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DimSum With The Gangs.

DimSum a.k.a Dian Xin [点心] in mandarin. The Chinese’s cuisine that serve in the morning. It represents the Chinese’s custom. It’d passed down generation to generation till today. Still remember in the Chinese’s movie during the Wong Fei Hong’s dynasty that every morning the Chinese’s would like to spent their morning time in the Tea House [茶馆] drinking “Tea”, eating foods like Dumplings, Porridge, Lotus Leaf Rice [糯米鸡], Cakes, Small Dragon Bun [] Haha ;p and etc. While having their morning breakfast, they kill the time with playing Chinese chess, battling the termites, enjoying the morning with the singing of theirs bird and chit-chatting a.k.a [Gossiping)]around. One generation had passed. Great grandparents to grandparents, they now had Fan fixed inside the Tea House instead of the Small Two, [小二] the waiter that manually fan the customers. Human starts to improve themselves and things around them from walking or riding trishaw to riding bicycle and from wearing “Cheong-Sam” to wearing button-shirts. From having small dragon bun, human has improve their foods’ menu that Bun can be serve in many variety that we have the Char-Siew Bun, Chicken Bun, Red-Bean Paste Bun and etc.

The custom of having morning breakfast still continues that we Chinese [our grandparents]sit down in the Tea House drinking Tea, eating their breakfast. There still people playing chess but the games of battling termites had seldom played and seen. Same goes to bringing birds to the Tea House. Instead of battling termites or hearing birds singing, our grandparents had newspapers to read and radio to hear. The custom of DimSum had passed down following by “Gossiping” haha! People still sit down in the Tea House for a long time talking a.k.a gossiping with the people around. Talking about politics, issues that happen recently around them, some other people’s secret and even the cats and dogs that feed in other people house also can be talk. =P

Moving from industrial ages to information ages. We now have much variety choices of clothes to wear that we have t-shirts, polo shirts to wear. Instead of riding bicycle, we sit inside the car with air-conditioner. Same goes to the Tea House, we now have Restaurants instead of Tea House. Inside the restaurants, there are televisions fixed with sound stereo system that play relaxing music to customers. From using manual fan to electronic fans. We even have air-conditioners! For the foods, there are more variety choices that people had created new menus to improve the old menus. Things had going better and better. The only thing that still remains as it was before is the custom of talking a.k.a gossiping inside the Restaurants. Haha!

Remember when we still small, every Sunday our parents would bring us out to have breakfast. They usually bring us to have DimSum. I still remembered during that times, me and my small brother are exciting to have DimSum. For my dad who’s paying the bill will burn a hole inside his pocket because me and my small brother do eat a lot. Haha. During those times, eating DimSum comes in Ale Carte’s style that each small plate of it does cost from $2-$4 per plates. As mentioned above and before, things get improve and improve that DimSum now does come in Buffet Style. That we all can eat all the Dumpling, Buns, Cakes we can. Hehe! Buffet style, also my style lah horr. Eat all we can nerr~ =P

Now we do even take photos while having our breakfast and blog about it. =) Let’s us take a closer look in having the Chinese’s custom [DimSum] and see how it changed from traditional to modern style.

We used to eat DimSum in Ale Carte. Now we eat in Buffet style that they provide us the appetizers and desserts corner where we can have some cakes, tarts before we start our meal and have fruits after our meals.

The appetizers and desserts corner. They do serve Rojak. haha!

The kuih-muih of the Chinese.

Fried Wantan, Salad-Prawn...


Taro Dumplings and "Ham Sui Kok"

Lotus Leaf Rice a.k.a "糯米雞" (Lo Mai Kai)

Fried-Rice on the left and Carrot-Cake on the right.

The Rice Noodle Rolls a.k.a Chee Cheong Fan.

Porridge. I enjoy the porridge in here. Don't know how to explain it in english. In malay, bubur ini sangat "Pekat" hehe.

Here it is, the variety choices of DimSum made now. In Brunei, we only can get about these much or maybe more. Let's imagine how much we still haven't discover, how much we haven't eat when we get to Hong Kong or China. =)

Dumplings, in DimSum. It's the dumplings that make it special. All those small dumplings that can be cook into many types and each types do have different tastes and looks.

The Fried+Steamed Prawn. It's at first fried and then put in the steam machine and waiting for it ready to be serve.

Chicken Meat Rolls.

Yesshh! it's Spare-Ribs. Nehhh~ It's restaurant that welcomes muslim people too. It doesn't spread among us Chinese but to the others too. [华人万岁!] haha! no pork serve in here, instead of pai-kut. They replaced it with Steamed-Chicken which is also nice. The meat are soft. Don't worry, there are Restaurants in Brunei that serve non-halal DimSum too. Can find it in Lucky Restaurant, Hua Hua Restaurant, Cafe De Paris Restaurant, Sing U Mee in Menglait and Mata-Mata Complex.

*Sing U Mee in Traders Inn is Halal. No worries =)

The Chicken Legs. One of the favorite dishes in DimSum. But still the Chicken Legs in Low San Flat still defend its title. Haha~ Everyone voted there! George, ada beri commision? haha ;p

The Steamed-Chicken Balls.

See the improvements done by us, Human! haha. There are toppings on the Steamed-Chicken Balls. Just like Donuts in Fun-Donuts. Haha.

Siew Mai!!! My most favorite DimSum of all! and also the menu that we must not miss in DimSum.

Consider like Siew Mai, a Bigger one!

