Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Friend! You ROCK~

It’s 5th October 2008 here! What day could it be? For the Muslim, its still Hari Raya Fever where visiting relatives and friends’ open house all the way. Other than this, there isn’t much specific event take place on this date. It maybe the day when peoples are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, memorial days and etc for their families, relatives or friends. In Happy-Stop, 5th October 2008 is the date that we’re celebrating a birthday event. Still remember Ho Wee’s birthday? That’s one of the big events that posted in Happy-Stop that we celebrate a week before the actual birthday’s date. Here it is another event that is as big as celebrating an emperor’s birthday.

Happy Birthday!!!

Woo! This looks familiar huhh. Seems like seen it before in the previous post! Hehe. Yeah, it’s Seri Kemenyan Restaurant oh. The place where Wee having his party there. [Wee; still remember how your 21st birthday is?] But you did have a great one ah, still force us to sing! =P

Birthday’s presents that were given by the guest on that night. Woo, that’s a lot. Then whose birthday could it be? Err… let’s have a guess!

Here’s the King and the Queen! Is it one of them celebrating their birthday since they are wearing the crown hat! Hehe. Tettt! Wrong guess. They are just like 伴郎and 伴娘in a wedding ceremony. Then who’s the main character in that night?

Woah! Is it celebrating mine? Kiasu huhh! Is it that time didn’t get to celebrate with the gang in UK and now making one to replace it? Or don’t want to lose to Ho Wee? Haha. No lah, not celebrating my birthday. Once is already enough! Wah Lau, and yet I do wear like I’m the main attention in that night! I’m here just want to be one of the 伴郎bah. Hehe!

Hey Hey, 小弟弟. Is it your birthday today? Tell the truth ah! Those innocent eyes can tell us the answer already. 小弟弟: “不是我,真的不是我!It’s a girl’s birthday!” Hmm…

Could it be her?

Harrr!!! 小妹妹! 别在装了!!!那一定就是你了!

小妹妹: “ Wasn’t me, I’m just attending my cousin’s birthday. She gave me all the hat and toy!” Auntie Ah-Kim: “Yong, Don’t try to bully my anak buah huhh!” ;p

People Mountain People See [人山人海] So much people, how to look for the one! Don’t worry, we lost when we stop! Yong, keep trying hard there. Gambateh! Woossshhh…

Still browsing and searching. Who could it be? Uncle-uncle auntie-auntie, you know whose day it is? Hmm…


Haha! It’s me again. Beh paiseh eii, attending people birthday but act like do I’m the one who celebrating mine. Peace v[>.<]v It’s just me enjoying being taken photos. Haha.

When there is a will, there is a way! When there is a contribution, there is always a return! Finally, a birthday cake that asked to keep in the refrigerator. Let’s have a look and find out whose birthday could it be! =)

Ohh yeah! Happy Birthday Jestina! It’s Jestina’s day. You plan to have earlier celebration for your 21st birthday because you want to celebrate with your family, relatives and friends before they got back to UK. And on the 11th September 2008, all these weren’t just a dream or just a thought. It all came into reality that you’re having a big, fun and memorable birthday celebration.

Seri Kemenyan was booked on that night for JESTINA TAN’s Birthday Party! Haha! We celebrated Ho Wee’s birthday for week which was a BIG one. But for you, you just made it one night which we all here going to have a JUMBO one. 这样也几够力一下哦!

Normal day, you always the one that took out the digital camera and take all the pictures around of where you go and stop. And as always, before we have our foods into our mouth. We have to wait you take pictures of it then we can have bites of it. Haha! That’s just you, bringing Camera everywhere taking pictures everywhere and blog about it. Food-Hungry Kali ahh! =)

And that night, that’s the night that you don’t have to hold your camera taking pictures here and there. It’s your day that you got to enjoy it and leave the photo-taking work to ME. Let me here taking all the moments on that night from the beginning till the end of the night and now blog about it. I’m the earliest bird on that night huh! Pfft~ Tam Chia Gui!!! Scare all the foods finish huh! =P


Instead of you helping us taking photos all the time. That night, it’s just you appearing in every photo that took with everyone in every table, every junction, every corner, and every pathway. It’s just everywhere in Seri Kemenyan.

First of all, let’s take picture with mommy! Haha. Thanks to her also for making all these happened oh! Thank you auntie ah-kim! Not doing any sandwiches or chicken-soup tonight? =P

Still early, let’s take picture with the people who came on that night and got to thank them for making the night wonderful.

Taking picture with your auntie.

Taking pictures with your brother’s gang.

