Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Been A While Didn't Picnic

Last year during time like this, I had a picnic at Pantai Seri Kenangan. It was the first time picnic at the Seri Kenangan beach with friends.

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It was one nice place to picnic because of the strong sea breeze that keep blowing. This just makes it easier to light up the fire to BBQ!

Other than easier in starting up the fire, the place is so windy and clean.

There aren't many branches can be seen and step on the surface of the sand or in the water. Therefore, we don't have to worry about getting hurt or pain while playing around. It is one very happening place during the Sunday and the holidays.

BUT it was wrong timing that we had picnic at that time. It was during the fasting month that we went all the way to Pantai Seri Kenangan for a picnic.

It is just so lonely. It was so quiet that there aren't many people, there aren't the vendors opening stalls selling foods, there aren't any happening at the beach. It was just us picnic-ing at there. Though we had the fun too but we missed all the usual stuffs there due to fasting month. Cannot eat + cannot drink + cannot smoke + cannot " see" = no feel to go beach!

This time, we went there a few day before the fasting start and it is completely a different picnic we all had comparing to last year.

Let's say last year was fun :)

This year is even more FUN and MERRIER :D

It was so merrier that you have to walk a distance away to answer a call.

That's because this year I get to eat ice-cream from Mr.Softy!

Nehh! That's because it is really happening this year.

A cute puppy joined us and her name is Cookie.

Other than eating Mr.Softy's ice cream this year,

I got buried.

It's their masterpiece.

It was not enough and always the same kind of pattern, let's try new stuff this time.

What could it be???

Rest In Peace

Other than enjoying the marinated foods barbecued, laughing out loud & playing around with everybody, being buried into the sand, seeing the people around having fun and the sport cars convoying into the beach. This is just one thing that is more more FUN!

It is so fun that you'll want to fly back again to Pantai Seri Kenangan whenever you think of it.

Riding on the ATV Buggy Bike!!!

It is the 250cc and 300cc ATV buggy bike for people to rent and ride. The price is $5 for every 10minutes ride. It is fast for a bike like this, nice to see nice to touch and nice to ride, the beach is so long in length that we're able to ride very far while enjoying the sea breeze and the beauty of the beach. It's kind of adventurous that we can do donuts wit it, we can ride with 2tyres sideways and etc. Just like those kick ass hardcore riding scene in action movie!

It was my FIRST TIME riding on bike like this and I drove it myself.

Let's see whats more FUN again during the next visit to Pantai Seri Kenangan.

Photos credited to Yee Nee using Canon PowerShot S90! The one on the left, Thank You!


AliVe said...

u n ur fren must hav a crazy trip !

Ah-Yong said...

@AliVe Yeah, it was one nice crazy trip. Not crazy enough yet! hehehe. It'd been sometime which we didnt go picnic... Picnic seems to be the only thing we do on the summer cos a lot come back for holiday only in the summer!

Saw your blog too :)