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Reunion Party With Chms Pri.6 Year 1999

Year 1999, mostly of us was either 11 or 12 years old. At that time, we’re still in our elementary levels that most of us are simple minded and naïve. We carried those heavy bags to school. We wrote autographs that had lots of poems and biodata about our most favorite foods, drinks, best boy’s and girl’s friends, special friends and even enemy too! Haha. We do stickers and stamps collection. We gave nicknames to our friends and also to the teachers we don’t like. We also like to make fun and tease our teachers. For the girls, they liked to play “Barbie Dolls” and for the guys, we played “Power Rangers”, “Gameboys”, “Skopong”, “Pen Fighting” and etc. We liked Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. Haha!

During our break time we rushed to the school canteen squeezing each other to buy the kolomee, fishballs or the famous chicken drumstick. We also bought the 10 or 20c homemade ice-cream. We played “Guli”, “Police and Thieves”, “Pepsi-Cola 123”, “Cara and Cara Kaki”, “Ice and Water”, “Ballons”, “Skipping Ropes” and also the famous guy’s game in CHMS which is The Dodgeball a.k.a “躲劈球 Tuo Pi Qiu” in the school compounds. When break time over, there were some of us that tried to smuggle foods and drinks over those school’s prefects we hate so much before. Now think back, they are just doing their responsibilities ordered by the discipline masters or teachers. While waiting for our cars after school. We bought snacks and homemade drinks from the wagon car that parked beside the school’s big gates. Some bought mister softy’s ice cream.

After our school time in the morning, we had to attend tuition in the afternoon. We don’t go to Gadong like what we do now. We don’t have going out limteh or outing like what we have now. The only thing that can get everyone of us gather in one place is attending someone birthday’s party. Haha! At that time we still need our parents to send and pick us there! Haha! Thinking back at the time spent during childhood. We do laugh at ourselves and also feel a bit “malu”. Thinking of how childish and funny we are. But every one of us does had a nice and sweet childhood’s times.

And now, its year 2008 and we’re either 20 or 21. We now do have our own driving license that we don’t ask our parents to send where we want to go. We now do can limteh anytime we want and some of us had make days into nights and nights into days. Last time, we do hope our friends always have birthday’s party that we can have fun playing at friend’s house. Now, we don’t wait for friend’s birthday to get a chance to gather. We do create ourselves chances to go out gathering with friends.

Here we are, planning a CHMS Primary Six, Year 1999 reunion gathering. The first step taken by me and my friends in creating a stage that let everyone of us could get along together at the same time and in the same place. It’s out first time. That we all got out together to discuss on what to do before and on the actual day. We shopped together and shared money to buy things for the picnic, works also divided among us that some of us took the part in marinade the chicken wings, some of us prepare the water container for the orange syrup, sending messages through FaceBook/ Blogs, planning what games to play on that day, booking the place on that day, collecting payment, tidying the places, helping each other out and everything. Little by little that does the work.

Thanks to you all, you all made all these happened. With the strength of one people, how much can he/ she do? Let’s see what we bought to ourselves on that day.

Here are the people that first planted the seeds.

Left to Right: [Above] Boon Jing, Poh Hui, Shin Yi, Jestina, Jances, Andy

[Bottom] Wee, Yong (That’s ME), Josh

It’s 15th July 2008, a public holiday and also Brunei’s Sultan Birthday. We all had a small bbq at Wee’s place the night before. I’ll blog about these for the upcoming post. [Celebrate Wee’s birthday just like celebrating someone “Tuah Liap” birthday, a week before start makan till the actual day!]

The thing that everyone plan to do on that day.

Go book a nice location for the Picnic and also see the sunrise together in the morning. How romantic ahh! That’s 5:30am in the morning that the gate at Berakas Forest Reserve still closed.

Guess who managed to make it at that time?

Err. Turned out that only Me and Jances were the one that manage to wake up. As for the rest that some sleep late and a few got drunk after the Bbq at Wee’s place couldn’t wake up and missed the Beautiful Sky =)

[The old always said: “The early birds always get the foods”]

Woo!!! That’s beautiful!

I wouldn’t want to miss chance like these. I didn’t have my sleep for a night just to catch moment like these. Haha!

Around 6+ that the sky starts to turn bright.

It’s worth everything. I heard that watching sunrise at the top of the hill/ mountain also a catchy moment. Imagine wake up in 4+am and climb the mountain with torch light. Wuuuu~ Wuu~ adventuring oh, but not now! It’s the month of 7 in lunar calendar. To everyone out there, make sure you drive safely and don’t drive when you’re tired.

Good morning to Sky and Jances! We’re the first to reach there!

Okay, done with photo taking with the SKY! Here are the foods prepared on that day.

We had Fried Mee and Fried Mee Hon from Kantin66 again! Thanks Shin and Jes that drove all the way from BSB down to Kilanas then back up to Berakas Forest Reserve.

That’s sandwiches prepared by Jestina’s mum. Thanks Jes and Ah-Kim! Muahaha! =P

Chicken Wings marinade by Shin and Jestina.

