Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Your 21st Birthday, Hui Hui

Last two weeks on the 11/08/09, I went to a birthday party of a friend of mine.

It was Poh Hui's 21st Birthday. [Thank you for the invitation]
A 21st Birthday that she had it with...

her family members.

Her "ji moii ji moii" & "heng tai heng taii" friends...

And also US!

It's one nice party that we all had BBQ and we don't have to grill for ourselves.

The foods was just there, all we do is just Wait, Take & EAT!!! The words that best describe it are NICE & SIOOOKKKK...

Don't you agree with me, "Xiao Mei Mei"!!! Hehehe.

Other than the foods, it was FUN too when everyone gather together in a place. The merrier the people, the more the FUN it is. You can chat, laugh, play around, kacau people, story telling, becoming 仙 [SIAN]. Or even...

Fantasizing around!!!
WEE: "Wiiiiiiiiiii, I'm soo happppyyyy!!!"

Boon Jing: "Wee, are you okay?" hahaha!

At that night, there is this gift that caught my attention.

It's the birthday balloon that Ming Hui got it for Poh Hui!

Carried & played with it for the whole night long in Poh Hui's house.

The balloon not only caught my attention, it caught mostly everyone attention that includes...




FUN is FUN, but it still have the limit. Make sure that we didn't cross the boundaries. When we cross it, Fun is not fun anymore. Especially in these "HUNGRY-GHOST FESTIVAL" in the lunar calendar.

It's because...


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