Linda and Razi

Hi Andrew… you’re always have the smiling looks! Cheeseee…

All Saints. Haha. Jes, still remember during our times when we bought smash hits, bigs and TV hits? Haha! That’s was like years years ago. See how much had we grow and now we celebrating your 21st! Let’s see when we’re celebrating our 80s. =)

Cut. Let’s have some rest and eat. The camera-man needs some foods to have energy to work ah! ;p but just before every one of us has a bite on the delicious foods. We have to wait till the pictures of the foods are taken. Haha. Biasa~ [Food-Hungry] how could we miss out the foods during your own day!

First, we got to have appetizers served. We all had kuih-muih that ordered outside. Woo! Look tasty huh! Want to know where to order these? Leave me a message, I can tell you where. Hmm~ Sound like I’m getting commission for promoting it. =)


Mongolian Prawns

Roasted Chicken With Bunga Rose! Haha. =)

Sweet Sour Fish

Broccoli With Mushrooms And … …

Fried Mee Wet

And I miss out the pictures of Fried Rice! Apalah… Too hungry already, tak boleh tahan liao! After the main course, they still serve us with …


Woah! What a nice meal we got here. The host prepared us Kuih-Muih and Big Fish Big Meat! [大鱼大肉] Nyam Nyam… Guurrruuu Guurruuu! The tummies of everyone start to growl already, that’s mean Green Light for eating. Arrgghhh!!!

Wee taking foods.

Piittt Pitt!! I need a time-out here. People having a long queue for taking those delicious foods prepared. If I’m still there taking photos, I would end up in just sight-seeing but couldn’t have a bite on it. Okay! Let’s continue the second half after recharging my Battery=Tummy! =)

20minutes later… Where’s the camera-man? Still there going for don’t know how many rounds already. 30minutes later… Still there munching and munching. Haha! It’s time to start photo-taking again.

Woottzzz! I’m full of energy. Kaccheeekkk Kaccheeekkk! 123, Say Cheeessee…

Let’s have a round in the restaurant taking pictures with all the guests that attended that night. Not Yam Seng all the way around in the restaurant from table to table. These are photo-taking from table to table. Save the Yam Seng for the upcoming years. Haha! Jes Jes~ [>.<]


Let’s start from here. Taking picture with Esther, who could it be? And Fox. Ehlah, it’s you lah, Yung Shin.

With Ming Hui.

Education also following you grows up. Most of us start our education from nursery levels to primary then to secondary to college and lastly to university. From each level, we do have new environments, new friends, new experiences and new memories. Let’s start from your childhood’s friends.

Hey Hey! It’s us! Back to the old days, we used to play skipping ropes together. Err! Yong, can you jump at that time? haha! We used to talk about Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and all those then writing each other’s autograph. And now we still here celebrate your 21st birthday with you. Time does fly oh! Then in the future time, it’s us celebrating each other’s wedding ceremony! Haha! Hmmph, why I’m here keep talking things that does consist of wedding one? Want to get marry liao Yong? Haha.

Say YAM… Opps! Wrong. Say Cheese! 123, Kaaccheeek. Taking photo with MD’s gang. Where am I? haha! New stories begin during your college’s time that we hear iPod, playing mobile phone, laptop, Nintendo DS, blogging, going out limteh and etc.

Okay, next table…

Here you are taking photo with UBD’s gang. And in here, new stories begin again that the trends still the same that there aren’t like playing skipping ropes during the break time. Instead of playing skipping ropes like before, now during the break time. You drive out of the school and have lunch with friends! haha! No matter from what levels, we all here do wish you have a great one there.

With your little brother’s gang. Happy Birthday Da Jie Jie! Haha…

With Siew Sien.

That’s the friendships you have there. In the future time, you need to upgrade your ship to cruise already as the number of friends will just increase and increase. Done with photo-taking with your friends, now let’s Yam Seng with your families and relatives! Hehe

First of all, let’s start with these!!!

Hahahaha! Eyor, sit in the wrong table already. It should be table that comes with red table cloth. =P Taking photo with Andy’s families.

And here below are your families and relatives. There are the one that see you from a small baby girl that now grown up into fine young cute looking lady! Ehsei, so sweet oh this ah-yong! >.<>

With your cousins, Jia Hui and Sin Cheah.

Wuu, I can feel that got one big transmission power of “杀气”! Haha. Hello Tua Ku! “You can have the seat in front instead.” Wahaha. My first experience when I met him. =)

Finally, round finishes all the tables. It’s time to go up the stage to take families’ photo already. Haha! Hi, waitress! Where is the champagne? Opps. Salah liao and keep on forgetting! Its where is the birthday cake? Time to sing a birthday’s song and make a wish!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Jestina! Happy Birthday to you

祝你生日快乐! 祝你生日快乐! 祝你生日快乐! 祝你生日快乐!

