Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barbeque and Steamboat’s Fever.

The month of July in Brunei, it’s the month that everyone is busy about his majesty’s birthday. That’s when everybody starts to hang up the flag of Brunei at their house. Banner being sold to all the shops. Color neon lights are decorated along the roads and decorated around the street lights. Students start to practice dancing for the event. It’s also the month that we have pasar malam that known as “Perayaan” that we had restaurants there, people selling their products, the fruits named Mata-Kucing also usually found in the “Perayaan” Stage also build up for the performances by the students of the schools throughout Brunei-Muara District. That’s what the Bruneians busy about during the month of July.

For us, we had other events to busy about other than joining the “Perayaan” held in BSB. We had quite number times of BBQ and Steamboat in the same months. First we had BBQ for Wee’s upcoming birthday and the CHMS Pri.6 Reunion Gathering. Then we had steamboat for Wee’s birthday countdown. When we are having BBQ or Steamboat’s function, it’s usually celebrating functions like celebrating somebody’s birthday, or celebrating the Christmas or the New Year Eve. For us again, having BBQ and steamboat is like normal already that when we think of having it, we’ll make it happen. Haha! =)

The things that we think are too much that we think of going where, doing these and that, having these and that, want to be these and that. But all these that we think, do we actually do all of it? Do all these things appear in front of us when we just think of it; it’s won’t appear in front of us but inside our mind. A simple math calculated here, when we don’t do we’re equal to 0% but when we do we still have at least 50%-50%. Even though it’s like building up a high storey apartments. It seems hard and long journey to complete it. We can just take baby steps to complete it. Just like the construction workers, days by days they put up the bricks from the ground floor to the top floor till the day they’d built the nice beautiful apartments. Some still wondering whether they can make it or not. It’s not we can or not that matters, it’s we want to do or don’t that matters. To everyone out there, we all can make it!

“Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama pun jadi bukit”

Building up apartments also can be done, why not having many times of BBQ and Steamboat in the same month! Haha. Here’s what when we said “YES” and actually did put up the bricks. On the 24th July 2008, we’re having a small BBQ in Wee’s house again. [Wee, your house seems to be like a BBQ spot ah.] haha! Just couples of friends invited to join, eat and enjoying the night. First to introduce, it’s the foods! We Chinese always said that “eating is a happiness” Here I’m, sharing and bringing the happiness to you all! =)

Foods still looks alike like what we had before in the first two BBQ. Except for this time, the camera-lady is not the same as before. The previous one, I got help from the author of Food-Hungry and this time. It’s Miss Chan Evon that took all the pictures using the Close-Up Mode and applied her skill in photo taking <- Designer kali ah! Haha…

Here’s the Happiness of Chinese, FOODS!

We had small and cute sausages.

Still remember in the previous post, we had the Tiger Beer’s Pyramid.

Wee’s car number! Hmm, why not a try for the next 4D! Haha. Miracle does happen around us. But too much people buy, will sink boat oh! Wahaha. And now we had…

The Hotdog’s Pyramid. Haha!

Here’s the photo of the Balls. Haha! Don’t think elsewhere ah. There was once in JPMC that I was donating blood, the doctor asked me to play with the BALL. Gossh! Hey, don’t think elsewhere too. Picture of seafood’s’ balls that got “Feel” to me. Just don’t know how to describe the “Feel”

The picture of Burning Charcoal again. The fire that lighted by me. Hmm, definitely some one that likes to put on FIRE. Oppss~

Say Hello to my favourite Foods in BBQ, chicken wings.

Peace to the CHEF. It’s me being the BBQ chef again. The old ones or the Chinese drama always said these “入的厨房出的客厅都是个好老婆” “lady that can work from kitchen to living rooms always a good wife” What about me? Teehehehe. Kanasai!

The close-up pictures of drinks taken by Evon.

From non alcoholic to alcoholic.

The Tiger! Brunei's Sang Harimau.

The Absolut which put beside the boulder. Want to play some artistic at it. Hehe!

The close up butt of mine.

That’s Ying Ying and Jordan Law.

Here it is the camera-lady of the night. Chan Evon!

