Friday, November 21, 2008

My Sunday [2] Weeks Ago

Sunday is the day that we get a day off from working or studying. The day we can have all the time we want to rest or spend it with families, relatives or friends. Back to the old days, Sunday is the day which we kids get excited that in the morning we’ll get to have our morning tea with our families. During those times, Lucky restaurant, Hwa Hwa restaurant, Riverview Hotel restaurant, Champagne restaurant, 7up restaurant and a lot more will be the popular choices for everyone. After having the morning tea, my family and I will go back to Kampong in Tutong to meet our grandparents and that’s the time that me and my cousins get along and play together.

What are your activities at that time? Is it the same? As for now, there still families that every Sunday they will go to have morning tea together, sitting down at the big round table chit-chatting amongst each other. There are also people that will sleep longer during Sunday because that’s the day that they don’t have to wake up early for works or schools and I’m one of those kind. Haha! Wuii, that kind sounds rude huh… =P are you one of those too? haha.

[What to do? Sunday no working or studying, Saturday night will be Saturday Night Fever! Haha!]

Waking up early in the morning during Sunday is nice that we get to have tea time with the one we want. When comes to having tea in Sunday morning, DIMSUM will be the favorite pick. Other than having tea, the morning market in Pasar Tamu, Kianggeh is a nice place to drop by where it’s a busy place during that time which people busy selling foods, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, eggs, flowers, handicrafts things, desserts [Kueh-Mueh] and a lot more. A visit to Pasar Gadong will be nice due to the people selling flowers at the parking area. Why choose to sleep instead of enjoying all these? BUT how to wake up in the morning when one sleeps at 3-5am the night before? Haha!

之要有心, 天石能磨成针. 如无心, 就会! 哈哈!

Last week, I spent my Sunday with the gang visiting DST Carnival and having my 1st experience of DOSAI! Haha. And the week before, I went to a farewell picnic gathering with my colleagues. I’m belonging to that kind, and yet I can do it. You all also can do it! Gambateh~ let’s see what I’ve done last SUMMER!!! Opps, type wrong? Did I do it accidentally? Joshua must be at there [Am Chio]! Haha.

Last week, everyone was hot about DST Carnival that everyone can get a laptop with only $599 for Acer and $999 for Dell! Foo, Lots of people went there for a queue and DST sells all these just like selling salty vegetables or salty fishes! Haha. Thanks to DST, you made everyone’s day up. Everyone went back home with joys and smiles. Go Go Go Broadband! Sound like I'm a Go user, actually I'm E-Speed's User. -_-!!

Right after the carnival, went to Popular restaurant in Seri for a afternoon tea and that restaurant did made my day with DOSAI! Haha!

Got these from Food-Hungry and hoping that the author don't charge me or sue me of stealing! haha. And to Mr. Andy, I know you must be start to have your imagination with the Egg Dosai again. Hahaha...

Rewind back to 2weeks before, time does flies. After years of working in Brunei, it's about time to go back and start to create something on his own. Just before that, he had a farewell picnic gathering for all his partners or colleagues that had gone through with him all along.

A familiar background to everyone here! It always appear in Happy-Stop. Where could these be? Anyone that can get it, there is a chance of winning Assam Tibet Pearl Milk Tea. Haha!

Nehh! I rather save those for myself. Hehe~ Pantai Rekreasai Berakas had been a popular spot to have a picnic.

First of all, let's thanks to the one that organised these.

It's Siadin, he's the man that made the curtain rails for the people in Brunei. Haha! Yessh, Siadin. Teruskan perjuangan kita di kampong kita.

The same intake as me in the company.[We're the March 2008 intake!] haha. Sounds like studying in college or university. The one with the black shirt is Andi who fixes wallpaper and the one with the white shirt is Atmo a.k.a Baby Boy who fixes laminate flooring.

Huhh! What could these be? Is it a picnic for [4] which is [1]me, [2]Siadin, [3]Andi and [4]Atmo.

It's a mini-boat. Something new for these time's picnic and my first time experience rowing boat at the beach. Had rowing experience back in the old days when my Kampong in Tutong got flooded, its time that me and my cousins play with our grandfather's Sampan!

Posing with the Mini-Boat. Don't say it mini, it does fit ME [105KG] then Nayan [at least 85kg and above] and Henra [at least 75kg and above]! Let's see both of their size.

Hendra on the left and Nayan on the right! What a tough mini boat we got here.

And my first time experience rowing on the land! Haha. =P

The early birds are always the one that get the foods, but in here. We early birds are the one that prepare foods for the late one! -_-!!

See what we'd prepared for them.


Nasi Putih

Goreng Mee Hon by Kak Lina

Mee Goreng by Nayan

Wajid, (Philippine's local food) that prepared by Daisy.

