Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Discover In Tamu Selera

Life is about discovering new things! Everyday we discover new things around us! It can be gadgets, places, foods, peoples, drinks, clothes, websites and etc. While driving we may discover new roads being build, new cars driven on the road, new shops opened and a lot more. Peoples earn a lot and get fame from making new discovery that their discovery had introduced to the worldwide. Just like "Thomas Edison", he's the one that discovered light bulb. Then "Isaac Newton" that discovered "Gravity" and "Three laws of motion". All these discovery had create convenience and comfortable to the people from the day it first discovered till the modern world now and future...

New discoveries are important, they not only bring convenience and comfortable but also information! And recently, someday in the month of March!!! A new discovery had been made by...

An information from one of the author's lecturer. Being the "中国人" [China's people], we possessed the spirit. [中国人敢敢上] Orang Cina, Berani-Berani Mengatasi! Haha. And here we're, unveiling another secret in Tamu Selera, Pasar Malam in Bandar Seri Begawan.

It all happened in...

Gerai Makan Number 3!!! Bukan [4] ahh! Haha! It's Nur Nada Enterprise! Wooo~ Enterprise yoo. Hahaha! Kompany BESAR tuu! =P

And what does these gerai number 3 serve??? What's the new speciality???

Goreng Mee that is special???

Or the Egg used in the Egg Burger is delivered by the GOLDEN CHICKEN!!! =P There is Golden Chicks Abbattoir Sdn. Bhd. in Brunei. Hehehe.

Coconut Drink???

Brunei, the kingdom of unexpected treasure!!! As the kingdom of unexpected of treasure, memanglah a lot of treasures other than the goreng mee, burger talur or the air kelapa [coconut drink]! Hehehe!

And here's for Tamu Selera, the night market of unexpected FOODS! Hehehe.

After a discovery, a publicity work is needed to do to let the public know. If not, you don't talk. I don't talk. How would the others know! Hehe. ;p Right after the experienced in Gerai Number 3, we being so friendly and also KEPO that we introduced it to our friends, families & relatives. Eventually brought some of them there too to experience what we had before!!! [It was one KICK experience we all had at there]

Had visited the stall for countless number of times!!! And here's one of the memory that I had it with...

George & Shirley!

Calvin [Chen Chen] & his Gf... Err!!! Apa namamu udah ahh? Hehehe. Sorry yoo~ Spot his T-Shirt!!! [The Happy Fisherman] How happy could that fisherman be???

Good thing comes with patience... Everyone seems to be patience and ready for the new discovery in tamu selera!!! Here we go~

Gerai Makan No.3 is all about the...
all about loving you by Jon Bon Jovi? -__-" hehe.

It's all about the NASI AYAM PENYET!!! it's not one normal nasi ayam penyet! It's one HOT HOT KICK KICK ayam penyet we got here... for those that don't know how to eat HOT foods, those that's scare of HOT foods. Go to Gerai Makan No.3 couples of time and you'll be different from before!!!

And when people ask. [Woah!!! You're so steady, tahan eat those HOT foods!!!] and you can answer... [I'm trained in Gerai Makan No.3 in Tamu Selera, Bandar!] Hehehe!

It's a simple but extraordinary dish that consists of...

Nasi Putih

The cabbage & cucumber as the appetizer of the dish!

And the fried-chicken!!! It wouldn't be Ayam Penyet if there is no AYAM serves! Hehehe. The fried-chicken is tasty too!!! [No horse run for the fried-chicken] If KFC is number 1, then you'll be number 2!!! -__-!! sounded too exaggerate! hehe.

What's makes the Nasi Ayam Penyet in Gerai No.3 is the Sambal!!! Without these, it's like eating Kentucky Fried Chicken without Chilli Sauce! Hahaha!

Sambal Biasa!!!

Sambal Pedas!!! Just like rose, it may looks so beautiful but it comes with needles! For these, it may looks so tasty & juicy but it tastes PEDAS!!!

Remembered the first time I went with Jes, Andy & Chee Hwa. Jes told me that her lecturer told that if one can't eat Hot things, better don't order the Sambal PEDAS!!! It's really hot!!! And me being the [Orang Cina] I ordered the Sambal PEDAS!!! In the end, it's like that!!!

WooOO!! SooOO HOTTT!!! but then very Kickkk too!!! Sweat a lot while eating. A healthy way of eating yo. Hehe...

And here's a little secret formula shares with you all for Gerai Makan No.3!!! Order the two sambal at a time... Why?

[Sambal Pedas + Sambal Biasa = Sambal Pedas Luar Biasa!!!!] HAHAHA

It's always NICE eating there. Exciting is the word to express while eating it! =D

"So that's the so called HAPPY fisherman!!!" yeeehhaawww~

What's the secret behind these Sambal Pedas Luar Biasa Nasi Ayam Penyet??? Let's follow Happy-Stop in behind the scene of preparing nasi ayam penyet!!! hehehe.

It's all prepared in the...

small kitchen!!! It maybe small, but it's meant for something BIG!!! just like Chilli Padi, it maybe small.. but the Hotness is Extreme... =D

Picture showing how the ayam is goreng!!! -__-"

Are you ready for the HOT???

Thank you, Gerai Makan No.3!!!

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