Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's Exam Fever

It's EXAMINATION FEVER for those that are studying. Me as well that are having exam until the next week...

Everyone would like to score an "A" or Stars for their results or pass it with flying colors.

In order to do that,

One has to read a lot of books and notes. One has to understand and memorize all the important points from the notes. One has to do lots and lots of revision from day to night and night to day!!!

BUT too much of reading or hours of revision will lead to tiredness and sleepiness. So so much to read but too little time and limit energy to stay up late.

Time like these, a lot will choose COFFEE to be their new best friend. And I had mine which are

Nescafe Cappuccino & Nescafe Latte. Got it from parent of a friend of mine that just got back from their vacation in Australia. Both of them are nice and the smell of the coffee is fragrance.

Both of it are frothy coffee that made me think it is coffee tarik during the first time I made it.

The latte smells great that one cup of it is not enough.

The cappuccino pack comes with chocolate topping that makes the coffee extra taste and extra kick.

And the taste of the cappuccino is extra thick and also extra strong that also make you STRONG after drinking it.

One cup of hot coffee that warms the tummy up. One feeling that is great and refreshing especially during the cool and windy night for revisions. These made me come into a conclusion




A revision a cup of hot-coffee keeps you up all night long!!!

Best of all to the people that are having their exams!


Hisham aka Helel said...

atu pacah SKY! hahaha!

jingo said...

U made my day on the last photo. HAHAHA

Ah-Yong said...

@Hisham Helel, Yeah! kira kes malas lah tu membuat revision atu, iatah come out with this idea!!! Rock n Roll!!! :) Good luck for ya upcoming test man...

@Jingo, a comment from you made my day too!!! HAHAHAHA! Thank you!

The Royal`s said...

LOL! SKY~ really one of a kind =) bah agatah continue reading ur piling up n high up to the sky stacks of noteess n bookss~ happy revisioning hehe. Good luck!

Ah-Yong said...

@TheRoyal's, hey hey!!! yeah, the high high up notes. but before that chill dulo becos it is saturday nite.. MALAM MINGGU tu, jgn main main. hahaha! u 2 have fun on the weekend :)

shishi23 said...

long time didnt come here liaw...
wah~ change new look jor ah..

Ah-Yong said...

@shishi23 yeah, new looks! find it simple n more convenience for me to blog and for people to read and stay around! hehehe~ pin fan shi zhui mei de liao :)