Friday, October 23, 2009

Preparation for the Celebration @ School

Raya 004
Last Saturday was the Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Teacher's Day celebration at school.

Raya 005
It was one exciting celebration that everyone enjoyed. And the costume theme for the celebration is "Baju Cara Melayu"!

And I don't have any of those. It would be a bit sayang if I go make one. It is because I seldom wear it and maybe wear it for like once a year? Instead of baju cara melayu, I picked this!

Smart attire that I can wear it for candle-light dinner. It was 2years back since I last bought button shirt. I'm not really used to wearing attire like this.

That's because most of the time, I'm being a...

IMG_3817 copy

It is time to buy one since the size two years back and now has changed.

Went out with Andy & Jestina that they helped me with idea and opinion. It was one tough time for us to look for the size. When I'm small, I always heard that boy stop growing up till 21 years old. But I'm already 22 and I grew from XL to XXL! Why? And double the size mean double the prize, so yeah!It took quite sometime for EVERYONE to look for the size that suit me.

This is the second time that I buy tie in my life. The first one was during my college time in Maktab Duli that we have to use the school tie.

Finally found a few shirts to try on.


While trying on shirt, Wee called and consulted him for ideas too.

Looking for a button-shirt and a tie which need 3person for idea, sounded more like going to a candle-light dinner!!!

Jes who is busy taking photo everywhere.

We shopped from 7PM to 9:30PM. And lastly which one did I choose and How do I look like after an effort of a night looking for it? Thanks to Andy, Jes & Wee and here's the moment of truth.
Raya 002

Raya 001
Not Bad for a "BENG" huhhh...

And that day was not any ordinary Hari-Raya Aidilfitri & Teacher's Day celebration to me.

Raya 003
It was the day that I first time gave a speech for the opening ceremony for the event!!!

Out of everybody in the school, why ME?
That is because...
And THANK YOU to whoever it was that voted me for these!!! Thanks for the chance that you all gave me.

*Some pictures are taken from Amanina HAB through the Album she uploaded in FB.
Thank You


"秋"天的"诗" said...

wah yong li hai a!!!!!

so handsome o u


Ah-Yong said...

hehehe! :) thank you thank you!!!

Ah-Yong said...

your hubby lagi hensem ahh!!! hahaha!