Friday, November 6, 2009

Burger King In Brunei???

It is normal and not surprise that we always see these in Facebook in our daily life.

Till one day, I saw these...

Untitled 01
AHAD'S BURGER! It is local home-made burger which is sell at Pasar Malam Stall. It really caught my attention that selling burger can have that lots of fans!!! Not Burger King, not McDonald's, not Carl's Junior. But Local Home-Made Burger! It is really "WAH LAU" eii!

With curiosity & greediness to foods, I click @ the "LINK" to know further about this Ahad's Burger! What so special about it that had caught so many people's heart! It was founded by Ahad Selamat since 1982 in Brunei. A locally & home made burger which sells daily at the pasar malam in Kuala Belait. There are also pictures showing a lot of people queuing to buy his burger and also this picture below that really make me AAWWW~ hahaha!

Ahad's Burger
Who can't stand the temptation like these!!!
[Picture taken from Ahad's Burger FanPage's album]

When talk about foods and places to eat in Brunei, it is always Food-Hungry.Com to seek for answers that I asked Jes about it. She said that Ahad's Burger is running its business at UBD for the UBD convocation festival!

My Label
Wow! So happy & nice. Instead of travel down to K.B to try the burger, now I can try it instantly at UBD.

Untitled 02
The god had heard my prayer!!! :)

Went there with Ho Wee & Jestina.

By the time we reached there, we are not the only one that want to try Ahad's Burger. It took us to wait around 30minutes for the burger to be serve for us.

It is the same like what I saw in their fan-page's album that people queue and patiently wait for the burgers to be done.

Since the time we arrived the stall, people just came non-stop to order burgers.


So as the makers that fry and work non-stop to serve the burgers! The guy is the founder's son.

What is the difference between this burger and the other? It is all the same sells at Pasar Malam Stall but other don't have thousand of fans like Ahad's Burger.


Is it the sauce that used or is it the meat which is freshly made?


We may not know. But these are the burgers that win the local's heart!!! People would just purposely drive just to try Ahad's Burger. Tomorrow [07/11/09] is the last day they run business in UBD before we have to drive hundred mile for the burger. And I know there would be if it is for Ahad's Burger!

Bang, tak payah kerja ke???


ant said...

ur blog is hows d burger then? u didnt give ur thumbs up or thumbs down la? heheheh

Ah-Yong said...

hi Ant! thank you for dropping by! the person lagi cool! hahaha. just joking... nice to have you here.

yeah, about the burger! errmm... I get to try the one in UBD only. haven't got the chance to try from the original warung at KB which is its Headquarter. hehehe! for the meantime, I give it 3/4 thumbs up!?!?! hahahaha! it is one of the Brunei's speciality. have a nice day

Anonymous said...

make a review on AHOA burger as well..i wana read different opinions...nice blog make me happy :D

Ah-Yong said...

@womaneatsworld hi there, nice to have you here!!! thanks yeah... and the BURGER KAMBING LOOKS TEMPTING N YUMMY.. di mana itu? hehehe~ :)

Blogger said...

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