Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coffee-Bean or Starbucks ?

These are very familiar in our Chinese's Drama or Movie!!!

"I want you to make your decision now!!! To choose your mum or your wife!!! You want me or her??? If you choose her, go move outside!!!" or "If you choose her, you'll sleep outside tonight!!!"

"Dear, one day if me and your mum fall into the river. Who will you save first?"

Everyday we have lots of decisions to make! But decision making isn't that easy as we think!!!

"Where you want to go? Shopping at Gadong or Kiulap?" or "What to eat for dinner later? Ayam Penyet from Warung num3? It's nice and KICK!!! But then, Mee Mamak is nice too!!!"

"What to wear later? This blue t-shirt that match my pants? or this red t-shirt that match my shoes?"

"Want to go where to grab a nice drink?"

Coffee-Bean where we can have the Yummy Ice-Blended???

Ice-Blended Pure Vanilla

Starbucks Coffee is nice too!!! They got Bigger cups! Hahaha!

Come on! Where to go leii???



There are people who're fast when come it. But a lot seems to be stuck in it!!! Wondering and thinking are we making the right choice?

Still thinking!!! [Hmmph!!! Where to off to? Coffee-Bean? Starbucks?]

There is one Chinese quote I ever heard! [新不如臼,臼不如新. 新新臼臼, 到后来都是一场空!] = the new one that can't compare with the old, the old one that can't compare with the new! new and old, in the end it'll be blank!!!

In hockien, there is one! [Keng lai keng ki, ka tan keng tio zhi lei Chao Ngeng Ngeng!!!] = "Choose here and there, later had chosed the Bad one!!!"

For me!!! It'll be NICE if we can...

If we can have the BOTH of it!!! HAHAHA! [两全齐美] HaHaHaHaHa!!!

"Wild Chocolate Dream" from Coffee-Bean!!! =D

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