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Foods Marathon In Seria & KB!

Hello! It’s been a while didn’t hear from happy-stop. Used to update the blog at least once a week and then now, it’s already two weeks. The blog still stay the same. Seem like the business is closing down. Haha! What’ve happened? Yong must be hot-hot chicken shit again. [Always like that one] haha! Or is it the sign of laziness?

Hmmph! I’m here had start working out in the gym every night for a month plus already. Just for you again. If you’re here, you’ll be saying me lazy say lazy lah, don’t have to make out so much excuses. Haha. Actually I’m kind of lazy a bit also. =P

There always time that we feel like giving up in what we’re doing. Feel like we’re lost in direction and it’s of hard to reach its destination. At the beginning, it seemed easy and till the middle of its destination. It’s getting harder and harder to carry on. That’s the time that we start to forget the aim of what we’re doing all these in the departing point. That’s when we had lost the feel of enthusiasm or the faith in seeing all these come true. And I’m one of it here that I kind of lost the enthusiasm in blogging. It just feels hard to think what to share and in the end come out with nothing during the thinking part.

Just these few days before I enter my dreamland, I’d been thinking my 4wives and 1honey.

1st Wife, [Why] like these? 2d Wife, [What] am going to do? 3rd Wife, [Who] I’m to write for? 4th Wife, [Where] to start from again? My one and only honey, [How] am I going to carry on?

In the end, 4wives and 1honey had helped me out with giving me answers and helped me searched back of what I wanted to do in the beginnings. And here I am, starting to blog again. Writing all the moments and experiences I had and share it out with you all throughout there. Sharing what we can see when we’re using different views to see the world. All these may bring back something to us that bring us the courage to continue our path.

Success is one that keeps repeats doing the same thing again and again. [成功是坚持做同样的事]

Foo~ I had to stop now, if not someone will feel exhaust or hampus when reading my blog again. Here I’m continuing my path. These time, happy-stop had make a bigger step that the author and the gang had one enjoyable food marathon’s moment from Seria to Kuala Belait. =)

Thank you TELBRU, your customer care services 121 really works! Keep it up. Gambateh!

First of all, let’s see the car that brought us to enjoy all of these below.

Toyota Prado that belong to Andy’s dad. Wuu~ careful with the number oh, it may be the one that appears on the top tonight oh! Yong, don’t you harm people lah! Haha. Rather than wait, why not we ourselves go out and find which is more realistic. For the least, we still can see something. =)

The early bird of the day and the meeting place is at Ho Wee’s house.

Jes, Shin and me woke up early and had our breakfast in Chop Jin Chew before meet in Ho Wee’s house. Everyone was early on that day that we planned to start our journey early but in the end, we end up waiting till noon to start the journey.

Even the one that always late also woke up early and waited us in his house. Who could that be? Haha.

Ah-Wee! Haha. Relax lah brader, not you who’s late. Wee’s brain is boiling already!

Even Shin also. Pfft~ who could it be behind all these, making every one boil.


It’s Joshua!!! And yet he lived just beside the Simpang of ho wee’s Simpang! Gosshh~ Hey hey, Once late is not forever late. He’d made changes already. Josh, gambateh! =)

Yeehawww. Finally we can start the journey.

Everyone is feeling exciting about the trip. “Seria & Kuala Belait, here we come!” EVERYONE except …

Ah-Wee again, who still boiling because of Josh! Haha. Relax lah brader… =P

After an hour, from Bandar Seri Begawan to Jerudong highway then to Tutong highway. Before we reach Seria, we’ll see signboard of Tanjong Maya, Telisai, Kg. Bukit Udal, Kg. Bukit Beruang and etc… WHAT? Kg. Bukit BERUANG? Is the hill there full of BEARS during the old times? haha! After all these when we see these by the road side, it means we had reach SERIA!!!

Nodding Donkey!

Apollo 13! We had star trek in Brunei. Haha! Are they doing any alien research inside? Haha! kuat imaginasinya…

We made our 1st stop in Seria, Wee introduced the LAKSA there but then he couldn’t pin point which one is the right shop of the laksa that he tried last time. Bet that he’s still confused about which one is the right shop. Haha. Lastly, we choose ZUKI CAFÉ for a try. It’s just right beside the Uni-Arcade.

Hey, there is 2shops beside uni-arcade. One is on the left and one is on the right. Which one nerr? That’s what made Wee confuses. Haha! Never mind, look for ZUKI.

Kacchheeekkk… Sakai taking photos!

