Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy times with family and relatives

Time flies these day = 时间过的好快” does these words sound familiar to you? We always hear these around us either we tell to others or the vice versa. Last year quite a number of my friends went oversea for further studies. A year had passed; they’re coming back for their vacation now. And the words “Times flies = 时间过的好快” going to appear around us again. Hahaha! See, time passes without telling us and it doesn’t wait for us. It’s us who tells the time that how much have we’ve missed if we don’t wait for it. What'd passed, it’s already history and we can’t change or rewind it just like what Adam Sandler did in “Click”.

Life nowadays seems to be fast. We are living in the world of “Speed” that we eat “Fast-foods”; we drive “Fast” cars, we get “fast” services from the technologies that we travel in days instead of months, we can mail through e-mail instead of using posting and etc. If we don’t catch up with the paces or the speed, we’ll be slower or outdated. Slowly the word “Busy” seem to be a reason that we like to use in our daily life.

Everyday life seems to be busy and tiring. Each day in the morning, we got up. We prepare ourselves to work or school. Works keep piling up which students receive assignments, homework, projects, reports, exams to be prepared and the nagging that parents like to give. The working society got lots of works from the upstairs that they pressure the people below them. Just like the manager pressure the head of departments to improve the efficiency of production. Then the head of departments will pressure the supervisor, and then the supervisor will pressure the workers. And for the people at the bottom, they got no choice that they have to “kuai-kuai” do the works and always the one that eat lots of “Gas” In hockien its “Chia Ki”

After the rough and tiring day, all we want is a good and quite REST. The times that spent with family, relatives and friends are getting less and less. There are times that we would rather rest ourselves than joining family, relatives or friends’ gathering. Tiring of the pressure outside, so just stay at home watching TV, playing games or online. Slowly it becomes a habit. A habit of lazy participating! As time passes, we’re entering the world with lots of stranger. The people we known start to slowly forget us. It seems that the world have neglect us, the world have got far from us. It’s us that are the one who neglected the people around us and we are the one who got far from the world.

How many moments, joys and chances have we missed when we said the words “Lazy lah… Busy lah… Tired lah… Cannot lah… Don’t want lah… Next time lah…” Chances aren’t always offered to us when we always reject it. What does people feel when they always got all the words mention above when they ask you something? So will there be another third of fourth chance of asking you again? Hehe. I used to be one of the above before that I seldom join gatherings with family, relatives and friends. Just an example; in xx/xx/07 there are gathering and I didn’t join. I’ve missed those moments of joys that everyone celebrating and missed the chances of knowing more people and of course the delicious foods cooked on that day. Cos I can’t go back to xx/xx/2007. Hehe!

We can’t turn back to move forward

We can’t change the history yesterday but we are making tomorrow history. Chances still out there if we want to make some moves. It’s all depending upon us whether we want to take the steps or not. So here I am, taken my first step grabbing all the chances I have. Sometimes we don’t wait for chance, we ourselves can create chance! Happy-stop is a stop where all these moments are created, recorded and shared amongst. By joining, we not only bring joys to ourselves but also to the others. Here it is, one of the moment that i had not missed... a picnic with my relatives at pantai berakas AGAIN... hahaha!

The view of Berakas Forest Reserve in the early morning. Woke up early in the morning to book the place if not, all the nice place will be taken away. It nice that you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Muahaha! What do a guy like me know about beauty of nature? i seem to know how to vandalize more. =)

And of course size like me wouldn't miss out the foods in my own blog. hehe! guess what, we penggang PORK at pantai berakas... Sssshhhh!!!

After the eating and the "kepo-ing" Finally a TOAST to the gathering...
Yammmmm Sengggggggg...
Sennngggg... Hehehe!

Kite flying time. When is the last time that you fly a kite? or have you ever try kite flying? No worry, don't have to wait for the "musim kikik" anytime you want, as long as there is wind. hehe!
Anyone want to have a kite flying day? a day to relax and have fun. I'm thinking of doing one... msg me through Msn (skyblu3_135@hotmail.com) we'll see what we can do.

"Unity is strength"

Wooo, look what mr.Soon is doing there. hahaha! playing swing~ that's my dad! =)

Jia Ling, ME and Jia Yi
Me and Pei Qi
Here is him again. Kent Loh, the bbq chef of the big family.
Me and Nana
That's Albert Lim. Guess what's nickname? Xiao Zhu.
That's his smallest brother.

Here it is, the aunties in Brunei. There is two more. One is in Sg and the other is in Lawas, Otherwise, it'll be "七仙女" the seven goddess. Hehe! everyone have their specialities horrr... They can make Kuih, Cook delicious foods. As for my mum, she party a lot! that's her specialities. hehe!

And lastly, ended with group photos.
A warmth, happy big families!
Hahaha! not these, See what my mum do! hahaha! you rawk~

I'll miss all these if i didn't participate myself. How long have you not join all the gatherings and the joys that is around you all the time? Don't say "Lazy lah… Busy lah… Tired lah… Cannot lah… Don’t want lah… Next time lah…" no more. Start to have the habit of saying Ok, no problem... Bah, ON... You'll find yourself in the cycle of JOY. All these are beyond the First Step taken. =)

"The only failure is only not participating"

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