Hmmph! It's a picnic organised by Siadin but seems that the foods are not prepared by him. Inviting people to the party and asked people to bring somethings?

There is always helping hands out there that will willing to help us. When everyone knew about these farewell gathering, everyone volunteer to help out by preparing bits of the foods and drinks. And as for me, What did I prepare? My TUMMY! =P

Here's what prepared by Siadin...

Chilli-Potong! -_-!! haha. What an organiser. Just joking, he did prepared all the barbeque ingredients that we had chickens, lambs and beef on that particular day.

That's a lot to eat here and guess what happened when we're outnumbered by the number of foods prepared!

Let it BURNT! Haha. [Wasn't Me! I didn't touch the tong on that day.] Let's once again see when there are outnumbered by the peoples.

That's the sewing department, from left to right. It's Daisy, Erni and Julie. The curtains in our house may be sewed by them! haha.

These is when Baby Boy start his Rockers' Posing. Haha! Let's pay attention on his hand.

Eventhough it's BURNT!!! Everyone still enjoying all the foods prepared. Eating alone and eating in a group of people will change the taste of the foods. =)

A smiles from everybody. Elsccy on the left and Winna on the right.

Siti on the left and she left us to continue her studies. Gambateh and Rydalyn on the right. Both are from the Sales Department.

See what Nayan and Hendra's holding... It's time for sailing. Both of them using float, and see what the young ones hold!

Paddles, I don't need any of those floats. BUT...
I would like to use...

A Life Jacket!!! What a shame, Sky! =)
Safety comes first y'all...

See the trio starting their expedition in searching of the dead man's chest. Haha! Captain Sky Sparrow. :)

Seems that they are far out from the beach... Teruskan perjuangang!

And it's actually...

These near! -_-"

Hooraayyy! They found the dead man's chest...

And it's alive... HaHaHaHa!

After a few hours of expedition, time to have a rest and restore the energy that used up...


By the time the expedition over, there is quite a number of people that had left because they had to accompany their families. Sunday = Family's day...

When it only left all the guys, let's see what the guys do...

It's Wardi, the fixers of curtain.

How dare you taking picture with Wardi!!! Haha

Arrgghh!!! Wee, do I still look like national geographic or one of the Wrestler in WWE! haha.

Rawwwkkk... Even me also got influenced by Baby Boy. In the end, we just a group of guys that like to take photos. There are times when guys also vain...

Before we end our day, let's end it with a nice group photo.

Thanks everyone there, you guys help me out a lot. Teruskan perjuangan... [Eee! majal jua these author!] =p

After the picnic, went home for a nap! and after a few hours, I received a phone call and there is still second round for me. And these time, it's something what we don't see in Brunei and these is specially dedicate to one of my friend whom is 17hours far from Brunei. Haha

Can't see it clearly, Wee? Nehh, even though it's blur, I believe you still manage to recognize it. Haha.

Guess where would I go?

KL = Kuala Lurah, not Lumpur! Hey Wee, suprise tak? haha! Well, it's not as suprised as the time you saw my mum there. =D

Kuala Lurah had been a popular hot spot for the peoples live in Brunei. Even though had to walk 600metre for it, it's worth every steps walked! haha. It's because it's the place that we can have TIGER... tiger beer lah. :)

And they also served delicious foods...

CHICKEN WINGS!!! 我的最爱!!!
In Brunei, pasar malam. We had barbecue wings, tongkeng, lamb, fishes. At there, they had extra menus that are barbecue gizzard, sotong and PORK!!!

Wee, remind you of anything? Haha

RM1 per stick... Wah sai~

Ikan Penggang Pari

Fried Mee -_-!! Yong, who doesn't know its fried mee.

At there, the people who live there are mostly the natives and when talk about the natives, the vegetables that grown by them and goreng by them are worth for a try... I'll walk a kilometre for these...

Sambal Lambiding...

Who's the one that call me up to go down KL...

It's George. Everyone pay attention on him now. George 2008!

And George 2001! hehe...

The one who does the driving is Alan
See the red face of mine... got sunburnt!

Medic, medic. I'm burnt. I'm burnt! hehe. Two tins of 100plus that cool you down!
Pfft! come that far and just drink 100plus? Is the 100plus there different from what we have in Brunei? Yeah, it is. Cheaper! haha.

How can I miss these...
Shandy!!! A healthy one.
Wee: "itu mainan kanak-kanak, gang!"

Bah, geng. Next year la, you bring me down oh. Haha! told ya what...
I felt that i'm...
GROWN-UP already. Hahaha! I went to Kuala Lurah nerr. -_-!! Jangan terseliur ahh! Sia-Sia Pun. Haha...

What are the activites for these coming Sunday? And what about yours out there? Share with us, see how fun life can be! Have a nice weekend there...

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