Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

What is our before and after? Before we used to crawl in our small bed and now, we walk and run through the shopping centre, school’s field or basketball court, we even can swim and jump. While crawling in our ages, we drank Dumex Milk and now we go out limteh drinking the famous Tea Tarek, Kopi O, Iced Blended Cappuccino or Pearl Milk Tea. We wore “Kiki Lala” when we’re small and now we want Nike, Adidas, Billabong, Quicksilver, Converse, LV and etc. Our parents sent us everywhere when we still kids that sit behind and asked our parents these and that. Now we have our driving license and it’s our parents’ turn to ask back us where we go or what time do we go back home.

Things had changed a lot as we grow bigger each day. Each year during our birthday, we grow one year bigger. Our mums or dads will cook mee suah with boiled eggs and drumstick. And then a small red packet for us, by the time they handed us all these. They said: “Study hard and hardworking ah!” “Grown up already, have to be obedient and must know how to think already ah!” =) But deep inside, they are happy to see us growing up and at the same time worry about us too. Haha!

One year by one year increase. The number of candles blown also got increase that we blew from one candle to dozens of candles. By the time, when we’re about to blow 21 candles or 2big candles and a small one; that’s the time that we usually do it BIG! In the 21st birthday, we Chinese usually make it a big celebration. We always heard that during the 21st birthday, parents will hand their kids a key necklace or made them a key shaped cake. That’s the practice in the Chinese culture. It’s like giving more freedom. The early 20s, the time that we must know how to take care of ourselves, the time that we’re eligible to go out and earn money for ourselves, the time that we’re about to bear more responsibilities, time that we’re about to handle more things and challenges.

Good luck there, don’t surrender to our self. The biggest challenge is challenging our self. “Gambateh”

This post is all about celebrating your 21st birthday, my friend! It’s like celebrating the KING’s birthday. An early preparation had made that we all start to celebrate a week before the actual date. First was celebrated in your house that we all had a small barbeque party. It’s was on the 14th July 2008.

Hello! Whose birthday there? Made till that BIG… Let’s welcome the main-star of this post!

Ho Wee’s 21st Birthday! You may be small sized, but you had a BIG one in your own day!

Let’s the journey begin from the beginning till the countdown.

Few tasks have to be done before the party starts!

1st: Have to unfrozen the foods.

2nd: Have to make the fire up.

Yessh! Job’s done! Siapakan tu in-charge in lighting the fire up?

It’s ME! Seems that I’m good in putting up fire oh! Be careful of me oh. Haha! Know what I mean? =P

3rd: When the fire is up, it’s the turn to barbeque the FOODS.

4th: Introduce some foods into the blog. Haha!

Here the chicken legs that was brought by George Lim. It’s from the unit beside the one that sells Nasi Lemak in Loh San Flat. The one in the corner specialize in Nasi Lemak, but these specialize in Noodles. Chicken legs are one of the famous dishes there and everyone give a good compliment about it. Let me tell you, I never try these! -_-!! I don’t know how to eat ah. And one more, it’s opened by George’s mum! Haha!

The snacks we had instead of Mr. Pringles during our childhood time. 10c/ 20c/ 30c/ 40c per small packets!

The Tiger’s Beers Pyramid. A small one! Haha. A reporter can’t miss out theirs camera. An author can’t miss out theirs pen and inspiration. A carpenter can’t miss out theirs working tools. For you my friend! You just can’t miss out ALCOHOL! Haha. Hey gang, Grown up already! Must know how to think already! Haha!

5th step and also the last one: Photo-taking. Kaacheeekk…

The J&J! Jances & Jestina.

A group photo of the beautiful ladies before they all got back home before the night turned 12am. Haha!

What about the guys? No group photo before they go back home? Yes, there were group photo. But not taken before 12, it’s after 12. The night is still young. Here’s what happened after 12. Awwuuu~ the rise of the drunken ghosts! =)

Guy’s time! Let me introduce you new faces posted in Happy-Stop! The big sized beside me is George Lim. He’s the one that brought chicken legs. And the one with blue cap is Eng Lun.

George with his muscling poses again. That’s Hong Zheng whom wears the black T-shirt. Alan Chan that wear the green T-shirt!

Him again!!! haha! George, don’t forget there is another one who is also BIG sized!

That’s Vince, also a BIG sized one, the leg of Fitness-Zone. “Kaki Fitness-Zone” and Kurap, the one with the black cap!

And finally…

Hooraay! Let’s called it a night! Eng Lun can’t get rid of the liquors off his hands. Guess that he’s the drunken ghost of that night. A not so drunk one! We all played arm-wrestling, drank alcohol except me and Zheng drinking soft drinks, teasing people and also took a lot of pictures too. haha! We all stayed till 4+ in the morning. For me, I went home and ready for the re-union’s gathering that I didn’t go for a sleep. For you, wee! U slept overtime and you’re late for the gathering. As always! -_-!! Haha! *George, I'm the man that night! wahaha!

