Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Short One Again

Another short update again, other than holiday that makes me think what December is all about. It does make me think of others too.

Such as,

It is the month of celebration. Celebration of a year of hard works at school, the flying color result that everyone scored, Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year. It is celebration that we all want to have it with Barbecuing the foods that we like, having it and spending all the time with the people that are close!

Happy Barbecuing Everyone!!! Best wishes from Happy-Stop.Blogspot.Com!

Went for hiking again yesterday. This is the third time I hiked this month and it is a record breaking which I hike continuously in the same month since I last hiked few years back. Gambateh!

It is nice to hike with companions that we can talk along the way. It is better than alone walking through the jungle. Other than that, if one is tiring and could not continue any farther there is still other there to help in carrying. It is better that we all can take care of each other all through the way. That is because...

Hiking can be Dangerous!!!

Tasek Lama has been the place where I used to hike and it's still the same place I go now. Bukit Shahbandar also a nice place to hike where we can see the sea by the top of the hills. Why not I choose there? That's because It is SUPER KICK-ASS intensive while hiking at there & I'm NOT ready for it.

Other than that, there are foods selling around there and it is not far away from Tasek. And we can reach there just by walking instead of driving. Me, Chee Hwa, Andy & Jestina decided to stop there for breakfast after the walk.

Ordered ShuMai

Chee Cheong Fun

Kolo MeePok


While eating, I came across these!!! A bad name for Chinese Food in Malay translation menu!!!

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