Sunday, June 8, 2008

The first step …

Hello everybody! I’m ah-yong a.k.a sky. (the owner and the creator of the Happy-Stop) First I want to say “welcome to happy-stop” hopes you all have an enjoying stay in the stop every time you stop by here! The first step taken by me in blogging. Foo! I’m here already slow comparing to those people that already had their own blog or to those people whom is already own don’t know how many blog. Haha! I’m just millions of steps behind and yet just make my first step crawling to reach the you all. And for those who know me well!

Aiiyoohhhh!!! Ah Yong ahhh!!! He want to start blogging ahh! Wu Ngia Borr ? (sure or not) his pattern so the lazy bum, he can or not? Have to write articles. Have to spend times in updating which he’s going to write more and more articles. Haha! Me too, at first also saying these to myself. Asking myself, yong! Really eh tang or not? Going to start think what to share in the blog, and yet have to do all the typing and going to start learning how to edit pictures or designing the templates. Seems to be far to reach the goal. In the end, I make my decision and take the first step that I registered! taking the first step is already the beginning of everything.

The first step is always the beginning. [ -_-!! That’s why its called first step!apa lahh u yong!] Just like walking up the staircase. You want to go up the top floor. While you still the ground floor, can you know how exactly is the top floor look like? What happening at the top floor? Whose at the top floor? We can’t unless there is someone telling us that he/she is waiting us at the top floor.haha! so we start taking our first step in the staircase going up. By taking the first step, it’ll lead us to the second step and it keep leading us. Leading us nearer and nearer to the top floor! Sames thing goes to our life. we have lots of things in our mind which we want to do. Lots of things which still haven't done, its always just thinking of want to be how, want to be these, want to be that! Eventually in the end, it’s still a thought of yours. The key is have you taken your first step?

Don’t you look down at the first step! The seeds that planted in the soil. That’s the first step of planting anything. When the first step is taken, along with times passes and efforts made. Slowly from small tiny seeds, it’ll grow roots, then stems, trunks, branches, leaves, flowers and in the end into a tree that provides us fruits or foods! How long does it takes to fill the rivers and oceans with waters? it seemed to be hard for all the rivers and oceans we have now to be filled with waters. it’s all start from the first drop of water that flows into it. The first drop, then second, third, fourth and goes on and on and on and on… until what we have now.

Don’t look down at own strength. Strength is also build up from the first step taken. Body builder that now owned the batu batu around the body. Its not he want to have a nice body then POP~ the next days, he/she have all these. Its all also started from the first step that he/she starts to carry dumb bell, visiting gym, lifting from 5kg to 100kg then baro have the POP!!! Haha! have you taken your first step? “belum cuba, belum tahu. Sekali cuba,tiap-tiap hari mahu” Hahaha!

Believe in ourself, telling that we can! Roads in front us still so long, we cant see the end of it. lots of first steps to be taken. Lots of things to be learn and experience. Lots of obstacles to be overcome. Don’t you worry! The first step that we taken when we’re 1years old baby had turned into what we are now! The steps that taken now is going to change the future! road of blogging still very long for me, lots to be done, lots to be learn… sames to walking through the life! lots to be done.

Everyone out there! Don’t you quit. Hang in there. No matter how heavy the rain is, it’ll stop. Let’s us encourage ourself and at the same time encourage the people around us. Tell ourself and them that we all can! Let’s us together build up the extraordinary! Jia you bahh!

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