Let’s see how’s the laksa in our neighboring districts looks like!

-_-!! Yong, That’s limau kasturi and sambal. Haha!

Taadaaaa! Laksa Kolomee. That’s what we don’t see in Bandar. Using kolomee as the noodles in Laksa.

When we talk about Seria and Kuala Belait, there are famous with the oil and gas production. Other than that, its KOLOMEE and FRIED KEOW TIAW. Haha!

One of the wives, [Where] to find it?The newly built food court. I had quite an experience there which we don’t see it in Bandar here. That’s the newly built building for those stalls that used to do business at the market (pasar). Now everyone had a better environment, had bigger spaces, better facilities, better hygiene and etc. For me, I miss the old place where we sit on wooden bench and eat on the wooden table. Got the feel when at the old place.

Wootz! What’s Shin and Wee looking at? Something new and nice there?

Woah! What could it be? What’s Joshua and Wee pointing at? Hmm…

When we happen to stop by in Seria and at the same time, the weather is hot or we do feel thirsty. This is the place where it quenches your thirst!!!

M.K. Yong Foods and Drinks Stall.

That’s the stall owner that preparing the signboard’s dish!

What could it be? What foods do they sell? The famous seria kolomee or the keow tiaw?

What drinks do they sell? Could it be honey pearl milk tea? Hehe. While waiting for the foods and drinks, let’s have some photo taking here. Say cheese =)

Smileeee Shin… hehe! Macam baru bangun tidor.

Rock man… Hehe~

Finally after quite a time in waiting, it’s our turn to enjoy what are M.K. Yong Foods and Drinks stall’s trademarks! This stall only sells limited menu of drinks and only sell one menu of foods. It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality!

ABC!!! With just a bowl, it made you AHHHH…. So comfortable.

The only food they serve is…

ROJAK!!! With just a minute it’ll be…

An empty plate. Haha!

After a stop in Seria for a warming up, it’s time to charge all the way down to KB. Hey hey, there still haven’t have pictures of Keow Tiaw or Kolomee? How can we leave without ordering those! Don’t worry, there still some catchy scenes to catch at the last.

When we see this, we’re already nearly reaching KB.

A big TEAPOT! It’s said that during the ancient time, there was giant who stay near there and it’s believe that the teapot belong to the giant! -_-!! Guess they aren’t any giant; there is a big FAT liar! Who’s the liar?

PEACE v[^_^]v Haha!

Going all the way down to KB, there is one aim which the author of Food-Hungry wants to do which is visiting Buccaneer. And we reached our goal that we did visit Buccaneer and we’re lucky also because there were closing in a while for a break and will be open again in night time. And they still waited till we all enjoy everything there.

Thanks to all the staffs of Buccaneer! You all welcome us with a warmth greetings and services!

Stick together team… Go go go… Haha! Hanging out with Marvin Ang today [2nd November 2008] that give me the idea of these. Haha!

The looks of the restaurant. Look so blank at that time because it’s about off business hour. [Site clear! Move forward team!]

Briefing of the mission. First of all, we have to browse through the menus and choose couples number of menus to attack. One person at least has to attack one in order for the team to complete the following mission.

Let’s have a group photo for a memorial before every one is out for the mission. Not sure after everything, will everyone will be there for another victory group photo? Hey yong! Just a food marathon, wouldn’t be that serious lah! Wahahaha. =P

Chee Hwa is analyzing his enemy = still checking and wondering what to order.

Finally, Geoffrey had show up in the photo.

What’s Jes amazed about and what happen to Shin’s expression? Hmmph… I can feel something fishy!

Gosh! Got people “Ni Nong Wo Nong!” Hahaha! So sweet ah these two. Wee, your hand can’t cover me all. Only can hug half way! Let’s see next year lah, who knows I manage to decrease my spare tire’s size! =)

Shin: “Hey!!! What you’re doing with Wee?”

Yong: “I sumpah, I’m innocent one!!!” haha!

That’s just us, taking photos just in everywhere. Every picture does mean something for everyone. After a period of times, it’s about time the menus are serve to us. Finally! It’s time to charge… FIRE IN THE HOLE!

First! We have breads that were given free from the management! Arigato…

It’s served in hot! Which when the butter is put on the bread, it’ll melt. It’s just taste so nice! We’re LUCKY 一下!

Then here’s what Wee ordered.

Seafood Tom Yam Soup! Yummy!!! The bowl looks big horr. It’s just close up. Let’s see its actual size which makes Wee -_-!!

