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Moments Eating LokLok And Thai's Foods.

Happy-Stop had stopped quite a number of stops to try foods and enjoying the moments in every stop. We all had made our stop in trying local cuisines and also foreign cuisines that we tried western cuisines and also Asians cuisines like Japanese foods, Korean foods, and etc.

What about South East Asian’s cuisine? What about the neighboring countries of yours?

Dekat-dekat punya belum cuba habis sudah mahu cuba jauh-jauh punya. Haven’t learn how to walk already want to learn how to run and jump. Have to be careful otherwise we’ll fall. The same things that go into our life. That’s always step by step taken in completing each task just like climbing up staircase. From 1st step to 2nd step then 3rd to 4th and 5th and so on so on. Just like when we want to go out, we’ll get ourselves ready first. Then we choose which bag/ accessories to use, which shoes/ watch to wear. But most of all before we go out, we have to check our wallet to see whether there is enough cash or not! Wahaha! Then we start the car’s engine and wait for the engine to warm up. After all these, we make our move to the place we want to go.

As long as we take the proper steps, things seem to be easier to be complete. Can we skip the step of get ourselves ready before we go out? Sure we can, but we wouldn’t look that neat. Can we skip the step of waiting the engine to be warm up? Yes we can, but the car’s engine would not last that long. Just the horse that want to rest and we still keep forcing it to run and run. In the end, it’ll get exhausted. Or maybe pening! Haha. That’s why I like to say “Good things always come with great patience” =)

Err -_-!! Hey! Yong~ what does all these steps taken with eating foods that are far out from our country and eating foods that are close to our country? Macam tak mengena pun. Hehe! Okay, I’m back with the topic. So have I try my neighboring countries foods? Yes I do. I got myself prepared before I type this post. The first step taken, I went to try some neighboring countries’ foods that can be found in Brunei. Then I took pictures, saved it into my laptop and lastly here writing a post about it.

Here below is when I tried Penang LokLok at Thye foodcourt.

This is nice that they offer customers with many choices in the menus. We can LokLok from vegetables to meat then to frozen foods. What about the price?

A DIY Sotong price tag! With just a dollar, we can get to eat LokLok already. Tell ya something. Don’t let anyone know that I’m telling you these. -_-!! The DIY Sotong price tag is just for a display that attracts people. There are menus that come with $2 per stick also. But mostly come with $1 per stick lah. =)

The fun of eating LokLok is that we dip the foods into the sauce that prepare. In Brunei, we’re lucky that we’ve been provided with great services that we don’t have to clean up the table while eating in fast-food restaurants. And eating LokLok we just choose the menus, and then the workers will prepare everything with the sauce and send just right in front of us.

And here below is the sauce that prepare by the Penang LokLok.

Satay Sauce

Chicken Rice Blended Chili Sauce

Blended Chili Padi Sauce. Hmm, what about curry sauce, cacah sambal or cacah belacan? I’m sure it’ll be more SIOK when we dip the foods into it.

Even eating also has the step by step taken. First: We browse through all the stall and picking which foods to order.

Wah Sai!!! I do look like walking through the night market at big countries huh… They decorate the place with color-bulbs. Haha!

Then second: Preparing the foods for us! And that’s how they LokLok are cook.

Deep-Fried’s Style. When we want to try more healthy type, they also have boiling style that it’s oil-free. Haha.

Third: The foods are ready to be served. And what’s the step after these?

Fourth: Dip the foods with the sauce and eat… Haha. What’s the following step? Paying up the bill? Haha! But before paying up the bill…

YEAH!!! Let’s give a thumb-ups for the LokLok tried. Even though it’s wasn’t that SIOK like what we saw in HK Drama but still at least we do have a bit feel of it. [Better than none] Hehe.

I’m here done with one of the cuisine in Malaysia. From Malaysia, we can drive whole the way up to Thailand! Same thing posted here; first I’ve made my stop trying Malaysia’s cuisine. Let’s move up to Thailand!

SaaWaaDeeKapp!!! Not [Sa Wa De Ka] = 三碗猪脚!

KTM Restaurant! Harrr, KTM isn’t the one that supply Mee & Keow Tiaw? They have restaurant also? Eating Mee & Keow Tiaw are the signboard’s dishes? Haha! This KTM restaurant that found along Jalan Jerudong serves Thailand’s delicacies. =P

Do they serve snake’s meat, crocodile’s meat, bear’s meat or monkey’s brain? Haha! No way in Brunei lah… In KTM, it’s a nice place to have lunch or dinner there have a small beautiful fountain to take pictures with. The workers there are friendly too that they keep smiling or laughing at us. Haha! Remember what the waitress laugh at jes? =P As for the menus, we can order by set meals which come with soup, vegetables and 2other main dishes for us to decide which one we want.

The small beautiful fountain. Can’t stop myself to take picture of it! =) there are more below.

At night they do have varieties of fresh sea-foods to order either in sambal type, steamed type. Just any type of cooking of style, we name it and they prepare it! =)

That’s the stall that offers fresh sea-foods.

And we choose these from the stall. SOTONG!!!

Every time when I visit KTM, I never miss ordering their Tofu Longan Drink.

Woo!!! ¾ of the cup is full with Longan and Tofu. And it cost $1.50!!! It’s worth to try. While drinking, we can have a bite on the longan and tofu oh. Slurp…

After ordering the drinks, let’s move up to the set meals menu. Let’s “KING KAO”! When come to eating Thai’s foods. Spicy taste is one of the flavors that we mustn’t miss. When comes to soup, we must have …

TomYam Soup

As for the vegetable, we must try the …

Sambal Kangkung

For the fish, it’s always the famous one.

Mango Fish! The top3 dishes already cook with spicy taste. FOO! Eating all these plus drinking its longan tofu drink. It’ll be perfect match already! Imagine the hot spicy foods that enter, then drinking the cool tasty drink! Woah… haha =)

The chicken meat that cooks with Sos Tiram. Haha! That’s the 4dishes we can get from ordering its set meals and it cost about $19.90 if I’m not mistake. =)

Hmmph, what happen to the SOTONG that we order at first? What type of style we asked the cook to prepare in? We order fried calamari mah? No No, still remember when it comes to Thai’s delicacy. We must try it HOT!!! So we had…

Sambal Sotong! And the end of the night, we all smells SAMBAL… haha!

Finally done with the foods, let’s have a look around the restaurant.

Having steamboat just beside of the blue SKY! Haha. We don’t have to sit airplane to do it! Now we can do it in KTM restaurant. =P

Still remember the beautiful fountain and the waitress that I mention above which keep smiling and laugh? Hehe. I did say that I can’t stop myself to take picture of it. Now I can’t stop myself to take pictures with it. haha! These explain everything.

First, I passed Jes the digicam. And then, I walked near to the fountain…


Was ready for the pose!

Smile… Kacchheeekk… Foo! Push myself a little further more.

Wahahaha! Ji Gou Li Yi Xia!!! Like making music video! Haha. Jiwang eii~ That’s why the waitress can’t help herself and laugh. Haha! Sky = SAKAI!!! =)

Ahhhh!!! After knowing the waitress were watching. Faster faster go back to the seat and sit. Acting like nothing happen! Malu lah. And I’m here after letting you all know what I’m doing. I got to go also. Got to hide myself up, so when you all laugh at me. I wouldn’t know! -_-!!

KHAP KHUN KHAP!!! Thanks for visiting.

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