Saturday, November 14, 2009

How You Had Your 22nd

This is a post that is about Jestina Tan!

Not about how great person and friend you are and obviously not an ADV for! <-- Need to pay for that lah horr!!! ;p P1010957
It is all about how we all spend your 22nd BIRTHDAY with you. And it was a month plus before, should had posted it earlier! [有心不怕迟,之怕没心去做]

It is your very own day that you would like to spend with the people that are close and concern to you. That of course would be your family, friends and of course your "superman"!

P1020399 copy
Mr. Andy!!! Always come to time like this, the MAN always will have headaches. Headache in thinking how to give surprises, where is the right place to celebrate, what gift to get? Everything to make the one to have one "Happy Birthday". It is not only the MAN but to everyone out there too. We always worry that what we done is not enough!

Birthday Cake
No matter how simple it is that we prepare, the other half can feel it. It is because it is all an effort from us ourselves. Even a birthday cake will do or a sms wishing and telling them how great and important they are. Who doesn't like to be love!

The man that day did more than just birthday cake :) the above cake was bought by Andy to Jes.

Of course friends that you had known for more than 10years also doesn't want to miss the chance to celebrate with you!

Don't you agree, joshua???

Few days before the actual day was the lunar birthday of Jes that we all spent the sweet time at cheezbox, the mall.


Taiwanese Chicken Chop Noodles that Wee ordered.

Two days before the actual day, it was one enjoyable dinner that Jes had with Andy in Excapade Sushi, Regent Square.

A day before the actual day, it was one nice breakfast that we all had DimSum in Orchid Garden Hotel!


Chinese Fritters

Steamed Chicken

Minced Meat topped with Mushroom

Cheong Fun

Yee Mai

Siew Mai

Then in the late afternoon, went to relax in Coffe-bean, Bandar Branch.

Then on the actual day, classmates and also friends of Jes decided to give her a treat in Millennium Restaurant for lunch and also birthday cake surprise! Later on that night, you had dinner with your family!

Right after dinner, we spent the rest of your 22nd birthday in Gripps, Kiulap along together with Andy, Wee, Hwa & Me.

Before the celebration came to an end, we went to Him Nam Foong, Menglait to have supper. When it comes to Him Nam Foong, its signboard menus are...

Kueh Chap
Kueh Chap


And these is how you, Jes celebrated your 22nd Birthday!!! It may be one simple celebration that you had it with everyone. Try look in another way, it is one mini marathon-ing that you had for your birthday. Earlier celebration to the actual day celebration and of course lots of FOODS!!!

That is because it is Jestina, really FOOD-HUNGRY.COM!

Thank you, Jes and thanks for the pictures taken from!
Andy, I didn't crop the watermark, no laptop curse will curses me!!! hahaha

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