Thursday, November 26, 2009

Agriculture & Agrifood Expo '09

It was at age like this since I last had school visit.

Aww~ it is nice to be young!

It had been a while that I didn't join school visit. It is either I was "missing in action" when school had one for us or I can't join because I had quit school for one and the half year. It is nice to go back to school study again. First of all, life is no more like sailing in the middle of nowhere without knowing which direction to head. Then there are tons of HOLIDAYS compare to working. And these time, no more missing in action for school visits.

Brunei Darussalam, a country that I lived in and a country that is still developing. There are lots to do and learn. Almost everything in Brunei are import from other countries. We does not produce anything other than oil and gas. Even the foods are import too. One day if there is world food crisis or anything happen. There aren't anyone want to sell their foods to us. What can we do by then?

These made the country want to reach self-sufficiency in food production where there aren't any more worries about foods in the future time for the people in Brunei.

A lot of preparations and things had done to promote agriculture which encourage people to plant and grow foods. It is one event that it shows the development of the country's Agriculture & AgriFood sector needs to be shifted with new approaches in view of its importance to the national economy.

In time coming, we export instead of import.

Even though one day that the oil is running out,
the people don't have to worry that there are not any income for the country.

It is one big expo that everyone is putting into it to make it one successful event. It is the first time to see one nice beautiful park that Brunei had.



The landscape of the park is really nice and relaxing that we can see GREEN everywhere and all sort of colors beautifying the place.


They plant various species of flowers around it. They did not planted it in small area where we need to approach it in order to see it. They have it all in big area which we can see the colors from far and they even have some species flowers planted along the pathways.

It feels like Bae Yong Jun & Choo Ji-Woo hand in hand walking around the park. It does gives the romantic feeling that everyone see from the Korean or Japanese drama and would like to travel and enjoy the scenery around.

It is not only beautify by the flowers but also by the vegetables and fruit trees too. For me, vegetables are just simple crops that majority are in green color and have lots of leaves that people plant for foods but not for beautifying the landscapes.

I was wrong again all these time. After a walk around the park, vegetables can be that beautiful too!

Kang Kung


Bayam Hijau & Bayam Merah. There are other crops planted like corn, yam, lady finger, pineapple and etc.

Agriculture is not only about plants, crops, fruits or flowers only but also animals too. They also rear various kind of animals around the park making it more lively.


Young Goat and this species is known as "Anglo-Nubian". They have chickens, cows and other like Burung Emu & Rhea.

Inside the camp, there are booths prepared for people to expo and sells their products. Other from the vendors, the Brunei Agriculture Department also exhibits all their departments inside showing the tools & equipments to handle the animals, the samples of rices, plants, pests, soils, the foods after processed and etc.

Examples of EGGS!

It is not the egg of dinosaur that I'm holding. It is the egg of ostrich.

The vendors exhibits the fruits and crops that they plant.

Langsat Fruit

Manggis Fruit

Rambutan Fruit



Right outside the exhibition camp, there are local foods selling.

Cucur Pisang & Cucur Udang

Popiah & Begedil

Kueh Malaya & Cakoi

Kacang dengan lada & pusu

Fries, these are not local. It is only locally cooked!

A walk around the park, we can see super gigantic man-made crops. Didn't get my chance to take picture with it.

That's because I'm busy carrying

Definitely a place that everyone would love to visit. From a small seed that planted and grow into one beautiful and magnificent park like these. Natural is really miracle. There is still chance for everyone to visit the expo @ Kampong Tungku and it will end on 30th November 2009.


"秋"天的"诗" said...

thanks to let me know this event,
i plan to go there tomorrow morning,
afternoon have to work :(

will post about this event soon :p

Ah-Yong said...

hey hey!!! your welcome, sayang if no intro you ah... u love taking photos and it is the chance to take those lovely flowers n everything...

don't sayang the nikon! gota bring it out often.. ehehehe! looking foward to see the updates! :)

"秋"天的"诗" said...

yong yong...
yesterday i went there liew,
but i forgot to bring camera!!!!!!
use my photo take few photo only,
sad neh~~~

Ah-Yong said...

awww!!! sayang ahh.. its okie! memory can be kept deep inside ourselves also.. no worries!!! :)