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The One And Only In Bukit Chempaka

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Once upon a time in 6th July 2008, there was one of the catchy moments that I'd spent with my childhood friends. That's the day that everyone had already reached Brunei and we'd made a date to have dinner together. And the theme for that night was "One Night Local Foods", it was a night that we went to have a dinner served in local's cuisine and tastes which we had Satay, Kampong's vegetables, TomYam Soup, Ayam Masak Merah and a lot more. And of course, we wouldn't miss out the AMBUYAT, [SAGO]! hehe.

Before we carry any further, just have a quick review on the 6th July 2008.

Even while eating, we also can see smiles! It shows that "Masakan Tempatan" memang BESSTTT!!! KFC ada "Sedap Sehingga Menjilat Jari", kami masakan tempatan ada "Sedap Sehingga Terlihat Senyuman" :)

For more information about the Local Food's Post, catch it in the month of [July] in Archives.

Random day after that night, some of us had done sharing with families and friends about the night. And one of us was told that there is a place that also serves nice local foods' cuisines and SAMBAL for the Ambuyat. The chef that cooks also was introduced to him.

Who could the chef be? and where is the place?
Could it be Chef Wan? Hey, itu malaysia tuu... =P

Here's the answer.

Chef Ho Wee? Nyeh... not him, it's his mum! Wee told us that his mum said there is one place that are nice to eat all these and when we asked him. We all are excited to try the place and he answered: "My mum, she said wait till we try hers then we'll know and she also invites us to go for a try!" We was like, Wahhhhh, Steady! Aunty wants to challenge huhh... Haha.

On the 22nd August 2008, Wee called us to go Chempaka to try his mum's cooking.Aunty wasn't all about talk big. [Cakap Besar] Pictures will be the best to describe how Steady she is...

Sambal Sayur Biji Buncis

Sambal Sayur Pakis

Boiled LadyFingers that can be dip with Sambal Sauce

Sambal Udang. Then we had Cacah Sambal for the Ambuyat. [All about sambaling you!!!] Haha

Goreng Ikan, the Finger Lickin' Good! haha.

Goreng Mee Hon
Is masakan tempatan really Sedap Sehingga Terliat Senyuman?

Yeah, it is. We got smiles from everyone except...

George!!! Gggrrr... You don't like me when I'm angry! Gggrrr...

Come on! A little bit more man, try to have more of the Sambal... It'll make you s-m-i-l-e! =)

George: "I'm smiling here!" Hahaha.

See those big eyes of Wee! "Woah! My mum are COOL! She made everyone smiles with just Sambal! World greatest mum!" Haha...

To Wee, Gang! It's a great night for everyone except you that got SAYANG by Ah-Ma! Relax gang, you still the best. haha! =)

That's Wee's grandmother on the left and me lying down at the sofa as like lying at my own house. Teeheeheehee! We're watching Channel 333, Hua Hi Lai Choi Pua! 欢喜来做伴!

We missed out something that's popular in Brunei too, not just in Brunei. In Malaysia and Singapore too. We did talk about Satay and Ambuyat previously in "One Night Local Foods", and we missed out "Nasi Lemak"! How could we!?!?

"Nasi Lemak" the rice that cook with Santan [coconut milk] and Pandan that made it taste LEMAK! haha. Not those kind of fatty lah. Then it comes with boiled or fried eggs, cucumber, peanuts, fried ikan pusu, fried chicken or fried fish and lastly the most important one which is SAMBAL! haha. Seems that Sambal plays an important role in Local Cuisine. Sambal, the symbol of the Locals! :)

And where can we find those delicious Nasi Lemak in Brunei?
Just everywhere, every corner, every roadside, every kampongs, every districts and for the chinese, the famous places that sell Nasi Lemak are the Low San Flat there and the Haji Ahmad Flat. Nasi Lemak that sell under FLAT really that delicious? Haha.

Nehh, it depend on the one who makes it! And once again, [We wouldn't know till we try hers] Once again, we was invited to Bukit Chempaka to try aunty's Nasi Lemak. Haha! Don't mention it no more, let the pictures that do all the explanation about Aunty's Nasi Lemak...

LadyFinger, is this an ingredient that can be eat with Nasi Lemak? Yeah, it could be!

Is these Balls Balls too? Yeah, it can. All these can play as Toppings of Nasi Lemak. =)

And the Keow Tiaw too? O.O!! haha. All these above were the side-dishes that aunty prepared. And here's the main characteristics of Nasi Lemak. What make it so special?


The rice that cooked with Coconut Milk and Pandan's leaves that make it smell nice and taste nice and LEMAK! haha.

Then, it comes with toppings of:

Sliced Cucumbers that make the taste of Coolness!

Goreng Kacang = Fried Peanuts

Goreng Pusu that make the taste of Crunchy!

Boiled Eggs that make the Nasi Lemak tastes EGGS! haha. -_-!!

Fried Chickens that made the Nasi Lemak Finger Lickin' Good! hahaha.
And lastly, the most important and one that we can't miss out, otherwise it would not be complete.

It's the SAMBAL that make the Nasi Lemak taste Hot and Sedap Sehingga Terlihat Senyuman! Hahaha. =D

And when the powers combine... I'm Captain Planet... Go Planet! Oppss. Haha! Okay, when everything is done, the nasi lemak can be serve just like these...

Taaddaaa!!! Nasi Lemak of Bukit Chempaka! Slurrppp... Yummy.

For the chinese, when there is delicious foods. It's even more nice when there is alcohol to drink with.

The new combination, Nasi Lemak + Absolut 100? Really a nice combination? Haha! It has to be Nasi Lemak + Kopi O baro Bessttt!!! haha.

Apalahh chinese ni. Sesat Sudah. =P
When a bottle is not enough...

Let's have a kettle instead. Haha! Kampai~

Woah!!! The guys posing for the next album cover again! Look emo there.

Heerrr! Cannot meh? I'm sure you don't like me when I'm angry. Arrggghhhh! Dreaming lah want to be the Hulk. :p

Thank you, Aunty for all these...

The magnificent foods that make everyone S-M-I-L-E! Haha. Again, we lived happily ever after one of the local foods' meal. Masakan tempatan really that effective? These are a group photo taken in the night because that's the farewell dinner of Wee. He's going back on the next day, right after the meal. Me and Joshua went to his house in Kg.Rimba to spend the time with him before he's back to UK for a long time.

Time does flies and we'd been there till...

Sunrises in the morning. Haha! Andy will say we three will be the most suitable to work the job that have night shift! haha...

During the times dinner in Wee's house in Chempaka. We get to make new friends who are Wee's uncle and his son! And here it's Like Father, Like Son!

Peace from the Daddy

Then his son. v[-_-]v Haha!

These the last post that we can see Wee in happy-stop! Hmmph, macam lain plang usulnya! CHOIII!!! haha. He's in UK continuing his studies, guess we have to wait till next year for another chapter of us that we can see everyone back in Happy-Stop again! Will it be big changes at that time? Still can recognise them? No one knows, it's still a mystery ahead and let's appreciate what we had now! Gang, teruskan perjuangan mu there!

And to those Masakan Tempatan Lover, we also have to wait a year in order to see it again in happy-stop, because Wee's not here. Who's going to invite us to go for a try in Bukit Chempaka? haha! Really sedap sehingga terlihat senyuman? Yeah, let's see what next year bring us again in here... =)

Makan adalah satu kebahagiaan! 吃是一种辛福!

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