Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home-Cooked Steamboat

Having steamboat outside is convenient and nice too that we don't have to spend times in preparing everything! All we have to do is EAT all we can and pay the bill in the end of the meals! Everything will be taken care by the staffs & managements from the specific restaurants. Everything has its pro and con. Dining outside maybe nice but still there is something missing too! Nothing beats the word that is known as "HOME".

There are time when there are people that want to eat steamboat and others want to eat BBQ. How to deal with situation like that?

With steamboat's set like that, we can eat boiled foods and at the same time we can grill the foods too! [With one stone, I can kill two birds] Hahaha! =P

BUT when we're dining outside, [with one stone, we can kill many many birds] that with the amount of money paid. All we do is EAT and leave the rest to the restaurants! But with a little more efforts, home-cooked steamboat can be nice & tasty too...

We get to pick the best and the freshest ingredients we want. And of any choices we like and want.

These is something that we hardly have in the menu while we're having steamboat's buffet or set outside. But when we're having it home-cooked! Maybe we can add these to make it a little bit more special...

The "New Moon" Brand Abalone. Hahaha!

Times when budget isn't that enough. We still can have steamboat that...

We can buy sausages and smuggling it in to Brunei from our neighboring country. =P

One question ask before we carry on. Question: [Why does Doraemon don't dare to come Brunei?]

Chicken Breast Meat

Beef Meat
Answer: [Because Brunei got "GIANT"!!!] -.-!! Meats that brought from GIANT hyper mart. Other than selling meats, Giant also sell "pick & mix" frozen foods like nuggets, sausages, crab sticks and all sort of BALLS!!! woo... "all sort" worrr... Hahaha.

Shrimp Ball that sells in Giant Hyper Mart.

And also MEAT balls are available at there too. =D

Now everyone can make their own "MEE BAKSO" with unlimited quantity of meat balls.

Nowadays, things are getting convenience that instant foods sell everywhere. With the limited times, we still can prepare a fabulous steamboat's meal. Anything we name it, we can find it in the supermarket. Here's a few examples.

Even the soup, we can cook it in few minutes time. It's "FAST & FURIOUS"!!! hahaha.

Seafood's Spring Roll

Ready-made fish wantan

Fish Dumpling & Shu Mai

Crab Sticks & Mini-Fish Cake??? Hahaha.

How instant & convenience all these frozen foods are. There still a gap between the "FRESH" foods. A simple math calculating here. [1 + 1 = 2] With a little bit effort, we can get these. If a little bit effort more we contribute, we get more in return!

A sacrifice of driving down to the fish ball's shop that only available at daytime. A little bit more petrol & time spent here. In return, we'll get these...

When it's cooked! We can have "PING PONG" round robin!!! Hahaha. A bit exaggerate here. =D

And of course few healthier ingredients too!


Stock list checking for Home-Cooked Steamboat.
  1. Freshmeats [ / ]
  2. Crabstick [ / ]
  3. Dumpling [ / ]
  4. Sausages [ / ]
  5. Sayur-Sayuran [ / ]
  6. Noodles [ / ]
  7. Utensils & Electric [ / ]
  8. All sort of "BALLS" [ / ]

*Kindly please proceed to next step when everything are available.

Checked & Approved by: Ah-Yong (19-04-08)

And the next step will be???

Mari kita main masak-masak! =D Let's have all the time and space while having it at home. We can watch our favorite TV programs while having the steamboat. Maybe "Akedemi Fantasia"??? haha...

When we're having our meal outside... We can't order these. Even the menu doesn't has these for us to order because it's ILLEGAL!!!

Tiger Beer

Liquor!!! As long as we have the orange form & approved by the custom in Kuala Lurah. It's "LEGAL" when we're having it at home. How can we miss it while we're eating lots of meat. Hehehe!

Bet that you all out there enjoy home-cooked steamboat as much as I do that variety choices of ingredients can be cook, enjoy all the funs & times with the people around. And stated at the beginning of the post, there is always pro & con. As for home-cooked steamboat, the con of it is we have to do everything! Everything which includes ...

Tidying the places after the meal!!! Hahaha!!! Cleaning the table, washing the plates & cups, throwing the rubbish and a lot more. It's a whole lots of exercises. And the worst is that everytime after a meal, we all feel HEAVY!!! hahaha. Too heavy to move around! =P

That's one BIG task to finish. Fooo~ all we need is more helping hands! If everyone wash their own plate, instead of 1 person washing 20++ plates in 15minutes time. Each can finish washing their own in seconds.

As always, a little sacrifices make here. All your tidying jobs will be solve when there is ...

Iron "MAID" Yong around!!!
Hey Iron Maid Yong. Please define "Professional"!

Iron Maid Yong: "We still do the work, try our best to do it! No guarantee for the work and we still collect the money in the end of the day! That's Professional!!!" Hahaha.

One trustable & reliable part time maid here!!! Very professional. For reservation, please make advance booking via e-mail or messages in the Cbox!

Terms of payment: Inviting him to JOIN the meal with you guys & 100% full payment at the end of everything! Charges will be charge according to the "Services" provided... =P

Thank you & don't hesistate to make your reservation here!!! =D

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