Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just A Short Update On Myself

It has been a while that I didn't post updates or pictures about the plants that I planted at school. It is school holiday now that after 6months of hard works, let's have a good rest and let's not think about school!!!

Instead of going to school frequently to check on the plants, I go to chill out with friends everyday at kedai kopi, restaurants, cafe and etc. We hockien calls these activity as "LimTeh", drinking tea. A day I can at least drink 3 cups of it with different people and enjoying it with chit-chatting with them.

One day I had received the message of mother nature that my teacher messaged us to go back school for a briefing. I did went back and check on my plants. Not only all the plants are growing, the weeds are growing. LOTS of weeds! hehe.

Here is a little update on the plants.

[LadyFinger] Week 1, The first germination from the seeds planted.

Week 5, Isn't it mother nature that miracle! From a seed that grows into these.

After I don't know how many weeks it is...

The plants grow flower on it. Woo!!! LadyFingers have flower too!

[Spinach] Week 1, everything is so tiny and look fragile.

After I don't know how many weeks later...

Poof!!! Spinach does really make you grow STRONG and BIG just like Popeye.

Other than going out hanging out with friends. I also joined a basketball tournament with friends that I used to play with before. It had been very long time since I last played basketball.

The name of the team, TTCO ent.

It also had been a long long time since I had basketball jersey hanging in my cabinet. Let's see how is the result so far for the team.

First game lost to EasyWay Kiulap and I scored 2points only. Second game lost to Pyrogen and I didn't score. Third game still lost again to Seri Bangar Tembuburong and as usual I didn't get to score. And finally for the last game, we won over Ago go and I scored 6points. Overall in the tournament, I get to play a while and that's because...

I'll PANCIT myself after a few minutes in da game... Pfft~

It is the sign and time to keep fit instead of keeping FAT!!!

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"秋"天的"诗" said...

1st time i saw LadyFingers de flower neh. quite nice