Friday, August 14, 2009

From bbq to ELECTROQQ

During the dinosaur age, men used to eat raw meats...

they have to chase the "ayam"

or hid behind the bushes to hunt down the "kambing"

Everyday the same raw meats and it's always RAW. And there weren't any seasoning or spices like what we had now in the past.

Till one day,
Men got bored of eating raw meats and it meant it's time for a change!!! They thought for a long long time & can't come up with any new idea.

Suddenly a man shouted: "Let's have something else different like human raw meats instead of animal raw meats!!!"

And MIRACLE happened right before these tragedy happen!

A lightning struck at one of the tree branches & caused ...


The humans were so shocked & scared thinking that the god must be punishing them for their silly idea. They threw the AYAMs & KAMBINGs to the fire as an offerings to the God & asking for forgiveness.

After a while, they smelt something from the fire... It came from the AYAMs & KAMBINGs, they were amazed and wondering what happened to the offerings. One daredevil stood out & took the one of the offerings and stuffed it into his mouth.

After a while...
These happened!!!

And that's how Barbecue starts.

BBQ had been a famous activity among us that we BBQ at our house area, beaches, forest reserves, balcony area & etc. Everything always has its PROs & Cons that same goes into bbq. Nothing is perfect that BBQ is quite dangerous too...

That's because
Small fire starts from a small spark that rub together & it'll lead to...

Bigger FIRE. [a picture taken by Andy's friend at DST Building in Brunei & sent it to me. That's what happened in Brunei recently. Extraaaa HOOTTTT weather, hazy & forest fire everywhere.]

For the sake of safety, peoples find ways to do more safety bbq. For the people's demand, here comes an invention which I named it as "ELECTROQQ" in here.

It's the same thing except these is operated with electricity but not charcoal...

We can put the meat on the hot plate & grill it. We even can adjust the heat level that we can control the hotness.

The time period for the foods to be grill is way more faster & efficient than using charcoal.

Other than meats,

"Jagung" also can be grill too.

With these ELECTROQQ,
Our hands won't get BLACK while panggang-ing.

And these comes with one extra function, under the hot plate there is one plate.

Where we can simmer the Chicken Wings. Say bye bye to "Chao Tah" wings & Hello to "Kut-Kut" wings. [hockien]

And I encountered this ELECTROQQ at Soon Tiong's house.

This is Soon Ai, Soon Tiong's smallest brother & his 2nd little brother, Soon Hao is at Australia studying.

Other than enjoying the "electroqq" foods, we had other foods as well... Soon Tiong's parent are both great hosts.

They keep offering us Foods, Desserts, Juices & worrying that we won't have enough foods to eat, are we full yet and etc.

Fried Keow Tiaw [Wet]

Fried Mee [Wet]

ToFu Fah

Imagine the foods, the peoples, the fun we had among the old friends. It was one great night dining in Tiong's place.

Wee gave double "Peace" instead of two-thumbs up!!!
And also some muscle showing pose.

And these is how a real man does it...

Not only Wee alone that enjoyed the night.
Everyone that attended too!

[Soon Tiong's farewell dinner on the 18th July 2009]

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