Monday, June 16, 2008

Begining of my youth, 13th May 2008

13th may 2008, the date that I turned 21years old. Thanks to everyone out there, every year at these date. You guys always made my own day with the blessings that u all gave, the greetings that you all greeted, the messages that you all sent, the gifts that you all gave and the moments that you all created for me! You all always greeted me happy birthday, wishing me have a great one, wishing me all the best throughout the years, wishing me happier for the years coming. The blessings and the wishing made, its been heard by the gods! Muahaha! The moment I turned 21years old, I did really had a great, special and memorial one. As for these times, I myself organize my own birthday party at the beach. Celebrate it with my friends, relatives and family.

Of course. A lot of planning/preparations needed to be done before carry out the party. Which place to be chosen? What foods, drinks and things needed to be prepared? Whom to invite? After telling Jestina about my plan, then I told my mum it would be nice that I having my birthday party at the beach that I’ll ask my friends and relatives along. It’s going to be a nice gathering. Mum gave me the green light which I started all the preparations and planning. The party is held on 18th may 2008.

Times flies, few days to the actual day of the picnic. The last preparations to be done are to buy all the foods, drinks and things. My parents helped me buy chicken wings, hot dogs and my mum helped to marinate those bbq foods. She even cooked curry and made jello for that day! As for my dad, he paid also paid half of the spending used for the bbq picnic. And to my little brother, he does sushi for the picnic. Thanks to my family for being so supportive. I really felt it, thank you! As for the rest, it’s up to me that I went out with my gang which we went to buy drinks, snacks, mussels, lambs, hot dogs, crab sticks, the fish balls, marshmallows, cheese, charcoals and all the groceries.

I got calls from my cousins and friends too that asking me whether there is anything need to be help or prepare. All I asked them to prepare is their empty stomach and the bright smiles of theirs on that day. Haha! But when that day comes, there are friends who brought foods. And my cousins, they brought sliced watermelon, mash potatoes and helped me marinate the lambs. My aunt also brought kuih-muih on that day. A millions of thanks that needed to be thanks to all of you which a simple thank you that said or sms aren’t enough. So I’ll post these which it’ll be here forever in happy-stop. As long as I don’t delete these blog. Hahaha!

Randomly pictures of foods taken on that day, and two more which were the goreng mee and goreng mee hon. Didn't get to take its pictures. I ordered those from kantin 66! thanks to the owner and his sister for giving me special prize. =)

Here's the peoples that attended the gathering party in "Taman Rekreasi Berakas"

The one with the black shirt is Chang Yan, the bbq cook on that day. Thank you, you penggang us delicious foods that day. Keep it up! hehe

These are all family and relatives

Wen Biau and Chiew Sheh

Poh Ling and Ger Ger

Han Jin and his dad

Ohh Yeah, That's my MUM! Ah-Paooo! haha

Han Jin with his girlfriend

My little brother, Ah-Liang and Wen Biau

Jack Sia and Kok Hau

Jaycee and Ah-B

There is Jestina and Andy. (Both are the founder of

Fa Wei and Wan Theng

Jestina, Fa Wei and Me

Chun Jing and Qiu Jie

Wan Theng and Qiu Jie

Sin Yin and Jia Yun

There is me, Jestina and Wei Wei. That's Andy's hand. That's what i called "Tu Lan" whenever people said there are "tu lan" we'll just said, don't "tu lan" lah. Very pain one lerr! Haha. It can be said I'm "Ki" = angry. See, sound more gentle and educated a bit. hehe!

Sing Yan, She gave me a HSBC headstart card and ATM card on that day. She created account and depositing $$$ as gift for me. Kaachiingg! $_$ thanks for the help in doing all the headstart things for me which i just sign and paid. Poofff~ it just came out from you!


Elaine, Evelyn, Wei Wei, Wendy, Ah-Wei and Ah-Yong

Chiao Hong, Chun Jing and Jackie KoKo

Chun Jing, Chiao Hong, Chee Yon, Me and Jackie KoKo

The one at the left side is Chia Ren. The rest already been introduced already. Ohh ya, The middle one. Miss him out, That's ME! muahahaha

Xue Mei and her Boyfriend. I'll update your name right after i ask Xue Mei ya...

My little brother, Ah-Liang and Me, Ah-Yong

Winne Sia, my cousin

That's when everyone started to go down. Guess what going to happen?

Everyone start to bury me. The one at center with the red shirt is Yen Chuan (Jayden Sia) I'm promoting your new english name. haha!

There they all again, still digging and digging and covering and covering.
finally... ...

The masterpiece! See the "Dua Biji" i got there

That's me, taking picture with my cousins

The group photo with all the pretty ladies. I'm the luckiest one on that day. Muahahaha!

The group photo with all the gentlemen. I'm still the luckiest one. hahaha!
And lastly... ...

A "hapy bday" to me by cousins. That's very nice of u all.

The day had finally had ended. The battery in the camera also finish, which no pictures can be taken anymore. Hopes everyone had great and fun day. For me, I had a memorial and wonderful day! Because of you all, you've made my moment wonderful. Because of you all, you've made the party lively. Because of you all, you've made all these memorial.

On my own day, i received messages through mobile phone, friendster and facebook from friends/cousins throughout Brunei, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. And phonecalls greeting me, and Wee. Of course i wouldn't miss you out. You called me and talked for 2hours + haha! I also received gifts from friends/cousins too which i got puppy doll, a belt, a parker pen, a cardholder, mp4 player, digicam that contributed by number of friends. And to you, didn't know what you going to give me. A thank you for u also~ I received "ang paoS" too, muahahaha! $_$ one of my cousin told me, "Eeiii, Yong! you so "kiang" ahh. Organizing these party, so what ta tuu!?!? so you'll be receiving lots of "ang pao" lah." haha! yes indeeed i did receive a lot from the grown up! And i'm having family/cousins/relatives and friends that being supportive to me all the times and you all each contributed into these bbq to make it success. Each contributed a small pieces efforts, when all these gather. It'll become the big piece to success! Im the luckiest one =)

Having you all is the greatest gift that I had of all times. I love you all~
Thank You!!!


hiinghiing said...

HAHAHA your youth no more liao la. Adult already la... XDD hehe take care yea .. see you in two month =)

"秋"天的"诗" said...

wah~~~ sound like u really really "gan dong" neh~~~
bah~~ wait for ur next plan ok?
where to go for next gathering?