Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where Had I'd Been?

It'd been 10days since the last time I updated my blog. 10days sure is a long time. Sure a lot of things can be done in 10days time! One can finished up his/ her school assignments, essays or reports given by their teacher. One can travels the country nearby for a short holiday in 10days time too!

And I had disappeared for 10days without leaving message in my Cbox and also not updating my blog! and The questions are ...

[Am I really busy?]
[Where am I in this 10days time?] and [What had I done?]

Okay, in this 10days time. I was busy... busy queuing...

Was busy queuing to Kuala Lurah! [=.=!!] Hahaha! Sure lots of patience and efforts contributed!!!

[皇天不负苦心人] Tuhan tak akan menyusahkan seseorang yang ada hati!!! Err~ memang tak akan menyusahkan seseorang yang ada hati. Kalau seseorang itu tak ada hati, itu bukan lagi susah.. SEKSA tuu! Hahaha! =D

And they said: "一种米养百种的人" One type of rice that feed hundred types of people as in characteristics. The good or bad! tall or short, fat or thin, forgetful, sly, mean, cruel, cute, pretty, gentle and a lot more.

Then we have "一个Kuala Lurah来了百种人" One Kuala Lurah that comes hundred types of people!

Examples: The people that want to go Limbang, Temburong, Trusan, Lawas then Sabah also have to pass by Kuala Lurah. The people that work in Brunei who drive their own car from Malaysia have to go down to Kuala Lurah to renew its vehicle's permit once month. The people that hunger for Pub & Dancing will go to Kuala Lurah too! The lounges & pubs there will amaze you! Hehehe!

[Jangan Gila Donggg~] Hahaha.

The people that want to earn some money in buying alcohol from Kuala Lurah and then sell it double price in Brunei since it's a dangerous business that involves lot of RISK! haha!

The people that like to drink Beer/ Alcohol! I'm one of it too..

But slightly different one too! =P

ANGLIA the real shandy!!! I'm more into this! Hahaha!

Then we have people and also the one that enjoy the FOODS in Kuala Lurah!

Dry-Fried Keow Tiaw

Wet-Fried Keow Tiaw

Wet-Fried Mee

When it comes to foods, there are no one other than FOOD-HUNGRY & HAPPY-STOP!!! And recently, a new one that just born and also joined the club. Let's welcome [JOSH'S CAFE]! Wish our business prosperous yoo! Hehehe!

Message to Hwa! Geng, Help you promote liao! End of this week, I'll send the invoice to you! =D Hahaha! [Maybe 3cups of Kopi-Bin?!?!] ;p

The people that like to eat Sambal Ikan Bakar in Kuala Lurah while enjoying the coolness of beer! Just like the combination of Char Kueh with Kopi O! Haha.

The menu that must (WAJIB) be order in Kuala Lurah!!! So far, I'd never miss the chance of eating it and not going to miss it in the future time too!

Owww... Chicken Wings, this is the promise that I made with you!!! Never ever miss ordering you! Hiak Hiak.

The dish that he will never miss in Kuala Lurah!

Steamed-Chicken! Very soft and slippery oh!!! KUT KUT one... and whose favorite dish could it be?

"Owww... Sorry Andy... I'll behave from today. Even give me the sky do guts, I also don't dare to snatch ah!" Translate it to Cantonese... =D

Then I have to sing the song, Please Forgive Me - Micheal Learns To Rock! Hahaha.

Kuala Lurah is not all about ordering meat, meat and MEAT! They have their trademark vegetable dish too...

Sambal Lambiding!!!

The sausages that traveled all the way from TAIWAN to Kuala Lurah. So it's called Taiwan Sausage [台湾香肠]

There were fights happened in Kuala Lurah too! Places that alcohol are allow to be sells and drinks! That's naturally expected...No free lunch in the world! You want ENJOY!!! You have to pay the price!!!

Let's see what happened when a person got drunk and how's the fight started normally! Hehe.
1, 2, 3... ACTION!!!

Arrgghh!!! I'm so tough!!! The toughest in here~ Who dare to find trouble with me??? That's Chun Jing =D

Woo!!! Samsengnya! So cocky ahh his style!!! Let's see either you're arms that is more tougher or my butut kan [Bottle] that is more TOUGHER!!! Come lah... Who scare who!!!
And that's how a fight starts... Hahaha.

When there's a fight happening, the surrounding people will get excited that they'll go and be KEPO!!! Some ended being the victims too! Hahaha. As for the one that is clever... they will just...

Ahh!!! I'm tired of all these thing.. Let it be!!! then some will be...

All these is none of my business!!! I'll just sit down and pretending nothing is happening!!!

And as always after the fight, there will be PEACE among them!!!

That's how the peribahasa "不打不相识" starts!!!

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