei that studies in Aussie, Wendy who is in retailing business & her bf, ah wee!

The Well-Known "ANAK BRUNEI" around us! SOON WEI JENG! Hahahaha. The muscular father we have here. Wish you & your family health and wealth. And for your daughter, wish her 快高长大!

From primary education to secondary education, getting bigger each day. The more people that we get to know!

[From Left to Right] Amal Panjang who is as tall as me, Farhana that studies in ITB, Shikin that studies in UBD, a dancer too & Rafidah that proved that "nothing is impossible"!

Top: Farhan that studies in UBD, Farhana, Mawar
Bottom: Amal & Fizah a.k.a Pizza.

The newlywed, Khairul & Mawar!!! She's like our eldest sister among us during our time in Menglait Secondary School.

Azman a.k.a Manbai & Murado de Gonzales. Haha! One of the coolest people I'd met. Spell Eye. E-Y-E, spell mouth. M-O-U-T-H, spell tongue. T-A-N-G!!! TANG! haha

Zaim & Zuhairi.

Mesra, the news reporter in RTB!!!

Boss Helmi, the owner of bigboy's blog, Ali & Mesra.

Kiki, the big fan of Harry-Potter & Amal Fitrah whose birthday is the same like mine...

Wan Theng who studies in Kuala Lumpur, and once told me that she bought a camera in Beijing. Tehehehe.

Qiu Jie that likes to eat the egg plants in Chempaka & Siow Ting, the one that I met up with after years of chatting in MSN! She's going to graduate soon in her designing course.

Life is all about discovering new things and making new friends is one of the part in life. Following are the people that I met when I was doing my sixth form in Maktab Duli.

Rai, Fox & Fish.

The China town's Chinese in MD! Hehehe. [From Left to Right] Chia Ren, Chiao Hong, Chun Jing (The arms that sure taste like BBQ 山猪肉 to me), Chee Yon (my business & gp classmates), Jackie KoKo (He sure speaks GOOODDDD English) & Fa Wei (The Transformer) hehe.

Vincent Lee! My neighbour~

Haidar Muein (my ps friend) & Afeeq (gp classmate)

Sieng Yen (my business studies classmate) The guy beside her is her bf, Ah-John who studies in U.K.

Sin Yin & Jia Yun (my gp classmates & we both got our camera pouch exhanged) =D

Xue Mei & her bf...

Alister!!! Brunei next top model.. yeehaaw~ Hehehe.

Siaw Ling, a friend of Jestina. Get to see her when there is makan-makan gathering. Hahaha~ Not saying that you're a "Tam Chiak Gui"!!! chill yoo~

Nayan, the curtain specialist that taught me about the technical work of fixing a curtain. Someone that loves fishing & playing badminton. And the one right beside him, isn't his gf. It's Daisy, one of my ex-colleague. Heard that you'd been into a new relationship! Congratulations & remember that he's one nice guy... =D

Erni, one of the assistant in the sewing department that always will call me up to pull out rolls of fabrics. And the one with the cowboy hat is Julie, the sewing specialist that can sew various type design of curtains.

The fixers of Fabrica. From curtains to wallpapers, from wallpapers to laminate flooring, from flooring to carpets & blinds. You name it, Fabrica has it for you...
[left to right] Hendra, Adi, Nayan, Atmo, Wardi & Siadin.

Other than capturing the moments with family members, relatives & friends. I myself had approached the strangers a few times and requested to take pictures with them. I'm lucky that no one had ever turned me down. Hehehe. Biasalah... Apa nak di kata?!?! =P

Thanks to one of my friend's school project. I get the chance to stand out of myself and approached the public to take pictures with them. It's one nice experiences that I get to understand bits about them, get to know their cultures and all those. No matter how good have we learnt about the theory, when there is no any practical action taken. We can't hardly know the things that we are trying to learn/ understand.

That's Jes on the left & forgot your name on the right. Hehehe. That's the first attempt that I tried and a successful one. Until now, whenever I go to the mall and have some window shopping. I still can see you~ Memang ada jodoh lah. Hahaha.

The shufflers. It's been so long that I didnt stay up late in Gadong that I hardly see you all anymore. Any thing that you do, best of all and try your best in studies!

The kids that stay up late night. The energy I have now can't compare with you all. Whenever I stay up late in one place, I'll sleep at that place that I chill which I ever slept at De Royalle Cafe, Coffee Bean B.S.B & Sampoerna Gadong.

And you, don't worry. You wouldn't appear in newspaper. Hahaha. But you had appeared in Happy-Stop TWICE. That's my friend's little brother, the one that stood just beside me. Hehehe. Answered me that will the picture taken appear on newspaper when I requested a picture with him...

What a cool jacket that you got there. =)

And whenever I want to see Aska, I'll just go to the mall third floor there to see him. Hello Bruneians, we don't have to travel so far just to see Aska in Taiwan.

There is one here! hehe. Come on Aska, do your move... CRY baby CRY!!! hahaha... that's the Aska in Taiwan, as for the one in Brunei. We built in TOUGH!!! Am I right people? hehe.

Had my 1st experience dine in at Fratini, Miri that I would not want to miss the chance to take picture with the captain/ manager in charge of the branch.

That's Mr.Bhong, whom gave me a warmth welcome to Fratini, Miri. "Hey, Mr.Bhong. You sell guiness stout here in Fratini?" Hahaha. just kidding.

Mr. Majid, whom I bought clothes with and turned out to be my auntie & uncle's friend in Lawas. What a small world... And then, he gave me further discount on the clothes... "Mr.Majid, mahu order size lebih besar sudah!" and he can speaks HOCKIEN!!! WAH LAU~

When I saw these on Miri. I got no reason not to take pictures for my memory collection...


[From left to right] Alin, Thilla & Yanna

Then we got Hash, Jerry & Azries. I'll definitely go back to you guys when I have the chance to visit Miri again for your magnificent services toward customer. Starbucks Coffee, Miri Branch... Kita TERROR lahh... hahaha.

Then what's TERROR in Brunei? Brunei don't have Starbucks Coffee. But whenever you want to have a "KICK" in you.

Be sure that you visit Gerai Num.3 at tamu selera, B.S.B.

Because HOT things SPICES you up!!! Muahahaha. It's the AYAM PENYET lahh... =P Above are the one that prepare the foods & drinks in Gerai Num.3!!!

What a memorial year we had in Happy-Stop!!! Thank you all for hoping into Happy-Stop through the thicks and thins here! Without you all, Happy-Stop will just be a blog with empty words & pictures!!!

Y stands for YONG!!! Happy-Stop, brought to you by YONG!!! :)



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