Pfft~ I don’t want to lose too! Chicken wings choose by Ah-Yong! Haha.

Chicken Satay by Jestina’s mum also.

The souvenirs prepared for everyone.

The burning charcoals those look artistic to me.

We had many foods on that day. We ourselves bought chicken wings, hotdogs, crabsticks, fish balls, prawn balls, crab balls, sotong balls and burger meats. We even got free foods and drinks from our neighbors whom one of them was my “同胞” and the other was “Philips” staffs. But they got places from us. Barter trade, huhh? =)

With all the foods introduced and prepared. The fire was up too! There is still something that we all miss. It’s the CHEF. Who could it be? Err…

Hey hey! It’s me. Introducing the new faces in Happy-Stop. The one on the left is Marvin Ang and on the right is Dixon Liew.

I’m just like celebrity chef! Haha. Malaysia has “Chef Wan”. In Brunei, we all have “Chef Yong”.

The one at the left corner is Joseph Hong.

Tetttt!!! It’s time for substitution. I need a break here. Seems that I’m hunger for the FOODS more! Hehe.

Ahh!!! Open mouth. =O

Huhuhu! What’s Boon Jing doing there? Haha!

It’s Calvin and Pei Ru, [My cousin]

“Show Hand” follow or not?
Yi Hui and Tsu Tak playing Big2, and that’s Jenny behind Tsu Tak giving him a massage. Woah! So the relaxing huhh.

We all talked while enjoying the foods. We update each other with what we’re doing now and also asking what about the others doing. We laughed out loud as we talked about our stories that happened back in the old times in CHMS. Sharing how funny and cute we all were. We also talked about the future that who’ll be the first there that get marry first. Earlier preparations for family planning huhh. Hehe!

Boon Jing looks so cool in this picture. Looks like one of the scene in drama. Haha!

From morning to afternoon as we all enjoy eating and chit-chatting together at above. It’s time that we set our feet on those beautiful and sandy beach.

CHMS Year 1999… Today is the day that history remembers us… Hahh Ruu!!! Haha.

That’s us marching to the road of glory. Left Right Left Right. =)

The 9! What happen to the other 291?

We had 2games to be play on that day which were “Balloon Racing” and “三人二组

Pittt~ it’s game time!

What’s balloon racing? Is it about who blow the biggest balloon in the shortest time? Nyeh… it’s not that easy as blowing balloon and then POPPP! Haha.

What’s everyone waiting and looking at?

Balloon racing is all about running with the balloon. Hehe! There were balloon that burst while running. There were some that their balloon got off, and ended chasing the balloon whole way long.


It’s a game that involves big teamwork and a fun one too!

Pei Ru’s team looks so relax oh! Peace!!!

On your mark… Get set…

Go go go! Go Broadband! -_-!!

The fastest team.

Jayden supporting the team. “加油

Guuruuu guurruu! Everyone tummies got hungrier after the running. Here we marched all way up to above and re-burn the charcoals for Bbq. Everyone were up for the second rounds of eating and continue with stories telling and gossiping. Haha! Left right left right right right left… haha! apakan~

Thanks to Jet Teo of inviting me and had the opportunities to see how you guys planned out all those things. I did learn something from you all. =)

Everyone still remember these? One of the things we liked to play when we’re kids. The 10c balloon that school’s canteen sell.

We blow and then…

Poppp! Haha! =)

Time flies. It’s soon coming to the end of the day. Well! It’s a nice moments that we all started from a number of people having the idea of having all these. We go from discussing together through the internet to making all these happened. A big helps and welcomes provided from everyone. Thank you to you all that you all made all these happened. You guys made everything fun, happy and memorable. With these, we all already make the seeds we grew at the beginning of the day grew into roots that slowly will grow into trees. People out there do know us. We did make all these happened. The more people that know, the more people that will want to join us for the upcoming years. Years to come, it may be a BIG event for the CHMS Primary Six Year 1999 that every year around these date. There will be a gathering for us to meet up again and have fun! Anyone out there that wants to be a part of us that work together to make our seeds grow healthier into tree. You’re most welcome that you can find me through FaceBook or MSN. Let’s us together work hard in making all these success!

Let’s cheer together once more. It’s a nice time for everyone us. We brought happy to everyone which laughter and smiles are what we see from the pictures!

Huurraaayyy! Yesh!

What are your feelings after reading this post? Do the pictures of you and your childhood friends show up in your minds? One by one show up just like slide shows showing you what memorable and funny moments you had before. Does all these slides shows bring back all the feelings? What are your childhood memories?

Paste glue at teacher’s chair? Tease your classmates with the toy cockroaches? Haha. These all written above were all my childhood memories. Why not spend some times of yours, share with us your memories in the Cbox or in the Comment. Let’s bring smile to everybody out there! =)

Let me share one of the poems written by everyone of us in our friend’s autograph!

The king sails in the golden ship,

The queen sails in the silver ship,

We sail in different ship,

And we call it FRIENDSHIP!

Here’s the precious moment of the day in 15th July 2008.

Take Care everyone. We'll see again next year!

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