Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Fight, We Grow!

Before going any further, let's thank this chap here right below!

Mr. Joshua Goh KIM TIAO!!! Thank him for the pictures taken from his blog,

It's early December now and 2009 is coming to its end. Before it came to an end, Brunei Darussalam managed to held two big and remarkable exhibition events. This showed that we're moving toward each year.

First we had the BRIDEX 2009. It is the premier defence and security event in South East Asia that brings together the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of defence & security equipment and systems. It also exhibits the latest and innovative technology in land, sea and air.

Basically it is an exhibition about the military's things!

Then recently we had the Agriculture & AgriFood Expo '09.

And it is basically about Farming. It is an exhibition about the development of agriculture sector in Brunei and its aim in the year coming towards the self-sufficiency in foods production.

Both expo did exhibit the machinery & equipments used in each fields. Let us here see the difference in between these two.

BRIDEX 2009 got super ass-kicking tank that can blow up things into pieces.

Agriculture got tractor that is multifunctional which can be used to transport people, ploughing the land, clearing the land and etc.

All the machinery and equipments of the military are deadly because it can kills. Like movie always said, bullet does not has eyes. So be careful with it.

Transplanter that is use to plant the padi seeds.

Combine-Harvester that harvest the padi and at the same time it removes the grain from the stalk. It is useful which can save man-power and time for the processing.

Guns, Bombs, Rockets and etc are the equipments carry by the soldier. Military is all about security defence in the country that is why they need ass-kicking machine and equipment. If not, how to defence? We don't have tunnel to hide and area is not big for us to run! Later kena bomb pun tak tahu apa hal.

As for the agriculture, what do they use for their equipment?

Tongkat, hoe, shovel, rake and etc. Things are far more gentle compare to the tank. But hoe can buries people alive too!

Why would we want aggressive or deadly things. We don't fight, we just grow!

We're just farmers!!! You fight for us and we grow for you! :)

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