Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Post Dedicated To You, Spammer

Yong: "我问天, 我问天. 甘会冻麦崇治!!!"

[Wa Meng Ti, Wa Meng Ti. Kam Ei Tang Mai Chong Di!!!] (Hockien)
I ask the SKY, can you don't fool me! (English)

Not only that I ask the SKY, I ask myself too...
Why I'm so "Fat"???
Why I'm so being so "Immature"???
Why I'm so an "Uncle"???

Till now, there are a lot of answers to explain all these...

IT'S OKAY!!! No one is perfect, the length of each fingers at our hand is all not in the same length. We may not be perfect, but we all just what we are...

Even though being an fatty.
I'm still HAPPY being myself and we all should. :)

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