Monday, June 21, 2010

School Trips Before Year1 Ended

School trips are always FUN as it are. Students get to gather together, traveling together, experience and enjoy together.

Recently before my holiday started, there are a few school field trips for us to visit.

It makes me feels like I'm back to my primary level.

That teachers lead the way and we follow the teacher's instructions. We have to be obedient and not to make much noise. Attendance are taken after the trip to make sure no one is missing.

First was to BARC, Brunei Agriculture Research Center where it is a place where a lot of researches are conducted to improves the productivity and qualities of the crops and animals. It is also a place where farmers may look for tips and assistance. All these are done to promote the agriculture sector in Brunei.

The purpose of us visiting the BARC is to learn hydroponic. A method of planting the crop with only use of water and manpower. One type of planting that is plant without using the soil. The seeds are first sow in the sponge and later put on the water in the dark room for the seed to germinate and ready to be transplant.

The reason why the seeds are placed in the dark air-conditioned room is to protect the fragile seeds from the hot sunlight that they may suffers from thermal shock. The first germinated stem and leaf are weak that they may not be able to stand the heat outside that may result in low rate of germination and productivity. It is placed inside the room for a week until it is readily to be transplant outside.

With the helps of fertilizers and chemical compounds in the water, it helps the plant to grow healthier that the hydroponic prevent much diseases infected the crop as there are no soil-borne diseases and air-borne diseases. It is also decreases the number of pests attack on the plants as there are no soil for the pests.

Other than visiting the hydroponic system, we also visit the greenhouse in BARC.

Where they use the greenhouse to plant tomato! Greenhouse is also a system of farming that help a lot in the management of the plant. It reduces the heat and protect the crop hit by direct sunlight. Other than that it is easily to manage the farm as there is no much manpower needed when there are no pest attacks on the crops and the rate of outbreak of diseases are also low.

The tomato planted under the greenhouse system.

The second field trip was to Luahan, the place that is specialized in livestock farming. During the visit, it was lead by the school's instructors and the officers from the livestock's department.

Luahan is a place where livestock farming is carried out that students manage to see the appropriate design to build the farm for animals. Methods of managing the animals also shown by the technicians and officers that taught the students the appropriate ways to manage the animals while milking, tagging, calving, application of medicine, feeding and etc.

In Luahan, they are specialized in the farming of cattle and goat.





School trips are fun as always.


And the most FUN part about school trip is leaving the books behind, no school works to be done & also no long hour of lecturing :)

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