Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Also Got Blog About KoKoKan Restaurant

After typing "Restoran Kokokan Ayam" in the search bar, it shows that there are number of people has talked and blogged about it.

Google Search
These make me want to blog about it too. I also want show my blog when people types "Restoran Kokokan Ayam" :)

Why "Restoran Kokokan Ayam" when we have Rejoice Chicken Rice and Thien-Thien Chicken Rice? That's what I thought at first. After reading reviews from people and CopyCat magazine interviewed the founder of the restaurant who is a 19year old teenager that I find him AMAZING & COOL to has his own business career at the age of his.

He started from a small stall in Sumbangsih Mulia selling his own Fried Keow Tiaw,

Tet Wee
To now a boss to himself and also the co-headchef in the restaurant.

After knowing the story of the restaurant, it has changed my thoughts! "Why not Restoran Kokokan Ayam"?

The interior of the restaurant is modern and contemporary which the surroundings are nice and relax to dine in, a place that you can dine in eating the foods with all the sweet time you have.

And the surroundings of the restaurant's wall are decorated with the histories pictures of Brunei that we can see Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien's pictures, the old water villages, the Bandar Seri Begawan and some historical moments of Brunei Darussalam. These is something that reminisces people about the past events of Brunei Darussalam.

Here comes the FOODS!
First of all, introducing you all the starting point food of Restoran Ayam Kokokan.

The KILANAS MEETIAW that originally come from Sumbangsih Mulia.

Sambal Fried Kailan with Beef rice

Seafood Kolomee

Fishball Soup

Where's the chicken rice? Visiting the Restoran Kokokan Ayam without ordering the chicken rice is like going

The chicken rice serves in the restaurant comes with quite number of choices which they have steam chicken, roasted chicken and also bbq chicken. And the chicken rice also comes with set meals too that every plate of chicken rice comes with one plate of vegetable and a can of soft drinks of our choice from the menu.

Laila roasted chicken

Stir Fried Kailan with oyster sauce which is the one of the vegetable menu for the set meal.

Restoran Kokokan Ayam, a new chicken rice restaurant in Brunei and also a different feel and different taste of chicken rice. Why not "Restoran Kokokan Ayam"?

And all these emotions are what me and my friends did during our visit to the restaurant! =D

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