几可怜一下!几衰一下! 哈哈! With size like these, it can’t satisfy his tummy. Don’t worry. There still last stop in Seria. Cheer up! =)

Let’s see the catchy menus of the day which costs 2digits per plate which ordered by Jestina. Woo! Let’s see how 2digits menus look like.

Name of the menu: Mixed Grill that had chicken, lamb, maybe beef, mata-lembu [fried egg], French fries and sauces to dip with. Can these consider as western cuisine’s ROJAK? Or meaty ROJAK? Haha!

Let’s have a closer view!

2digits’ egg really not same ah. Can’t see the “Chao Ta” 一分钱一分货! =P

Look like genie’s magic lamp. Hehe! This only satisfies people hunger not needs!

What’s with all these utensils? Oww! We have man down here, medic medic! Over here! Doing operation inside the restaurant? Don’t be Sakai, Yong! It’s use to eat not for medical purposes.

It’s for eating escargots that ordered by Shin.

Hwa finally had his mind of having spaghetti carbonara for the day in buccaneer!

Lasagna that ordered by Geoffrey and what about his big brother, Andy?Andy had Salmon Spaghetti… don’t know how to call these. Hehe!

Everyone had their own menu to eat. And what about me? What would I order? 2digits’ menu? No lah, I’m running out of AMMO already. Haha!

I’m having chicken burger! -_-!! Haha. All the way down to KB just to try chicken burger?

Nyeh! I still had desserts served after my meal which is Fried Ice-Cream. These explain why Wee’s hands can’t reach all over my spare tires!

Peace!!! Still pose, the ice-creams are melting.

Done with all the menus ordered that day.

Let’s see who the survivors in the mission are!

Seemed like a mini futsal team’s photo taking to me! haha.

YEAH! We all survived! We managed to make it. Hooraay to us! Everyone had a smile on their face after a swift victory in eating all those delicious menus. That’s the team7 on the Seria &KB’s foods marathon. [31-08-08]

But everything had its price. No putting efforts where will have harvest! No pain no gain. Haha! In the end, it’s terrorist win! Winning all our $$$. Haha!

That’s all for the day? Nyeh. Can’t end it without the picture of KEOW TIAW. Haha! Right after our meal in Buccaneer, we walked a while in the shop houses in KB then made our way back to Seria to make our last stop to try the famous delicacies there. On its way down to Seria, things happened in the car that Wee, Hwa and I dance inside the car making the tummy digested so that we still can have our last shot in Seria. Haha!

And Jes was at behind sitting quietly with Shin and laugh quietly and took videos of us. Want to look at the video, can visit my Facebook.

Harrr~~~ Harr~~~ 红色三角COOL!!!


All the way dancing & hearing三角COOL’s songs! Finally saw the nodding donkey and Apollo13 again, that mean we had reach Seria already. =)

Uncle! What do you sell? Hey Xiao Lian eii! [Youngster] can’t you recognize its dumpling and yam dumpling? ;p

The dumplings that sell here is quite the same ingredients like what we have in Bandar here. But they add extra ingredient which is PEANUTS! Finally a picture of KOLO but not kolomee, it’s Kolo Lao Shu Fen! Nyam Nyam.

A signboard again. What could it be this time? It’s Syarikat Lee Teck Ming. What does a company doing in the food court? Are they the auditor firm in the food court that helps the food stalls’ owners to check their stocks and do the accounts? Haha!

No. it’s one of the famous food stall there. What is their special power?

See what me and Wee drinks! Is that their trademark menu?

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s we welcome…

White Fungus Dessert! Haha! -_-!! Tettt~ A Syarikat can do better than serving white fungus! =P

Drum rolling!!! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s we once more welcome… the one that all of us wait for so long… [Continue drum rolling] haha!


With these, we’re officially pimped with the trip to Seria & KB. Haha!

Before we end all these, we have make some special thanks to the one that help us to make all these happened that they used their family’s car for the trip and drove all the way down from Bandar to Seria & KB and all the way back again.

Thanks a lot Andy and Geofrey, you look so COOL!!! Haha~

Nothing to do on the next Sunday or on the public holiday, catch some friends up and can have these trips down create a memorable day. Its fun~ and I wouldn’t mind to follow and lead the way. Hahaha! =)

[Hwa is very high in the trip that now he’s sensitive with 三角COOL’s songs! He will be turn on just anywhere anytime when the music is out!] haha!

Someone must be very tired now!!! haha~ =P

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