Friday, November 7, 2008

Photo-Takings In The Mall, Gadong

First of all, I would like to thank to Jes for giving such an opportunity to do these. Thanks to UBD also for giving her such task to do! I find that sociology is kind of FUN, especially with these photo-taking project! It’s about taking the sub-cultures’ people in Brunei which we had Punk, Gothic, Hip-Hopper, Dancer, Rocker and etc. And here I am, get the chance to know them and stand just right beside them and take pictures with them. Everyone have their own styles, and they just live with it and are happy with it.

[We live for our own, not for others]

And what is your style? And from here, you can see my style. [阿勇就是我] haha! Copyrighted it from 小宇’s album. [小宇同学就是我] =)

Jes, next time got these “Lobang”, don’t forget to ask me along! I would happy to volunteer. Haha!

Before start taking pictures, I’m still there hesitating whether I can make it or not. Have to approach them then, ask them for a picture. Haha! It took me quite some time to build up the courage. If we don’t step ahead, when will we start to move? Hehe! In the end, I made my first time taking pictures with peoples in the public. Still a bit shaky while approaching them. There is always helping hands out there that willing to support us, only that we ask or not.

There will be better next time, practice make perfects!

And lastly, I would like to thank to everyone that I took the photos with. It wouldn’t be that complete without the assist of you guys. It’s kind of [sayang] that the pictures that we took didn’t appear and choose by the one who compiled all the photos and made into a presentation. Thanks to Mr.Ahad! pfft~

It’s okay, there is always a way when there is a will. Rather than appearing in the projector or manila card, let’s appear in the World Wide Web where everyone can see!

Thanks everyone!!! You’re officially pimped in Happy-Stop. =)

Before we start, let’s play a game to warm ourselves up first!!! Can you spot Mr. Andy Vun? Answer will be shown on the upcoming post. For the time being, you all can make your answer on the cBox. Now everyone stand a chance to win Assam Tibet milk tea! Haha~

Let’s begin our photo taking session. Kaacchheeekkk… Taking picture with Gadong Mall’s Aska Yang! [Goodbye my love, 我的爱人再见] Haha!

Brunei’s 夜猫族! The Gadong Mall’s Shufflers with the sparkling tiebacks. [Wee, please forgive me for taking these!] =p Hey Hey! Xiao DiDi, you guys look so cute oh! Don’t worry huh, won’t appear in the newspaper one! Haha. The one with the white colour shirt asked me at the time I ask can I have a picture with them. “Will he appear in the newspaper?” You turned out to appear in the Happy-Stop!

Everyone showing scissors! Where is the rock and paper? -_-!! Wootz’ feel like it Japan oh! haha~ That’s everyone that I asked on that night for pictures. Thank you everyone, and I’ll be malu if rejected by you guys on that night! haha.

Don’t know if there is chance that we bump into each other again. I’m here wishing best of all for you all and have a nice time out there. =)

And lastly, Am I one of the subculture of Brunei?

Pfft! Right after I wrote these, I’m thinking that one of my friends would say I’m not part of the sub-culture. I’m more part of national geographic! CLK~ =P

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