Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Day @ Pantai Seri Kenangan

Pantai Seri Kenangan, a well known beach that situated at Kampung Sengkarai, Tutong District. A beach that a lot people visit during the weekends or holidays for picnic, gatherings, hanging around the beaches enjoying the views & sea-breezes and etc.

Before the visit, I heard that at there got activities like jet skiing, riding on buggy or para-motor, playing kite, fishing. It is definitely one nice beach to have fun at but I never been there to experience all these before.

Click @ the "link" to see the happenings in Pantai Seri Kenangan.

By the time I had the chance to have picnic there, the beach is so QUIET! It is because it was the fasting month when we visited. [Puasa] Businesses & number of people visiting will resume as usual after the fasting month.

One of the unique of the beach is its natural beauty that the land is placed in between of sea waters from the South-China Sea & freshwater from the Tutong River.


From the entrance of the junction, at our left hand side is the freshwater.


Then at our left hand side, there is the seawater.

Had barbecue for the picnic.

"COCK" brand, an ideal brand for fire-starter.
How will my BBQ be if it wasn't you? ;p

It was the picnic that we all had with our friends that is going back to U.K for the opening of the new semester in study.

Let's have all the FUN before everyone is busy with works & assignments.

Beach is one place where JOY are found that we spend all the sweet time with our dearest families, relatives & friends. Places where we can celebrate all the good things!

Let's enjoy the joy moment we all had back then at there.

Albert & Mandy

Shin Yi's little brother & Boon Jing

Boon Jing's little brother with Shin Yi's little sisters

Shin Yi with her Ji Moi!

George & Shirley

Micheal who is doing his ritual before the sun-tanning.

Poof poof! Adrian who is working out! Looks hardcore huhh!!!

Well, it is actually not that intensive!

When there is joy, there is also sadness!

Some people go to the beach to release the tension after a rough day they had. Alone relaxing with the sea breeze blowing.

There also people who goes to the beach to let out their emotions which they kept inside.

Some goes to look for hope and some for inspiration.

And there also people goes there and seek for answers.

Beach is also where love story begins. A place that is big and not crowded, a place where people propose! [Kena rejected also don't have to scare no face] If the love had being accepted, it becomes one romantic place for dating that couples can enjoyed the sweet time walking hand in hand at the sands. When thing is not working out, it also a place where people to choose to end their relationship too. [Can straight away jump into the sea or bury alive the one do the ditching!]

Haiizz! LOVE IS BLIND! what to do!?!?

"Hey Brader!!! Relax lah bro!!! Today the sun sets, tomorrow the sun still rises!"

Beach is one MAGNIFICENT place, isn't it? :)

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