Dumplings with Crab-Stick Toppings. Haha! DimSum also got toppings. Imagine years coming, when Chinese cuisine mix with Western cuisine. We got cheese or black peppers toppings! haha. If mix with Malay cuisine, we going to have Sambal or Gula Melaka... Wahaha! =P

While enjoying the Foods, here what we do. The custom that passes down till today and goes on and on.

Hmmph, lots of smiling face huhh... Are we gossiping? Hahaha.

Opps! These is not passes down from the old generation oh. If these happened in the old time, it'll be a BIG issue to talk during the next day breakfast in the Tea House. haha!

Yeah!!! Rock dudes. That's us rocking in Orchid Garden Hotel's Vanda Restaurant on 27th July 2008. Hmmph, what's Ho Wee pointing at?

Woo! Cool~ Do you do that in the BOX? haha. Gonna need a refrigerator box! Wakakaka.

That's the morning breakfast and DimSum we all had. A small introduction about the Chinese's Custom in DimSum. In the old days, people only get to try these menus in the morning. At night, they'll have another menus which is dishes cooked by their parents or their wifes. Haha! =)

Nowadays, we have Retro. Even DimSum do have big changes. Due to changes in the demands, the expand of its market and business competition. Now we can have DimSum till night. We can have DimSum for lunch, afternoon tea-time or dinner. We can find it in our local foodzone branch. Haha! Not only these, even SUPPER we also can get to eat DimSum before we sleep. Haha!

It's the only one Restaurant that provide we Bruneians these service. It's the Dynasty Restaurant.

Woah! Bukannya akhir sedikit orang oh. Mikin akhir mikin banyak orang. Big welcome by whoever, where ever and whenever. However?

There were that much peoples, what about the foods? Each person one piece of Siew Mai. We got to need 60+ Siew Mai serve oh. Haha. It's only one piece for each people. Do we all get satisfy? NO!

What to do? Don't worries. There is chinese quote saying [东家不打,打西家] meaning east side not good, we can go west side. Same goes to these, we don't have that much Siew Mai for that much people at a time, but we still have others. Here there are.

Hehe! See...

Let's have a closer view on the foods.

The Seaweed wrapped Siew Mai.

Prawn Dumplings a.k.a "Harr Gao" My favorite menu also. The steps I would to take when i eat these.

1st: I peel off the skin, then i eat the prawn and save the skin for the last.

[Save the best for the LAST!] In hockien, (Horr Liao Tim Toi] =)

Salad Prawns again. Hmmph, the picture above during the morning also Salad Prawns. And these too, but how come we don't see Salad. haha! -_-!! [Cold Cold] -_-''

Taro Dumplings and Fried-Wantan

The small dragon buns!!! hahaha~ Nehh. It's chicken buns above and custard fillings bun! =) Are Small Dragon Buns small in size since it's called small dragon buns? Another -_-!!

Here we are, we do have Chinese Cuisine joint venture with Malay Cuisine and Western Cuisine also. Haha!

Taaddaaa!!! It's Kek Melayu. Can you spot the cake named "Tapak Kuda"? That's the one I enjoy most. Now is Hari Raya preparation time, you guys can buy it or if don't want to spend a penny. We can wait till Hari Raya then we go visiting people's house. Then we'll have what we want! haha. Gossh~

The Mango Pudding.

Small pieces of Pizzas. There are malay and western cuisine. What about Indian cuisine? Weii' not international food-fair lah. Why not consider Roti Kosong with Cacah Curry! haha.

Eat all we can. How much can we really eat??? Let's see.

A table full of it, not enough. Still want to stack above it. But sure can we finish all these?

These is another issue... =)

Haha! Yesshh, WE CAN. Brunei Yakin... Haha!

But how? Pfft~ It's not about the quantity, it's the Quality! haha~ Let's see the quality of us that night.

Toinggg... Not these~ How much can one person do with a pair of hands. Same meaning as how much can a person eat with one mouth! haha~ Wee's just taking the key to warming up our engines. Haha.

Yeah! that's the Quality I'm talking about. See the SIZEs. haha! The one on the left corner is Fu Wan from Kuala Lumpur. The quality on 2nd August 2008!

Here is second time I visited the place in the same month.

It's Muein on the left and Afiq on the Right.

Do you guys notice something? Hehe~ Is it the size of mine that really Big compare to both of them. Yeah!!! You don't like me when I'm GREEN. haha! Incridible Yong. Arrrghh! long time didn't pose my trademark pose. =)

The two sitting up front are Sieng Yen and Jon! hehe. And as for the behind, like Brunei don't have government after 12am huhh. haha! Act and play as we like. Yes indeed, all already fell asleep! haha.

And lastly...

Bellboy Yong! haha. How much tips you going to give me?

Here's the services we can get from having DimSum now. From Ale Carte to Buffet then from having it in the morning to late night. Eating DimSum are widely expand throughout the coutry. Not only the Chinese that get to taste of it, but the westerners, malays, indians and other groups too. These is what we called exchanging each others' culture that will attach each of us more closer together. By exhanging each other's culture, customs, stories or experiences. We all do can gain new and more knowledges. And also we get to make new friends!

[Remember! how much can we do with a pair of hands, how much can we eat with one mouth!] The more we have the more happy we are.

What's about the future when the generation passes down to our children? What changes will be make? Choosing DimSum from the DimSum train like the one we're having now in Japanese Cuisine Restaurant. Haha! Or there are delivery services for DimSum... Haha. Who knows...

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