5days after the opening ceremony, here we are going for another celebration of your birthday in Seri Kemenyan Restaurant. This time you celebrated with your families, relatives and friends. And this time, also the second time that you got really drunk and you know what happened when you got really really drunk! Haha~ hope there is not going to have the 3rd time harr! =)

Here’s the moments captured in Seri Kemenyan!

First, the foods! Then the drinks…

Liquor again. Told ya, just can’t miss out Alcohol! The most special drink we had that night. From outside, it looks nice! Inside, it tastes nice. From everyone compliment! And the smell, it also smells nice! Smell like green apple, instead of drink it. It also can be a cologne. Haha! Everything is nice with this bottle of liquor. =)

Such a nice drink, Jes and Shin wouldn’t want to miss out to take picture with it.

That includes me. Kampai!!!

Here’s some of the moments taken on that night.

Boon Jing standing and wondering who to take pictures with…

Just in a while, Poof! Pheeewittt… You attract that much. “Law of Attraction” -_-!!

The one with the long hair is Boon Boon.

Micheal Chan in front of Boon Jing, then the left one is Maggie Sim and the right is Sebastian.

Taking picture with the RBA’s Pilot, Wei Siang. Don’t drink and drive huh. =)

A group photo with the upcoming birthday boy! That’s Adrian with the yellow t-shirt.

Let’s see the pictures of the upcoming birthday boy. Wee! This is all you, from still okay to not okay.

Still awake, going around taking pictures and talking around with your guest. And drinking around also. Haha!

Engine is warming up… Peace v(^_^)v

Rising up to your optimum peak!

That’s when you had off your limit… and lastly…

Mayday mayday, I’m going down. I’m going down! Haha. [Over limit]

Thanks to you, wee! Me, Josh and Boon Jing became the “三个可怜人” The three of us were forced by YOU to sing a birthday song at the stage in front of everybody! Gossh! Sky singing?!?! Imagine that. EEE! But thanks to Josh, he had the loudest voice among the 3 of us. haha!

In return, we three got these. Err, so the “Rugi” its okay, singing a song just lasted few minutes, but this picture sure can last a long long time. =)

At the end of the night, you didn’t walk up your house’s staircase. You were carried up by Me, Josh, George and Eng Lun.

On the 20th July 2008, few days after your celebration in Seri Kemenyan. We had another celebration for your birthday again. This time is the countdown to your actual date. Here’s how countdown is with you.

As always, the first thing to do. And as always, it always related to FOODS! haha!

Instead of Liquor or Tiger, we had “Tipco” Guess that people do learn from their lessons huh! =P

Only Wee know what it mean! But still no comment.

Err. Is it barbeque again? haha! Sound like so “Sakai” ahh us. Had so many barbeque since you all got back from UK! Yeah, it’s hard to have one there. Mun paham bisai! =)

We even had “Timon”. When there is “Char Kueh”, it’s nice to eat with “Kopi O”. and when we have cucumber, we should have what?

BELACAN!!! Yummy!

We had fruit juice, timon and now grape. Compare to previous barbeque, all we had is meat, meat, meat and meat! Haha! A healthy night huh, w/o alcohol some more!

Still waiting for the foods to be served. Guuruu guurruuu… Empty stomach!

Nehhh, we didn’t have barbeque for that night.

We had


We had a slow and steady night. We had steamboat, have to wait for the foods to be cooked. While waiting, we chit-chatting and also waiting wee to open his gifts every 45minutes.

You received~

MUFC’s football jersey.

A piggy bank, asking you have to save $$$ for the future. Probably to buy us a nice meal! =P

You know this mean what already ah! Haha.

Watch, you also got to know what it mean ah. Haha! Don’t be late again! =P joking man!

You received numbers of gift that night. Of the entire gift, this is a special one.

[Old man underwear] Haha!

Let’s take a closer look at the underwear… Wooo!

Haha! You do have very good friends huh! Thanks to us horrr.

After a long night of eating, chit-chatting, opening the gifts, it’s about time to 12am. Time to wish you a “Happy Birthday”

A birthday cake for you!

Even at the cake, we also had our name at it. “KIASU” huh! Haha =)

Here we go, one by one queue-ing to take a picture with the BIRTHDAY BOY.

You like to do these since we’re small! Why not the other way around. haha!

Hey hey Wee! Does this make you think back of the past? The three of us!

When there is beginning, it’ll have an end. Finally, celebrating your birthday also come into an end. But we all do have nice, happy and fun times from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony of your birthday. And we all here do wish you had a great one too! Let’s close the ceremony with a nice group photo we had that night.

Let’s have a BIG one again when we all are in our 80! Haha!!!

Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for being a nice friend around us!

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