Yeah! That’s Jestina!!! -_-!! After posted so many pictures then now introduce the Birthday Girl. You’re the first that make the opening ceremony on the stage. Then we’ll like to invite your family to take photos on the stage, then relatives and then friends. Hmmph, Jes! Really got the feel lei. You know what I’m talking about lah! v[>_<]V from welcoming the guest and eating. After the eating part, then go around and take photos with everyone. And now the last part, going up cutting cake and taking group photos. Hmm! Haha~

First, let’s take have a photo with daddy! The most important and a noble man that walks with you all these time. Woo! Uncle-uncle, I can see your teeth oh! You must be very very happy oh~ Peace!!!

A happy family’s photo! After family’s photo, it’s relatives’ turn.

The candle lights still light up! Jes, faster liao. We’ll prepare you longer candles next time. Like those people use during black out! wahaha.

Woo! What a big families you have there. Haven’t plus the relatives in Limbang ah! Hehe. Jes, you going to need a ballroom in the future time when you’re having wedding celebration. Or a big Padang bola! That’s cool also. Wee will like it.

After taking photos with relatives, let’s have group photo with your friends!


And lastly, the last group! Haha. Toinggg. Just like celebrity ah you!

Errmm! Faster liao, the cake is going to melt in any time! Haha. Guess that’s a night for everyone! Feel like I’m still missing out someone. Hmmph! Who could it be ah? Any idea everyone? Ohh yeah! Where are you Mr.Andy? Yeah! Never mind about him. Let’s continue our party! Eee~ Jahat!!!

Done with everything, let’s start our operation surprising you! Still remember when you’re wondering what will happen on your own birthday party? Then I twitch my eyebrows and told you that you’ll know on that day! It’s going to be something BIG! You’re the one that always put effort in wishing the people around you during their birthdays! There are times that you may buy birthday’s card or do birthday’s card to them, or maybe asking them out for a small gathering with surprise birthday’s cake! You’ll leave messages to them wishing them having a great one on their own day. All the time, you bringing all these to the people around and you really tried hard. All you do is just giving out. What to do~ yours in on October, that’s why, have to wait for a long time. And today, here’s return for you! The time that you start to harvest! We all here also doing the same thing back to you.

Let’s see what we all prepare for you! Hmmph, still remember what we got for Ho Wee during his 21st Birthday? Could it be revenge time for you also?

Car that decorated with ribbons! Told ya, really got the feel ah! Even the car also got ribbons. Haha! What could it be under the hood?

Full of Old Women’s Bra that we can get $1.99/ piece? Hahaha! EEE…



Ahh~ Oh my god! Really a bonnet full of $1.99/ piece bra? Everyone is smiling. Haha! Something fishy under the bonnet! What could it be?

BOOM… boom… BOOM…


BOOM… boom… BOOM…

红色三角COOL! Hahh Hahh!!!

Yeah! We got you a sound system for your ALEX! Boom… Boom… Boom!

Just like car’s exhibition in Stadium! Everyone standing around seeing Alex. Haha! Let’s have sound system battle… Chee Hwa, let’s do the move! Haha… Our trademark dance!

And why everyone staring up above the sky? Boom… Boom… is not enough for you! We have to need Boom Pakk… Boom Pakk… Boom Pakk… Weii, sounds like the speaker pecah! Haha. Got warranty or not? =P

Yesshh!!! Its fireworks! Wah sai, just like in drama. Haha! Is Brunei legal to play firework? Yeah, it’s legal, we not only can play it during the Raya or Chinese New Year. Even people’s birthday we also can play! Haha. Ehsei Jes! After the fireworks, a gift that prepared by Andy! Wooshh. 好感动哦! That’s what we got for you. And your 21st can compete with Ho Wee! Haha. Both of your 21st just like celebrating Emperor and Empress’s Birthday! =)

Still remember during Wee’s party. I was forced to sing in front of everyone. And during Jes’s birthday, I sing also?


Sing one time, start to addict to it already! Haha~ and here’s what we hardly see from YONG!

Hahaha! I’m holding a microphone? Haha! Get high already. I’m having duet with Ho Wee. Haha! Wee~一场游戏一场梦! Tahun depan lagi we nyanyi. We got a year time to train our self. =)

In the end after having YONG WEE’s live concert. We went to You & Me having our celebration for the successful concert organized! Haha. For the first time, you broke your own record and got back home at 2am! You really had a night there… A big THANK YOU for everyone that attended which made the party ended with a nice memorable moments for Jestina that she’ll remember all these deep inside. =)

Lastly… Andy, how could I miss you out lei. I’m saving the best for the last ah!

Haha!!! Happy Birthday to you. Thanks for being a nice angel that brought warmth and happiness around us~

你是最,你知道吗? Haha! From one of the Shaolin Soccer’s scene.

Wishing you always stay that happy go lucky, 永远都青春活泼可爱!!!


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