Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Aunties Wonder WHY

Chinese movies & dramas always show these. And this also happens in real life that I always hear this from the aunties!

"Aiyohh, My son hears all the words from his wife!"
"Eeyerrr, My son hears all from his wife instead of his mother!"
"Hmmph, My son used to be so obedient but now he obeys more to his wife!"
"Sigh, My daughter-in-law's eyes speak more than I do!"

Television always show scene like these.

The wife asks her husband if she and mother-in-law fall into the river, which one will the husband safe first! and 100% from what I'd seen from the TV. All the husbands said these...

OF COURSE YOU LAH!!! If the husband answer wrongly, he'll be DOOM!

A lot of aunties can't do anything but whining it.

And I think I know WHY~

That's because when the boys are small, they feed on mum's breast feeding.

When they got married, they start to hear the words from their wife because they feed on their wife's breast feeding!!!

Sorry no picture for the adult's breast feeding due to 18sx
* Guys that are obedient to their wife are not that they are scare, it's respect to their wife :)

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