Sunday, October 12, 2008

There Isn't Always An Always

I-Lotus Restaurant

Woo~ It’s another visit to I-Lotus Restaurant again. What could it be this time? A steamboat’s buffet again? Could it be happy-stop going to blog about the Sungkai Buffet during the fasting month in I-Lotus Restaurant? Pfft! Why it is buffet that comes first in the mind? There aren’t any choices other than Buffet? Yeah, instead of other choices we have many choices out there! If other people, it wouldn’t be the same case except me, Ah-Yong! It’s because the author enjoy eating Buffet. And mostly the posts posted in the Happy-Stop also blogs about Buffet in here and there. Lastly, the size of Yong that tells everyone the answer! Haha.

Is it really had to be buffet? Tettt. Not this time! Going to I-Lotus doesn’t have to eat Buffet, there are times that Yong does eat little and tries ale carte too. =P [that’s why there isn’t always an always] same things that can be apply into our daily life too. There are times when people around us either look down or lose confident in us towards what we’re doing. There are times that there are adults that said we’re either “lazy”, “naughty”, “playful”, and “useless” and there also times that they praised us “good”, “hardworking”, “mature” and etc. Once a hardworking kid that being praised by everyone, years later will he/she still the hardworking kid that still going to be praised by everyone. Once a playful or useless kid that being said or recognized by everyone, years coming or in the future time will he/she be the playful or useless kid they used to be?

No one can give us the answer except for the kid. It’s all control by us. Today we can’t make it doesn’t mean tomorrow we can’t make it. Today is he/she lose to you doesn’t mean tomorrow she/he will lose to you. Who knows by this time, it’s our turn that lose to them. Today is a good person that smiles to everyone doesn’t mean tomorrow that person still smiles to everyone. Today a zero [0] doesn’t mean tomorrow it’s still zero [0]. It’s still zero [0] if we don’t put an effort today. Tomorrow’s success is today’s hardworks. Things always change around us. We human had made changes in the era of times that we travel from the ancient times to the modern times that we invented cars, airplanes, ships, telephones, lights and etc that brought convenient to the world. It’s the same things that we also could make changes in ourselves too. As long as we willing to make and take steps to achieve it. Today I have it doesn’t mean that I’ll have it again tomorrow. It depends on us; did we take good care of it? Did we really appreciate it? Did we actually start to do it?

The ugly duckling that swam lonely in the river had turned into the beautiful swan that flies in the sky. Micheal Jordan once an ordinary kid that loves to play basketball and now had become the legend in basketball. Bill Gates whom didn’t finish till university level and now had become one of the richest men in the world. Happy-Stop that just started 3months back and started from [0] post and now it’s posting its [22] posts. Lot of changes can be made, just that we want or not! We’re the one that hold the key that starts the engine and drive it anywhere we want. No one could help us unless we help ourselves out. Let’s us together work hard that one day we also can be the beautiful swan that flies across the blue sky. =)

Errm, before we want strive hard to fly up high at the sky. I have to make my tummy full so that I got energy to spread out the wings and fly! Wahaha. =p Back to my ale carte in I-Lotus. I-Lotus had made good appearance from the compounds around the restaurant into the interior design inside that create a good ambience for everyone to dine in. Not only the design of the restaurant, they also make good effort in the foods that the foods look good from outside and taste good in inside. Two-thumbs up for I-Lotus. Okay, I just make my stop here and let the pictures taken explains every things.

[Pictures, the best language for everyone!]

First of all, let’s start with its surrounding!

A quick walkthrough the restaurant then found us a table to settle down. While waiting for the foods to be served. Let’s take some pictures. Let’s whose the passengers these time that appear in Happy-Stop!

First passenger to drop in… the 2nd earliest one! I’m the earliest. Haha~

Say hi hi to Shirley and George!

Then the 2nd runner-up would be…

Eng Lun & Alan.

And as always while waiting for the last one to arrive let the champion of the night take pictures with the 1st runner-up and the 2nd runner-up!

And finally the last one had come. Err! Who could it be? Do you all have anyone in your mind right now? Haha.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s we have a big welcome to…

Mr.Wee! Yao Siu, being late still gives a peace. Haha! No worries, today late doesn’t mean tomorrow also late. I got faith in you, gang! Haha~ Just joking lah. We all know you gang. When you made appointment or make a promise with someone, you always the one that turn out the earliest one. Am I right gang? Salute… =P

Isn’t Wee in UK now? How come still appear in here? He got back Brunei just to try I-Lotus with us? Or misses home too much? -_-!! Haha! This was on the 28th August 2008. Pfft! A month plus delay in posting it. Biasalah… Janji Brunei. =P

Okay! Wee, we’re done with our meal already. We’re too hungry and couldn’t wait for you! Let’s have a group photo before we got back.


Yeah! Let’s call it a night. Haha! Just joking again. How can we start without you! Now everyone had arrived. [Small Two (小二), please serves the dishes!]

First dish that served.

Beef cooked with ginger and CHANG... =P

Then we had.

Prawns that served in Coconut Shell! When you have a bite on it, we can taste the Q-ness of the prawn. Yummy~

Here’s the third dish served!

Curry Fish that serve in custom made wood’s bowl! I-Lotus Custom that customize the bowl using Coconut and Wood. Hehe.

First we had Beef [Meat], Prawn [Seafood], Fish [Meat]! Wah, all is meat type~ not scares of high blood pressure? Or high cholesterol? And last dish that serve to us. Could it be vegetable since the previous 3 was all meat type.

Yeah! Tofu with minced chicken also got [meat]! -_-!! Haha.

What a luxurious meal we all had here. We got beef, prawns, fish and tofu with chicken. There still more menus for us to order. Let’s make it the next time when we visit there. Heard that during the Sungkai Buffet, we get to eat the main courses dishes in buffet style which we can eat all we can. Woah! Imagine they cook lambs. Yeehaw, just think of it already make people so excited. Haha! See~ When it comes to buffet, Yong always get excited. That’s why ale carte rarely comes to happy-stop! =P

Before comes to an end of these post, let’s have a few pictures of me taken with Wee.

First!Wee: “Nah!!! See you still dare to say me late again!”

Yong: “Wee, not pain lerr!”

Wee: “Not pain? Okay! Let’s use two hands to pinch!”

Yong: “ v[^_^]v peace!” haha!

And lastly…

Haha! Do I look like an elephant with a trunk? =)

Once an ordinary guy and now learning turning into a big elephant!

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