Monday, July 26, 2010

A Place That You Ever Visit

A place where everyone will have the chance to go...

A placed where you would name it HELL because it is a place where you suffer all the time. A place where you start to lose freedom bits by bits. A place where you couldn't sleep well and how you wish tomorrow never comes when the penalty is around the corner.

A place that people calls it SCHOOL!

A place where you took an oath that you be a good citizen. Where you promised that you be good and don't do things that break the rules.

A place where you start to mix with big groups of people. A place where you start to know to do things together.

Even during the break times, you have to queue for foods & drinks. A place where you learn disciplines.

There are times that you'd would be sent out to do work under the hot sun.

Life is hard huhh, but it has to go on!

It is still a place that gives education for better future.

Technical skills also provided for you at there.

Too much things but so little times to handle, this is the times that you start to feel stress.

And this is also the time that you start thinking of ESCAPING!

Despite the heavy workloads & due dates,
It is still the place where you enjoy and also where FUN can be found! One of the best moment in life is the study life :)

These marked the days of mine since school re-open that
I'm busy with paddy project at school and the orientation week of the school


The Royal`s said...

haha cool post!
so SKY managed to escape? lol =p =p

Ah-Yong said...

@TheRoyal's hehehe! managed, not through climbing the gate. atu banar!!! kang lau miss step, bahaya tuu! hehehe!

since agriculture byk cangkul, tani cangkul satu terowong keluar! hahahaha!

nadalah, very seldom escape... mahu cari feel tuu sometime~ :)

Marry said...

wah wah wah... masuk paper ya!

Ah-Yong said...

@Marry Yeah!!! It was during the orientation day of the school. Thank you, take care there!