Thursday, June 12, 2008


Woots~ finally I’ve reached the second step. hahaha! Foo’ need a break here. Let me rest before I make any further steps. Before that, why not some sharing before I carry on! With one stone I can kill two birds. Happy-stop still under constructing. Think going to take long times to edit those lay out. Still dummies with these things. Weiiii! It’s never too late to learn harr!

Even lao zha bor from Singapore can do blogging. ( why not i? she’s lao zha bor and yet can do it!

me just start the beginning of my youth and yet not a lao ta po. If she can do it, I also can! Yong. Gambateh~ That's me - the one on the left! the author of happy-stop!

Blogging. A way to share stories and everything through the www. With just a click, we can read almost everything which includes people’s stories, lifestyles, cultures, interests, introducing foods, places to visits, gadgets to be use and even parking which is not according to the laws also can be share through online. ( What things still couldn’t be share lagi? Haha! So blogging is more alike SHARING. Here’s a little sharing for u all.

How many of us do sharing all the times? Do you share your stories all the times? Do you shares what you know to the others? Do you share up up down down of yours to people around u?

Just like us in our childhood. During studies, when teacher is asking us to raise up our hand to share our thoughts or ideas. There is only a few of people will automatically raises their hands up! And as for the rest, they will be keep quiet and hear what do the one that raise their hand shares. There is also some who is shy and raise the hand halfway. (my teachers would say don’t afraid to show ya armpit) And there is naughty one too, who like to point out someone’s name. And to those naughty one, your skill won’t work lohh… the teacher will target you, since you so steady pointing people out. Why not you point yourself out . Moral of the story: don’t be kepo! Kei gao kei kiang! Haha! Does these let you think of your childhood’s life in school? =)

On that day’s lesson. There will be only a few thoughts and ideas will be share among all the pupils inside. During that times, if all the pupil raise up their hands. isn’t it on that day’s lesson, there will be numerous of thoughts and ideas will be shared. Everyone get to hear numerous of stories instead of a few. Isn’t it on that day, it’s a big harvest for everyone? Isn’t it on that day, everyone understand each others more? When its come to no sharing or less sharing in the class, teachers will start their talks. Poottt Peetttt Poottt Peettt. It’s nice if its an interesting talk, if it isn’t. it happened to be that he/she is “Siok Sendiri” lohhh.

Same thing happened now as I grew up and up! Now I’m 21 years old, same case happened. While I’m attending my college. Still the same things happened when it comes to presentating in front of the class. let me tell you all that sharing can helps up. It doesn’t just helps us, it also can helps the people whom we shares with. From sharing, we reminding ourself of what we did, what we have been through, what had come through us. It just anythings that we want to share.

For example, you sharing a successful moment of yours. By the time you share, you will think of that moments. How you achieve it, whats motivates/inspires you, what determination you have, who’s the one that support you. it’ll bring back all those feeling and things which motivated you of what you’re trying to achieve now. At the same time, you not only motivates yourself. Also to the one you shares with. Your stories also inspires him/her that they want to be the same like you, achieving what want to be achieve. Sharing also alert us, it’s like an warning light also. You have learnt a lesson from what you’ve done. Then you share your story of yours again, by that time you share. The moments just all got back to you. So you’re telling what you’ve learnt and what should be done and what should not be done to prevent the same incidents happen again. Not only to you, you also teaching the one that you share with.

We can gain helps while we share. There is always helping hands out there that is preparing to help us, support us, encourage us. A person that share he/she just got into university, there will always be support and encouragement for them. When he/she tells that they’re trying hard to achieve their goals, there is always people out there telling them “not to give up” “ hang in there” “you can do it”when someone telling they’re having a bad day or bad moments, there is always people out there that bring comfort to you, relax to you, warmth to you and so on on. Eventhough they just be a listener, you’ll feel better after you let it all out.

While you playing basketball alone in the court, there is people out there watching you play. If you willing to share the ball and invite them. You’ll make new friends and it’s nice to play in groups that you can play 3on3 or 5on5. Better than alone shooting the ball, rebounding the ball and picking the ball when you scored from far range. If there is people, they’ll pick it up and give back to you. That’s for the lazy basketballer! Hahaha~

SHARING,the things that inspires/motivates/reminds us and also to the people around. SHARING also brings helps/support/encouragement to us.all these prove that [SHARING is CARING]haha! See, there is a lot of things we can gain from sharing. So whats the thing you want to share to your friends. Let it out, tell them how u feel. Tell them how happy you are, how down you are. Tell them hows life is now, tell them what you want to do now. Even you yourself can brings inspiration to others, even you yourself can bring laughter to everyone. So I’m here start sharing with you all. Blogging via happy-stop! Hehe~ the stop where smiles gather, hopes my sharing do bring all these to you! foo, a long post here. Going to carry on walking forward again. Thousands of steps ahead, what’s going to happen. No one knows. A little quote from master oogway in kung fu panda “yesterday was history,tomorrow is mystery and today… is present” hehe! I found it meaningful. Don’t know whats going to happened tommorow. So appreciate what we have today. Be gratitude of what we have and what we are now. Tommorow is always a better day! =)

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