Hmm, what am I doing ah? I’m taking a pack of Marlboro’s brand cigarette. Seem like I’m advertising it. Does Marlboro pay me for what I’m doing? Or I’m going to take out a stick from it and show you all that I’m smoking. Oww! That’s really one BIG issue oh. Ah-Yong smoking? Naughty liao ah! Hehe =)

That’s the Marlboro Cigarette bought from China. Just like the one that sells in Brunei. But the cost is 60 times expensive than what sells in Brunei. Woah! What’s the difference? Hmm. Here it’s the efficiency of China’s Power. China nowadays has grown into one of the world power in every field from politics to business. And there were the host of Olympic in 2008. Now we use cars that made in China, we have appliances made in China, even the sports shoes also made in China; raw materials also can get from China. Even human we also import from China. Wahaha! [^_^] See how efficient China is, imagine years coming. China had planted the seeds since decades back and now the seeds have started to grow from seeds to trees. One day they’ll harvest all the fruits. Here’s the flower and leaves we can see now…

See’ Cigarette shaped mobile phone. Wah Sei!!!

中国万岁” =)

That’s all about the BBQ night. 3days later,we’re thinking of having Steamboat. Here’s what when we said “YES” again on 28th July 2008. =)

BerryWan Hotpot, another eat all you can steamboat’s buffet. When you want to have steamboat but there isn’t time for you to prepare the ingredients and all those. Think of BerryWan Hotpot. When you think where to have a nice and fresh steamboat meal, think of BerryWan Hotpot. When you think where to eat steamboat where you don’t sweat that much, think of BerryWan Hotpot. Where to find the steamboat pot that fix inside the table, it’s in BerryWan Hotpot. And when u want to find smiling face, where to find? It’s not in BerryWan Hotpot. It’s in Happy-Stop! Haha. V[^_^]v

And again, eating is one type of happiness. Happiness is the thing we all been pursue all these time. See what’s around us, we have these and that. And I’m happy that I enjoyed all these moments and the foods with you guys with a $10.00. Wakaka. There is always give and take around us. I give out $10.00, but in return. I earned all these. Let’s see what we all have when we give out. =)

The ingredients that are nicely presented.

Wantan, one of my favorite. Yummy! All these do look very nice. Let’s see how when’s its cooked.

Taadaaa~ That is Steamboat, putting everything inside one pot. Toingg! -_-!! Who doesn’t know that, sky!

Wee is enjoying it. Hey! Don’t be that greedy. Having the big pot all by yourself. Haha!

Hmmph, sure this is BerryWan Hotpot? For those that had been there before, it look different from what you all had before. The hotpot isn’t fixed in the table, even the surrounding is not the same. Hmmph!

It’s because…

We’re at the first floor room of the BerryWan. Haha! =P

That’s George and her GF enjoying the night views and the neon lights around. People were busy eating, and you’re busy romantic ah. Hey Yong, you’re also the same. People were busy eating, and you’re there kepo-ing taking pictures of people romantic. Haha!

That’s the lovely one. George and Shirley.

Another lovely one also. George and Wee! Wahaha. =D

George: “Yeah! I’m the MAN!” hahaha.

Wee and Evon Chan.

That’s Xiao Mei. Anyone that watched the Sultan Cup sure does know her. But when you don’t! It’s okay. Let’s happy-stop introduce you. She’s the champion in the woman categories. Yeah, Ismakom!

Yeah! That’s Girl Power + Man Power! Arrrghh…

Seems like we’re having vacation huh! Posting here and there. Haha! Look like there aren’t some others watching us when we all did all these. Yeah indeed, there aren’t people around. We had the whole room that we eat, play around and talk loudly, hmmph. Even there are people around. We still have the loudest voice and the noisiest one also. Biasa liao~

And here…

The group photo of the tourists that visited BerryWan. From the size of XL to L to M then S. haha! =)

Want to see Superman? Here’s Superman in disguise as Ah-Yong.

Hahaha! I left my “Si Merah” at home. The red underwear, have to wash right. Can’t wear throughout the whole week without washing it. Wahaha. EEE~

Superman has a letter [S] at its shirt. Me, I have [Y] for myself.

Yeah Yong Yeah!!! =)

Yeah, Yong-Man had done with saving up the foods into my tummy. It’s time for Yong-man to go home and have his rest. And ready for justice for tomorrow. Where to eat lagi ahh? Haha. Let’s see where the next stop is for Yong-Man, see what story he had in his next stop. When there are places that need him, he’s always there enjoying eating. -_-!!

Have you start putting up your bricks?


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